(Payouts Happening) Bank of America $66 Million Class Action Settlement for Overdraft Fees

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Bank of America Overdraft Fees Class Action Settlement

Top Class Actions announced that Bank of America finally settled their overdraft fee class action for 66.6 million dollars. Approximately 5.9 million customers were affected by this practice and are entitled to reparations.

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Update 11/12/21: After YEARS we are finally seeing reports of payouts in the comments below. Sadly they are for amounts way smaller than the fees people were hit with. Most payouts won’t even cover the cost of a pizza unfortunately.

Who is Entitled

Anyone who was charged an Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge is entitled to this settlement according to the lawsuit.  Bank of America charged this fee if the $35 overdraft fee was not paid within a certain time frame. The Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge was claimed to be an extra fee for the same thing, nothing new was provided by the bank.

Bank of America has agreed that they will not charge an Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge for at least 5 years as a part of the settlement.

The following people are eligible:

  • If you had an account from 2/25/14 and 12/30/17
  • And were charged an Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge at least once

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How to Enter a Claim

There is no need to enter a claim.  If you were billed an Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge you are already entered into the settlement.  You will receive your settlement automatically unless you opt out.

The amount will depend on how many times you were charged the fee and the total number of people eligible.

If you have a BOA checking account the money will be deposited directly into your account.  If you no longer have a checking account you will be mailed a check.

The exclusion date is 4/20/2018

Here is a link to the settlement’s FAQ section.


If you were charged one of these fees then this settlement is a good thing.  I like the fact that you don’t need to submit a claim and that affect people are automatically enrolled.

These fees are big business for the banks and I am glad that they have been cracking down on them.  It is part of the reason I don’t feel bad taking their money when signing up for $2400 in checking account bonuses each year.


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  1. I got a direct deposit for like $12 on Nov 1, 2021 from Farrell vs Banka. So I waited 3 whole years to get $12. Meanwhile all the attorneys will be taking vacations to Hawaii and buying new mansions. This is exactly the reason why I never join class action lawsuits and never will again. Total waste. Selfish f’ing attorneys.

    • Really?? that is not fear after you have been a part of the class action than got only $12. Not even enough for have a nice dinner.. I guess samething happen with me too

      • The notification you received is for the Morris v. Bank of America lawsuit. That hearing will be take place January 18, 2022.

    • Know I have to believed on the people who have bad expressions about the *abogansters* because that’s what they are, look where companies broken rules and start to get the information, real bad because they don’t care poor people, $”&”‘+&”-(!:: The $$ is for the people who are affected on the bank and they take it putos rateros

  2. I know I don’t know why all these people are so worried about get pennies back. Do you all really have nothing better to do. I mean guys really you all have been going crazy over this for a very long time. Go find more important things to do. You are not getting anything back relax it’s only going to be a dollar something!!!!

  3. Why are you all worried about this refund? Per the video on YouTube, Rachel Treatt’s attorney is arguing that the attorney cost are too high and as it stands, the class members are only going to receive $1.70 each. Google “Farrell v Bank of America, YouTube” so you can see for yourselves. Be patient and let Ms. Treatt’s attorney do/earn his job.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I looked on Monday and Tues after the latest court date and the web link is broken. Unreal after 2 years, can’t even get an update now lol.

      • This is the new update
        UPDATE 3: The appeals to the Bank of America Overdraft Fees Class Action Settlement are still pending. Oral arguments took place on March 2, 2020. It is not known how quickly the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will issue a decision. It may take several more months. We appreciate your ongoing patience. Top Class Actions will continue to provide updates as we learn more.

    • I got to the website they are waiting to hear from the appellate court they had the hearing on March 2nd now they are waiting. Try the website again

  4. If you’re waiting for the lawyers and the judge to actually fight for you good luck. Because the lawyer’s are fighting for there’s no us and the delays that we are going through are done on purpose. Because the more this people delay this the better for them. not for us.so if you really want to get to bank of America starting January the first there is a new law that is going to make it possible to file a civil lawsuit against them. For selling your private information. For example. If you have chargers in your bank statement’s that you don’t have no idea of who they are I’m pretty sure bank of America sold your information. Like me I was enroll in to ABC mouse.and I didn’t even know about it until I was overdraft.bank of America never question it and they would use that to overdraft me until I call it to there attention. I also call ABC mouse. And talk to them.told them I was going to sued them they gave me everything that I needed to start a lawsuit against them for selling my private information to ABC mouse. And other entities. So far we have 1500 hundred signatures. From people that read what I was posting and found a way to connect with me. So we can actually shock the system from this corruption that is going between the lawyer’s and the judge. I also found out a whole lot of information about this judge. We are waiting for more information on the judge. The lawyer’s that you think are fighting for you. Wake up there not so if you want to actually do something for yourself I suggest you do your homework. And gather information. With this new law that going to start January the first you will be able to get this corrupt bank.and civil system. I also told you guys that this website is compromised. There is someone that is tapping in to website. To try to defraud us. they get our information. And send bogus checks to your house so you can go to your bank and cash it and buy them Walmart gift cards and send it to them. I know because that happened to me. Good thing I reported them to the FBI. They got everything that this people send me. So let’s unite like us been doing. I will keep updating. As I go I don’t want to give to much information. Not yet. I will give you guys the tools to do for yourself. Let’s not depend on fribulus lawyer’s and judge.

  5. This is the update I saw on the website:

    Update December 6, 2019:

    The Appeal Briefing is completed and the case is being considered for an upcoming oral argument in Pasadena in March of 2020. There will be an update to the website forthcoming after the next communication from the panel.

    • Seriously i want be positive and try to not be angry but this kind m.f. “GANSTERS” can use my rewards to get the bigers sex toy . this my crysmas gift

      • This abo”gansters” just ply whit us icant say what is my real opinion about them because they know the “law” so i hope they can read thi%#=÷×$#=%&_*/%:

  6. It is now December what are they doing This doesn’t make any sense for this case to Continue to be DRAGGING SO DAM kind it’s REALLY HORRIBLE The JUDGE is just as BAD He NEEDS To STEP UP FOR US WE’VE BEEN WAITING TO LONG IT’S NOT FAIR

    • It’s really ridiculous that they are dragging this out so long and the lawyers won’t answer when you call got a stupid receptionist that don’t know anything

      • Seriously?!? Calling the Receptionist stupid? Did it occur to you that maybe he/she genuinely has NO PERTINENT INFORMATION to share with you or anyone else for that matter? Listen…I get your frustration. I get that you want answers—so do the rest of us. But degrading an employee of the law firm because you didn’t have your needs met in the form of a correct and legitimate answer…is hitting below the belt. Shame on you. Spit on the so-called counsel representing us if you must, NOT the person that answers your call. You really need to atone for your atrocious behavior, especially in an open forum.


