Tren Long

Tren's nomadic lifestyle began with his first trip to Chile at age 10 instilling a wanderlust that has yet to be cured. This trait passed along to his entire family as now with wife and 3 kids in tow (aged 9,11,13) aim to travel as a family at least 200,000 miles per year. Tren is an active kayak racer which helps facilitate an extensive travel schedule and provides off the beaten track travel opportunities. As a family they focus on doing whatever possible to make the entire travel experience from door to door as fun, relaxing, and enjoyable utilizing every travel hack in the book. Their goal is to travel as much as possible as comfortably as possible. In non travel life Tren and family owns and operates a white water rafting company on the Payette River in Idaho, works as a swift water rescue instructor in Australia, and represents the USA on the national kayak slalom team.

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