Alaska Delay Reimbursement Tips, Huge Increased Amex Referrals & Awesome European Cities with No Tourists

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

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20 beautiful European cities with hardly any tourists – CNN Travel

Until now that is 🤣! Megan Starr has been very high on Yerevan, Armenia for a while now so it is good to see it on the list.

My experience with an Alaska delay reimbursement – Miles per Day

Some good tips on how to save some time (& money maybe 🤔) when dealing with an Alaska overnight delay.

Holy Increased Amex Referral Offers- Bougie Miles

If you have troubles loading the picture try opening it on your phone.  There are a ton of increased offers right now via referrals.  Just be sure to not refer yourself unless you want a clawback.  If you have no one to refer you then you can use Shawn’s referral.


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