  7. I believe we have to do a report on the news, probably they can help us because we are waiting for long time this it’s not right I do on channel 9 please someone have do the same

  8. Bank of America Overdraft Fees Class Action Settlement
    By Top Class Actions
    October 31, 2019
    bank of america

    Bank of America has agreed to pay $4.95 million to resolve claims that they deceptively charged overdraft fees on one-time, non-recurring debit card transactions.

    The settlement will benefit consumers who had an account with Bank of America and paid overdraft fees on debit card transactions classified as recurring charges between Jan. 1, 2012 and April 6, 2017 made with certain merchants.

    Eligible merchants include Lyft, Grubhub, Gett, Eatstreet, PicMonkey, Neighborfavor, AMI Entertainment Network, Seamless, Doordash, Postmates, and Eat24.

    Plaintiffs filed their Bank of America overdraft fee class action in March 2019, claiming that they were wrongfully charged overdraft fees in violation of the company’s policies.

    Bank of America reportedly promises in its policies to not charge overdraft fees on non-recurring debit card charges. Despite these policies, the bank allegedly charged consumers overdraft fees on non-recurring charges by wrongfully classifying the charges as recurring.

    The charges were allegedly charged on Lyft, Grubhub, Gett, Eatstreet, PicMonkey, Neighborfavor, AMI Entertainment Network, Seamless, Doordash, Postmates, and Eat24 transactions despite these being non-recurring transactions.

    Bank of America has not admitted any wrongdoing but has agreed to settle the overdraft class action against them by paying $4.95 million.

    Choose USAA Insurance for Savings and Service
    Ad by USAA
    See More
    Under the settlement, Class Members will receive a set payment amount for each overdraft they were charged on eligible transactions. Class counsel estimates that Class Members will get $17.67 for each overdraft fee they were charged.

    No Claim Form is required to benefit from the Bank of America overdraft fee settlement. The deadline for exclusion and objection is Dec. 20, 2019. The final approval hearing for the settlement is scheduled for Jan. 29, 2020

  9. So yes the check came unannounced. All in all it was one of those scams, I was not expecting a check from anywhere you see. So it came certified mail straight to the door had to be signed for. Real check! 4,850….later on I get a text from this advertisement company that I barely remembered looking into, it was about advertising on your car for 500$$ a week. So I get the check they wanted me to deposit it and give all of it to the decal installers except for 500.00 which would have been my 1rst payment. So I start asking questions through text and try to call the number that was texting me they never answer, and long story short it was a scam to try to get to my bank account. Then other people told me they have heard of the same scam lots if times. I’ve never heard of this sort of scam before that. So yeah it was weird….

  10. What i s going on with this Case I’ve never seen anything like this before Come on now this doesn’t make any sense at all Give Everyone What They Are Entitled To Which Is CASH MONEY

  11. what’s up with the update the court should provide a date if its finalize alreadly…what she mean will how it progress that mean to say its not over for how may year this judger and class counsel attorneys are milking it…if the the class counsel lawyers looking for a county where they can prolong the case in their favor they called window shopping.

  12. This is the update on the website for those who haven’t seen it:

    Update September 17, 2019:

    The three objectors to the Settlement who filed notices of appeal have provided their opening briefs to the Court and Class Counsel provided their answer briefs on July 22, 2019. The optional reply brief was provided on September 11, 2019. The briefing is completed and we are awaiting the panel’s response to the briefing in order to decide how the case will progress.

    Please be patient and continue to refer back to this website for the latest updates.

  13. People, no one has received anything yet from this….it will be months before this is finalized. No one said it is final so just wait for update on BOA site. I’m figuring once it is final…about 4 to 6 weeks before payments are made….hope I’m wrong, but thats how thrse things usually go

  14. I’m confused as well about ‘the panel’ part of this latest update. Are they referring to the objectors? The Judge? Whom? More strangeness in a case that has grown more and more bizarre over so much time.

  15. Received my check. 89.95. Nothing written in dollar line. Doesn’t look cashable. Will try to cash of course. Is this a way to pay and yet not pay. Anybody else received a check like this.

  16. Yes madge is rude people have been posting monies they have received for a very long time now, that’s what this place is for….”feed back” whoever dont like it keep quiet or leave, bye!

    • I’m one of the 5 million bank of America customer and I will know W.F happened about the litigation , you know what? 3 years to the abogansters” take the from the bank another year to distribution started but F… Bank still charged for anything$35.00 it’s the reality pour life

  17. Madge
    You are rude. I did receive a 3.00 check. I researched it ND it was for an unfair fee not related to this issue. Grow up . Oh and your punctuation is poor.

    • You should check your punctuation and spelling before you criticize others, a period after every 2 or 3 words and also research before you post. Stop nit picking this is about the class action not English or grammar lessons.

    • Wow how could anyone get any money which the case is not finalized or approved yet.im hoping we dont have wait long as we been waiting for years.it a judge finally making of any payments.lol .hope this will be OVER Soon.

  18. Dang some of you people are just rude we are on here to able to discuss all of this, and give any updates to each other bounce questions off each other anything! If you dont want to be involved LEAVE! Nobody wants to hear your negativity

    • IF your speaking of me being rude. Forget that im only speaking the truth….if common sense is rude to you so be it…People saying they got checks when its not even over is useless information..and wasted space with nonsense..
      .so whatever


  19. I just received a check from BofA. It was 3.00. It came in a envelope with no attached reason. Very strange. Was this the pay back?

    • Common sense would tell you no. Its still in pending status until Sep 11th

      If its going to rain, can you fill a bucket of rain before it rains…

  20. That was of poor taste danielle irene I don’t understand that you know that every one in here are hoping for a good outcome. That was wrong. You dildo stop playing around with this people. Thank you

  21. So many negative comments, this process has bee long, and unfair to us ALL,
    but we are trying to keep a positive attitude, and hopefully get compensation for BOA’s greedy cheating.
    Yeesh, if you can’t say something nice…..

  22. Nevermind something different! Sorry guys….but hey you never know it’s about the right time to start getting pay out! So don’t be so negative

  23. I got a check delivered to my door today, over 4,000 idk where else it could have came from if not from this settlement I’m gonna look into it.

  24. Lol, sorry but i could barley understand half of what you said..hope you read better than you write.

    And btw i don’t like McDonald’s. I will get enough back to buy a pizza with 3 toppings ..Or maybe at least a hot and ready 5.00 pizza. LOL

  25. Yes I will only get a happy meal for your DEBT but ACCOUNTHOLDER who paid money.going get all there INTEREST bk.To bad u cant read BOA briefing it state We will be providing millions dollars to customer EVERY ONE INTEREST IS LINE UP.SORRY U HAD DEBT THAT COULDN’T ADD UP TO ALL THOUSANDS I PAID GOOD LUCK BUT THESE FUNDS ARE STILL HERE AND THESE DEPOSITS IM STILL MAKING.GOOD LUCK TO YOUR HAPPY MEAL.

  26. You can only dream that 66.6 mil will go to 5 mil people..dont forget lawyers fee….court….and other fees, im sure…and also not everyone will not get back same amount…some may of only paid 1 extended over draft fee while others may paid several…but min amount anyone will get back is 5.00…so going by that min 5.00 im thinking MAYBE people will get at least 5.00 back on every extended over draft fee….

    Im not saying thats going to happen im just going by them saying no one will get less them 5.00.so im figuring least 5.00 back on every over draft fee. but no way will the whole amount be split between us….

    thats why people are complaining because of so many extended court dates. Thats more going for lawyers and court fees..

    Maybe you will get enough to buy a happy meal at McDonald’s


  28. Gee, did anyone check the website? Guess what, it is now pushed back to September 11th, time to give this up already, no one is getting nothing


  30. I dont know why ya’ll getting upset? We are not gonna get anything back at all. And even if we do its gonna be 6 bucks a piece. Yea they took our money but when it comes down to it we are the ones who dont know how to manage money and screwed ourselves. Face it people yall fighting a battle we cant win. So just sit back and relax, its gonna take forever to get our 6 dollars back..


      • Exactly when one says we don’t or didn’t manage our money please speak for your self if you feel that way, it’s you not us or we no one can speak for anyone else!


  31. Why is it that they’re quick to take and slow to give back what they STOLE BOA Lawyers Judge’s are all THIEVES getting they’re THIRSTY POCKETS FILLED WITH OUR MONEY IT’S ALL A GAME OF CHECKERS TO THEM this should have been over by now crazy case ROBBERY over and over again nothing being done about it !!!!!!!!!I’m Very Upset


  33. This is truly a shame that the customer that truly deserve there money back with interest will more then likely see nothing.With not only the bank but the lawyers that suppose to be helping us line there own pockets




  36. So today 07-22-2019 the class action attorney who represent us have to provide the answer brief to the 3 idiots who objects and hopping our class action attorneys not delaying it or extend it….there’s no more excuses unless they just really want to milk millions of fee.


  38. I do know that Suncoast bank is charging extended overdraft fees which are also $35 for insufficient fund fees and $35 for extended insufficient fund fees. I told my friend about it I don’t know that they’ve done anything about it yet or not but that is Suncoast Bank just thought I’d let you know.

  39. I have had to withdraw money frim my account just to make it through the month and agreed to pay the NSF Fee of $35 however I called Customer Service and asked them to give me a courtesy credit and they agreed. They told me they can only do it twice a year but they have given me 4 or 5 this year alone and I’ve mentioned the lawsuit and they were more than happy to credit my account the $35 extended overdraft fee. So Hans you might want to try that

  40. So july 22,2019 the class action attorneys represent us or the class action attorney have to provide their answer briefs cause the 3 idiot objectors maybe on cahoots with our attorneys have provide their opening briefs to the courts…our class action attorneys have receive an extension to provide their answer briefs.Hopefully the class action attorneys represents us should stop delaying it or milking the our moneys that was stolen or robbed from us by bank of America by to much fee like this extende fee.


  41. $10 my ass!@ not everyone get it like me for more 2 yrs they charge me $35 for cash advanced and if I don’t give it back after 3 to 4 days they will charge another extended fee for $35…So now they will charge only $35 for cash advanced even if you $1 in your account and want to withdraw $500 they will allow it and charge you $35 only nomore another $35 extended fee until now still doing cash advanced and negative in my account by payday they will automatically withdraw from your account the $500 and the $35 fee.

  42. I don’t think everyone charged extended overdraft will get it back. If your account was closed and you had negative balance, you probably get nothing. Some will get more than others, depending on how many times u were charged the extended fee. Lets hope this all gets settled and they pay out what little they have to quickly

  43. If my math is right, we will get about 10 dollars each in this case. 6 million people is a lot of people. DO THE MATH FOLKS.

    • U obviously cant read the documents in case but I’m let u think what you want say .because its interest not everyone will get 10 as you think

  44. Oh I noticed I dont know who wouldn’t notice unless you have plenty of money. I just didn’t know I could do anything about it. Once it was out that they were doing wrong all along it’s only right that we get paid back and compensated for the hardship.

  45. the problem the mainstream media don’t want to exposed bank of America and the rest of the big banks here in America cause they get paid for advertising the bofa,chase,wells fargo, etc. for there commercials.

  46. Yes I agree, a lot of us have said that before but I dont know where to start and my guess is the rest of the people that mentioned media dont know either, but if we could that would be great! You know those greedy suckers would hate to be exposed! Smh maybe someone by chance could hook that coverage up!

  47. I know right, there has got to be something class members can do about this whole mess, cause it’s so bullshit how those people are taking our bad situation and making big bucks off it….

  48. It’s been over a year give up and just receive whenever it the check arrives because believe me it will not be what you all expecting. I just work for a income that’s guaranteed

  49. this need to be in the media news how this big banks like bofa reaping its customers big fees…they need to get exposed in every local news in America and mainstream media.

  50. Yes, I believe it’s time to let this go.

    What a shame to think they were actually getting ready to mail the checks right before these bastards decided to objecr. All that money is in the lawyers pockets now.

    • If I’m reading the documents from the objectors correctly, the objections will benefit class members in the long run (more of the settlement money in our pockets and less in the attorneys pockets). So, I support them and am grateful to them for continuing to fight for our rights. Sometimes we tend to let others fight our battles for us, then complain if the results are not to our liking. Anything to do with our legal system takes time, sometimes lasting years. Please be patient everyone, the monies owed to us will eventually make it back into our accounts.

      • Agree 100% with this. We wouldn’t have noticed this if we hadn’t gotten a letter/email, or wouldn’t have put in the efforts they have so I am very thankful.

  51. It have been a update on the website they extended the brief until July 22nd. We could hang it up we not getting nothing so sad to say.

  52. Someone in a previous comment said they called the attorney’s office and was told there is another extension until July. BOA site has not been updated yet

  53. Ms. enough any updates? so we could fight this greedy class action attorneys and the judge…I guess your right they doing forum shopping a questionable lawsuit and they take to court that they like so they could do whatever they want and keep delaying it so they could get more money or fees.

  54. Good lord, I think everyone should just face the facts that none of us are ever going to see a dime from this and if we do, it will most likely be a couple of dollars. Absolutely ridiculous!

  55. I called on May 25th I believe it was and spoke to someone at Creed and Gowdy Law Firm and was told there’s been an extension until July. So there you have it.

  56. There’s been a ruling. On a website called Docket Bird it says discrepancies in document, Judge Lorrenz rejecting document letter, non-compliance. That’s all I am able to see unless you pay to register on this website, I am assuming that the BOA site will have an update in about a week or so

  57. Remember the class counsel greedy represent us is due to reply to the statements to the appeal of 3 idiots objectors…hopefully couple days from now may 23,2019 is the class counsel attorney represent us give their reply to the appeal of the 3 objectors. So cross finger I hope the greedy judge lorenze make final decision cuase its been along time already unless the class counsel attorney represent us reschedule it again or delay it again.

    • Class Counsel for us has until the 23rd of this month to submit their response, so no new developments yet. If the past is any indication, we’ll not receive an update on the eobc site much before two weeks thereafter.

  58. They are called internet trolls for a reason, people. Periodically someone posts that they have “ …gotten a check”. Don’t take it seriously, especially if you’ve been following the developments of this lawsuit from the beginning. You’ll see these kinds of comments randomly and they are best ignored.

  59. Exactly people are stupid. It’s not even completed yet and there like I got a check. Yeah ok how stupid can you be if it’s not finished how can you get a check for it. Think people think before you react and comment

  60. Thanks ms. enough just keep us on updates hopefully your connection in sacramento will help us and listen to us…we’ve been waiting and frustrated while bank of America making millions every day but cant pay us this spare change and the greedy judge lorenze and the class action attorney who think is helping us is not really helping they are helping themselves to make money out of us.

  61. It’s Annie Donnelly i never knew about this law suit and never got a penny back from them when they took hundreds of over draft fees

  62. I also been waiting they asked for my bank statements like a month ago and they still have them and I no longer have Bank of America they have my statements from 2014 to 2017. And I don’t know why they would want my bank statements?

  63. Good morning. Hans Austine,on response to your questions. I been reading the theory of class action lawsuits.a whole lot of information. For example we don’t need the signatures to start the process. Also.on Thursday after I posted the information I was having a little bit of trouble signing in.but I got in .I. response to the letters that I been sending. I send one to the bar association in Los Angeles. To see if the judge as any misconduct.s on he’s belt that we can attack. Also the lawyer’s. But somebody or some how I was not able to get any information but not to worry I have another good friend in Sacramento. About the letters that I was going to post I have to find another way of showing the letters to the one’s that are in i.m just been careful. That the other side don’t find out what we are trying to do. Also to check that this website is not been compromised. I.m also going to write to legal department at Sacramento. And i.ll keep you posted

  64. Ms. Enough any updates regarding about the “forum shopping” or The class action fairness act 2005 if we could make this greedy judge and attorneys who works together on there interest only by delaying and not making final judgement.

  65. how could you get a money when the class action lawsuit is still on going due to greedy judge Lorenz and greedy attorneys who represent the class action members are keep delaying it instead make a judgement now who know this 3 idiots objects are get to paid by greedy attorneys.

  66. I see only one person says they got 125$ back did anyone else get any money from them my understanding it’s still in the courts hands WTF

    • People that claiming they got a check are telling fibs or the check was for something nothing to do with this case because the.case has not ended yet and besides when people do really get checks more then 1 or 2 people would be posting checks back here….some people have nothing better to do with their time….

      • Damn! I just noticed and I did get a refund but it was from
        Pantelyat v. BANA Class Action Settlement Credit – that was for around $125. I’m staying hopeful for this one!

  67. Bank Of America are making millions or billions b ut cant pay this illegaly $35 extended fee…so the problem this attorneys and judge are the one who are benefiting all of this class action lawsuit now us.

  68. Thank ou ms. enough keep us on any updates and we will support you…until now since 2003 til this present time 2019 I’ve been paying $35 i’m stil overdrafting and paying extended fee til now…I just want to get our money the judge lorenze and class action attorneys representing us is milking it and keep extending it for no reason we cant even get straight answer.

  69. Hello everyone. Earlier I talked to mr Akin in Los Angeles I explained the situation that the class action attorneys and the judge are doing. By taking there time to settle the case and how there compensation for their work on the case was excessive. He talk to me about “Forum shopping “what is Forum shopping. You ask. He said that class action attorneys look for state courts that would allow questionable settlements so they could file their class action suit there and get what they want. He also told me that. The class action fairness act of 2005.could work for us.and give us the tools. Because it makes it much easier for defendants to move class action from state courts to federal courts it also prevents class action attorneys from “Forum shopping “and ensure a more consistent process …I have read a little bit more. On this I will keep you guys posted.

  70. I just found out about this recently and I emailed them and they asked me for copies of my Bank of America statement which I sent them why would they ask me for the copies of my Bank of America statements which I don’t have Bank of America anymore. BankAmerica took $895 in overdraft just in one year does that mean that I will get that money back?

    • NO you will not get all that back..we will probably get 5.00 on every EODF seeing i read the minimum amount someone would get back is 5.00 so its my guess you will get back 5 on every over draft . You surely will not back all you paid in extended over drafts fees …no way not even close to it..and im just guessing 5.00 on every EODF may not even be that but you will not get less then a 5.00 check.

  71. I agree the lawyers dont want to settle cause of greed they want a huge cut of what should be ours and they dont deserve penny’s of it. Bank of america took peoples money and we deserve to get it back with interest not penny’s on the dollar.

  72. Hello. Every body. We need more of you guys getting into this. If we want to be successful at getting what is really pertain to us the customer that had to endure the overdrafts that bank of America was illegally charged on us.we where the one that have to pay those fees not the judge nor the so call lawyers that are supposed to protect the members of this class lawsuit…. I.m writing a letter to district judge. Lucy koh this judge is against hefty fees for plaintiff lawyers but not meaningful benefit for those harmed by corporate misdeeds. I.m also going to contact mr akin gump Strauss Haver&feld in Los Angeles. And get some information.on rule 23 .this people are specialise in this kind of situations in about how the amount of the settlement was reached and how, specifically, they’ll make sure every class member gets their share. I can keep on how.many letters i.m going to send and more.but I rather get to doing them and get this ball rolling. I will keep you posted. Also people we need unity. Because that’s one of the things that class action lawyer’s don’t like.for the class members to have communication.

  73. Are we all in.if so then I will start the process. And start sending. The corresponding letter. To where they need to go. I will post a copy of the letters. For our viewing. I also going to write to the bar association in regards to the judge.and the lawyer’s. That the best place to get info.k

  74. Okey organize and we will sign it so this kind of baloney would stop…judge lorenze betrayed his oath he become greedy and on cahoots with the greedy attorneys delaying tactics more money on there pockets.

  75. Oh yeah. Turn around & sue the lawyers & judge huh?!! Why didn’t we think of that soon enough lol. Since they wouldn’t even have this case if not us!!!

  76. Not for the proceedings but we can collect signatures.1500.hundred or more send it to the California board of accountancy together with a letter explaining addressing our concerns. And how is not fair. That this lawyers. Together with the judge. Are time wasting. On our behalf.we the customer are the ones that had to endure all of this thievery. From bank of America. Not the lawyer’s. That used any kind of excuse to make us wait. To enrich there pockets. After we send that letter than we have a complaint number.after we get the number we can file a lawsuit.on the judge. And the law firm that is supposedly. Fighting for !OUR RIGHTS.for mental distress.

  77. If y’all chill & don’t even think about b4 you know it we gonna get a check of at least 1,200 lmfaooo so just chillax

  78. Does anyone really think that BOA is ever really gonna pay anything? The delays are tactics to drain more money out of the fund. The lawyers will make sure no one gets any cash. Debt forgiveness is all that will actually be given to those who still owe extended overdrafts. The rest will dissapear and the ones who still have accounts open with them will get 10 to 20 bucks…that’s it

  79. Face it people we are not going to get anything back! I really do pity the people that thought we were going to get a large amount

  80. See this greedy judge lorenze keep delaying it his on cahoots with the greedy attorneys with no explanation its overdue already april 23,2019 now extend to may 23,2019 what the hell next time delay it again and again.

  81. Class counsel’s answers to the brief are due extended on april 23,2019. hopefully this 3 idiots objectors used to be 2 should not objects no more so we could get our money…instead of this crook and greedy judge Lorenze and this leeches of attorneys who get the benefits by keep extended the lawsuit just for there benefits…so hopefully this greedy judge lorenze will make final verdicts its overdue already and Bank of America making millions but cant pay this illegally extended fee from us.

  82. remember barney frank,ben shalom Bernanke,henry Paulson etc. they on the side of bank of America and the rest of the banks who lost billion because of there greed and incompetent… they just change name like wamu now chase they just change names so people will not remember them they think people forgot…banks controls the world the globalist they make billions ot trillions for profits especially recessions and wars and illegal fees they add up.

  83. bofa own by Rothschild family who own the federal banks that’s why the housing buble 2006 so on they get bailed out and its to big to fail that’s why they rather let the more American homeowner to be homeless or loss there home rather than the bank of America… it was ben shalom benanke is the fed chairman that time and we all know banks knows the loophles they lobbierd they favorite politicians for there interest that’s why they get away like this robbing American by paying more fee to them.

  84. BOA will never change unless people, in a huge way, stop patronizing them. If nothing else happens positively on our behalf, I at least hope everyone will rethink their decision to bank with them. They don’t deserve it. I hope they fail disastrously one day.

  85. As I look at this, what I am seeing, these Lawyers and Judges will drag this on until there is no money left for anyone but themselves. So, what they are saying to me is I can rip someone off and never pay them back. After this is over I will be changing banks, maybe just going to cash only basis and start to do the same as this bank and lawyers do. Take the money and run, because I don’t have to pay you back the amount I took and even if I do, I just have to pay less then what I took from you. BOA, you will loose in the long run because people do talk. Right now you have us under your thump, but one day you will be asking for help again from the Government and the People. We will not be there for you, so one day BOA you will be in the lose and we will win. Time will be on our side. ALL I WANT IS THE MONEY THAT YOU TOOK ILLEGALLY, just as if you paid off a mistake we made, you will take the money that the mistake was for along with extra for something that a computer did and never cost you a penny to really have someone to work on the actual process to pay it for you. We are charged more than it really cost, so MAN up and do what you do to others and make the fee payments as you charge others to pay. WHEN THIS IS OVER AND SO ARE YOU TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!. No more payments or interest to you.


  87. And to think they were getting ready to send out the settlement checks in September or October when these idiots decided to file the appeals. We may not have gotten a lot out of it, but at least it would have been over with.

  88. This is BULL SHIT I have never been so disappointed in a bank until now…..im better of playing the lotto

  89. So…I just read the update and I’m somewhat stunned. When, exactly, did a THIRD objector get thrown into the mix? I’ve been following this lawsuit since inception and this is a mystery.

    It’s quite true that no one should be completely consumed by the possibility of major recoupment. Go on with your lives as though their was never an announcement that you might be entitled to benefits as a result of this latest BOA atrocity.

    I am grateful to everyone here just the same—because, let’s face it, this IS about us in part. You guys have become an awesome support group you might say. And, in the end, people are all we each have.

    It’s also painfully clear that we each have better odds at winning Powerball or MegaMillions than we do of timely, meaningful reimbursement of extended overdraft fees. What a horrific joke this has become. ☹️

  90. Not being mean but people should just go on and stop thinking about this. Ya ya its the point and they are paying maybe not what we like but other things more important. Well in my life right now.

    As i remember reading way back that the least amount some1 would get is 5.00 so my good guess is that, they have got it figured that maybe 5.00 refunded back to you for every E-overdraft you incurred. So probably like 25.00 back if you were charged EXTENDED over draft fees 5 times. Im just guessing thats how they are going to payout, because of the min of 5.00 payoou And i very much doubt every1 would get same amount back…that would very unreasonable…….

  91. I say – don’t even wait for it anymore. There’s nothing left in it for us!!!!!!! All hope is gone, thinking we going to even see a single penny. It’s all a joke – we all got duped. :((((((((

  92. it used to be 2 objectors now become 3 objectors what the fucc going on did the greedy judge and attorneys extended it…they are on cahoots with each other they want the money to themselves the judge and attorneys what a greedy assholes!

  93. Posted 03/14/2019. The three objectors to the Settlement who filed notices of appeal have been given an extension until March 25, 2019 to provide their opening briefs to the Court. Class Counsel’s answers to the briefs have also been extended and are now due to the Court on April 23, 2019. Settlement Class Members may periodically check this website for further updates.

    • Wow Thank You for the update, I’m not even looking forward anymore they are just dragging this out instead of doing the right thing, pushing for more money for themselves seems we don’t matter much Smh

  94. Appellants’ optional reply briefs are due within 21 days after service of the last-served consolidated answering brief. – This to me means that the ones who Appealed have 21 days after the response to the appealed has been filed. So I don’t think anyone will see any answers until next Month (April) if we are lucky.

  95. Because there is nothing to update. There is no ruling yet. Feb. 25th was just the Class Counsel submitting their response to the appeal. I think the court has 21 days from that date to make a ruling and then of course it will take about a week or two for BOA to update their site.

  96. No, they didn’t. If you look back through the posts, someone called the courthouse and was told it would be I believe 21 days from the 25th of Feb for the ruling and then who knows how long it will be after that

      • Sorry my tablet or something messed the reply above was for Shelia, couple post above. About saying seen payouts would be sent end of March..
        But to your post … this may give idea how quickly they pay after all settled..while looking up updates. I seen where BOA had class a action, a few years ago that was settled..was about veteran’s and loans they took out and how BOA had hidden interest charges…anyway so happens that class action was over with in FEB at that time also and payouts were sent out in March the following month. So maybe soon!!!

  97. Did BOA update their site never seen anything like this before SO QUICK To TAKE SO Slow To Pay Back and Don’t Respond To Anyone

  98. thank you Jasmine for the information. At last we got an update instead
    of all this negativity. No one is going to get rich on the settlement, and yes, we will probably get a small amount. Its more than you had before the lawsuit was filed, whatever the amount is.

  99. Yes, and then of course it will probably take about a week or two before the BOA website gets updated, so let’s figure it will probably take until around the end of the month or beginning of April until we find out anything.

    Thanks for the info!

  100. I googled the court phone number and called I was informed it would be 21 days from the 25th before there is a ruling

  101. That’s for sure they need to do much better than this! And the waiting game is getting bad….of course we want them to have to pay us our due we dont want them to get another penny for free. The only thing we can do is cash the checks we get just to make the wait worth it smh

  102. You guys need to contact eobcsettlement by writing or in writing there address in oregon and us what’s the final verdict and why you guys dont have customer service no person can call and talk too…its all recorded bs! they get paid through our settlement money they could do better.

  103. The $5,000 settlement amount is just for the class representatives, which are those few who brought the lawsuit, the rest of us will get peanuts. You have to read through the documents listed on the BOA website, it explains everything.

  104. You’re right, it’s been 5 years and you’re still counting on the money they took?? When I got the 1st one I said screw BOA and went somewhere else and have been happy with a local bank for over 5 years now.

  105. For your information Cris it doesn’t matter what they give us we deserve to know something and get something we didn’t ROB anyone those Thieves ROBBED us OVER And OVER I can’t even remember how many Over Draft Fees they Charged me with 4Years worth but how many times does any of us really know???? It’s 2019 it all began 2014 hello

  106. I don’t care what they give us back, I just want something after all the times that happened to my account as long as I don’t walk away with 0

  107. You act like they’re going to give you hundreds of dollars, you people need to get real and come back down to reality.

    • Agreed…. happens when it happens. No one knew they would of had money coming back from BOA and were fine with it paid their over draft fees and moved on, not knowing someday they would get money back from those illegal fees. Best just to go on and stop complaining about it, the post here they all look alike. I come here to look for possible updates (here and there) but not everyday. And i have to sift thru the same ole same ole. I understand BOA did wrong and need to pay but everyone knows how long these things take. And BTW if I’m wrong tell me but the last 2 objectors were regular members of this class actions. Was about the lawyers fees and one of the objectors Mark that filed in one of the objection never showed up so it was canceled/dropped, that was a waste of time probably month n half…Theres to much complaining in this ….should be used for more informational post….. Everyone knows how to waah…

  108. Come on now this is Ludicrous I’ve never seen no carp like this in my life what’s the freaking hold up !!! No Updates Nothing like we don’t need our Money You were QUICK to take it Now be QUICK to give it back !!!!!

  109. I was a part of one of these lawsuits and I wasn’t even aware of it.Apparently by just applying for a trucking job, I was part of a class action suit and got ove 800 dollars.But it does take time. Be patient.
    I also heard that the top amount for this suit that ANYONE can collect(besides the lawyers) is 5000.00 depending on how many times you got banged by BOA.- good luck all-Ged.

  110. Well here we go STILL waiting for OUR money but God forbid we are late on something….wth is taking so long?? We should of had our money by now!!!!!!!!!!

  111. This is Ridiculous BOA is the Worst !!!! This situation Has Gone To Far Just Give Class Members A Big Chunk Of $$$$$ We’ve Been Waiting Long Enough We Deserve It !!!!!!

  112. Staying hopeful. Speaking positive affirmations, for the best possible outcome for All of us who have been affected by these outrageous fees.
    May we all be well compensated for our sufferings.

  113. Okay – I just read over all of this. Look at the history of this country. If you are middle class or lower you just get the raw end of the deal. Look at the cable companies, the internet, the electric, your rent, car loans and even your taxes. Let me ask, have anyone in theses lower income bracket (Not Rich) ever in history had ever got the great deal in your life. I don’t think so. Remember when the banks was in trouble, the government was there to bail them out. When you are in trouble and need help, who is there? No one but your own family. When will anyone look at the middle class and lower, no one. We are the one’s that everyone makes the money from and this is backed up by all government officials, rather it is republican or democratic, they will not help but the rich and the one’s who they want. Now, look at the realistic form of this. If it was not for the middle class or lower we will not have the people above middle class. One year General Electric paid nothing towards taxes, I am stating an amount of 0 total, but most middle class and below paid more then 5,000.00 total which was more then half of the federal taxes received. The bottom line is, will you receive your money back like they would expect you to pay if you was behind or got into a little problem? The answer is no, you will not, but if you robbed someone one some money and you was caught, they will make you pat them more then you took. What this is showing to me is I can steal ?100,000.00 from some one and just give them back 100.00 dollars, this will make it okay? No, they will not allow someone who is middle class or below get away with this, but if you are rich, this is okay. So the bottom line is, we the middle class and below pay for services that they offer and we are the one who suppose to appreciate them and say thank you for letting me pay you instead of them saying thank you for your trust in us and we appreciate you for pay our taxes or our income, but “we will not give you the full and 100% of the product that we told you that you will get”, instead “we will laugh at you and take all your money and there is nothing you can do”. LOL they got us, will LMAO you lose.

  114. It hasn’t been updated since December what makes you think they are gonna update it now we all know we are only gonna get like 5 bucks they stoled our money the lawyers got it and we get shit. .now it’s gonna take another month to even get that…

    • It hasn’t been updated because there was nothing TO update prior to now. The appeals process was underway. There should be new information forthcoming with regards to those appeals soon enough. All any of us can do is remain patient and be hopeful for the best possible outcome.

  115. Not going to hear anything today. BOA website takes forever to update. Check the open-public-records website shown above.


  116. Yes let’s pray for a miracle! I’d be so shocked if we did come out of this with dollars instead of cents! But hoping for the best!!

  117. Today’s suppose to be The Final Day of this Madness So Sick Of This Thievery From BOA Lawyers Judge Please GOD Let It Be Over And Done Prayers Go Out For Ms. Farrell And Class Members Today $$$$$

    • I’d hope so. The Appeals process should be fully resolved given the date (25th) specified on the eobc settlement website.

  118. The only thing any of us can expect with certainty is an update AFTER the 25th of February, as this is when Counsel for Class Members must provide its response with regard to the appeals.

  119. Is this the last and final with this madness on the 25th I sure hope that this case is DONE and we can collect whatever is left after those GREADY LAWYERS AND JUDGE ROBBED US FOR I Pray to GOD we will Get a Good Amount for the STRESS they put on Joann Farrell and Class Members $$$$ Belongs to us

  120. The website says the same thing it has said since December. The plaintiff attorney has until the 25th to respond to the appeal.

  121. When this type of shit happens sometimes people just get a check for change literally CHANGE! A waste of paper and postage and cashing!! A bunch of bullshit….so yes people the ones in charge up there are sitting pretty and we THE people are left completely out of the equation. So when those class actions start up they start getting happy cause they know they will get the big money! Smh

  122. Still Waiting For These Thieving Lawyers And Judge To END This Madness 5 Years And Counting We Will Get Kibbles & Bits So Sad Our Hard Earned Money Robbed In Plain Sight !!!!!

  123. Do not expect hardly anything from these blood suckers. Both sides have sucked up massive amounts of attorneys fees and “expenses” at rates that the mafia would be embarrassed to extort during their glory days. Now that the till is almost dry and they have used all their shameful court extension, maybe a conclusion is in sight. To whit, I suggest not having high hopes on a codegra of big bucks in your (our) pockets. That money is already in the pockets of all the lawyers my friends. Nonetheless…relax and hope for a little and maybe for a ONCE we will be totally shocked and the good guys and gals are pleasantly surprised with a sweet little settlement we weren’t expecting.

    • Both sides have sucked up massive amounts of attorneys fees and “expenses” at rates that the mafia would be embarrassed to extort during their glory days.

      OMG…now THAT was a good response!

  124. They keep us waiting & waiting & waiting. I’m just fed up with it now. Not looking forward to it anymore – I’d be surprised if we even get anything worth or time waiting for!!! Probably not even worth it. It’s just another rip off for us – the only ones to benefit are the greedy lawyers….plain & simple.

  125. Hey gang, it’s Andrew! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and may 2019 be a beautiful one for you and yours.

    Haven’t been here in awhile; checking out the latest developments (or lack of). I’m guessing per the eobc website that it’s unlikely we’ll have any news much before the end of February if my understanding is clear. Steady as she goes, folks. Continue to be of good cheer as best you can. We’ve each endured this nightmare—or is it a travesty?—this long; we can get through this together as we’ve done in the past.

    Hang tight! The journey is almost over, no matter what the final outcome. Love & peace to all!

  126. Update December 4, 2018:

    Following the Court’s Order granting Final Approval of the Settlement, two objectors to the Settlement filed notices of appeal and their opening briefs are due to the Court on January 25, 2019. Class Counsel’s answers to the briefs are due to the Court on February 25, 2019. Settlement Class Members may periodically check this website for further updates.

  127. No I’m hoping we all get a suprise. Last I heard was I believe we suppose to in Feb or March let’s see what happens

  128. Well after all this time we may as well wait and hope for the best, but I highly doubt the judge will change his mind he was already allowing the lawyers to receive that $$$$$$

  129. more than $7700 per hour of work on the case. They requested fees of $16.6 million while their claimed lodestar is only $1.4 million. The alleged lodestar itself appears to be overinflated meaning that they are asking the court to award them between 11 and 18 times the value of the time they spent working on the case. At the same time, class members recover less than 10% of the potential value of their claims. On behalf of a class member, CCAF is objecting to the windfall fees requested by class counsel.

    Proceedings & Orders

  130. This is the worst case I’ve ever seen Joanne Farrell is in Heaven looking down shaking her head with disappointment in Judge Lorenze BOA Lawyers included she put in a good fight to STOP these people and her Family and Class Members have got NOTHING DAM SHAME United States Court System SUCKS where’s The Justice Greed Is All Over This Case

  131. I was just involved in a class action lawsuit involving Lia Sophia jewelry. It was a 7 million dollar lawsuit and i recieved a check for $16. I purchased over $300 worth of jewelry and still i get a measly $16. I almost didnt want to cash the check to tell them “hey fuck off i dont want your pennies”
    But i was broke so i cashed it. Lol
    I learned my lesson not to believe it will actually get anything now from this one either. And even if i did get a few pennies im sure its going to he well after march 2019

  132. Isn’t that something. that the lawyer’s that brought the lawsuit forward are getting paid better than the customer’s that the bank.defrauded .how is that possible or is it that the bank is working together. With.just saying. This people that brought this forward should not gain more than the people that borrow. Pound there valuables. To paid those overdraft. I just don’t get it.

  133. I agree also that if we knew how to better manage our money we wouldn’t be on the site….however, just because we have mismanaged our money does not mean that giant corporations like B of A get to take advantage of that and get rich off of our inability to manage our money…

  134. Thanks guys, and Maria & madge that’s what we are all here for, to talk about it!! Happy holidays☃️

  135. Don’t lose faith. God is good, all the time so whatever is in the dark will come to a light. So let’s continue to pray. Amen to that and enjoy your holiday.

  136. I think there’s about 4 law firms involved in this., Surprising why we will get so little.

    *how many lawyer’s does it take to SCREW IN a light bulb…
    4? One to hold the light bulb n 3 to turn the ladder.

    • For one, it’s not settled yet. n2 you would not of gotten 35.00 because no one will get the full amount of an over draft fee, you would get a portion of it. If you had say 6 EXTENDED over draft fees you would not get back 25×6 which would total 150.00, just a small portion of that. Lol there’s only gonna be small amount left for us time all lawyer’s fee n other fee paid…Also 35.00 is the initial regular over draft fee. 25.00 is the extended over draft fee with this class action is about. So no way you got 35.00 . Anybody with only 1 extended over draft fee would only get a few dollars… Of that 25.00 probably would only get the min of 5.00. You get nothing back on regular over draft fees

      • Well, I was just telling you what mines stated. That is why I put it in parenthesis. It has the month and year. Just seeing if anyone else had received anything. I am not trying to cause any confusion. I agree with you about the amount we would be getting after the lawyer fees.

        Have a great day.

        • I notice you said over draft protection fee. I’ve never used that before but isn’t that where you link another bank acc ect, IN case you over draft your acc so they take the money from a linked acc somewhere. To protect you from a over draft fee? Guess I’m confused now, not sure what check that’s from An over draft protection fee has to do with this class action..guess I’m missing something.
          Maybe. I’m thinking it’s a refund from a fee you paid because you over drafted because your acc at bank didn’t have enough to cover a transaction so.They tried your linked bank acc (over-draft protection (a service they offer) and couldn’t get it because no money or not enough in the acc either…So you were charged 35.00. But maybe was a mistake on their end where they took the money out and said they didn’t or a glitch something but looks like they found a mistake and sent you a refund check from that don’t know thou just guessing that could be reason.

          I know I’m writing a post not a book….but just wanted to be clear in what i was saying. Have good Christmas Holiday.

  137. The judges & lawyers are probably enjoying their share already & laughing away at us pee-ons…..when it’s because of US they are getting a huge portion!!!!
    The term is called “GREED” lol!!!

  138. I wouldn’t even wait on it anymore!!!! Useless now. It’s been dragged on too long, they eventually want us to forget about it. SMH!!!!!!

  139. Honestly I believe that money is tied up somewhere and we aren’t gonna see that money for quite a while, and when we do its gonna be very little….smh…..we can flood the attorneys with calls again it might get a little Info this time it’s been awhile!!!

  140. Hey guys, I guess we’ve all lost hope huh? Has anyone tried to call attorneys lately? This week might be a good time now that the holiday is up!

  141. Wow These lawyers that represent us are worse than Bank Of America they’re crooks and live off class member actions no justice for us with lawyers like them can not believe them crooks!!!!!

  142. Just hang in there folks. These things take time; doubly so with the appeals process. In the interim, all any of us can do is go on with our lives as before. Take heart! 🙂

  143. I just want it to be over 4 1/2 years is a bit much and BOA is still doing over draft fees people are in dept behind all this mess I PRAY TO GOD That Ms Farrells Family and All Class Members Get A Great Payment We’ve All Suffered Long Enough Judge Lorenze & Lawyers how do you sleep at night letting this Case Drag On this way !!!!!!!

    • Extended over draft fees EODF. Pretty sure you may Know that but some ppl are confused and think it’s if they over drafted a transaction n was charged a fee. Well they gotta pay that. It’s only when they charge you a fee a 2nd or 3rd time, up to 4 times EODF’s for that same transaction .

      But anyway if you were ROBBED by the crooks you would of received a card thru the mail, but things get lost or sent to old address if you moved and it was never updated at BOA because you may of no longer had an acc with them.. so if you didn’t get a card and don’t remember if you were charged for eodf’s you can call and ask if you were sent a card….just a suggestion

      Only saying the above in case some people don’t know plus I’m bored

      • Absolutely I did get a card in the mail. You can tell those that didnt as I’m reading the post seems a little upset..the negativity

  144. Right it’s so frustrating they have gotten away with it for years! It’s time they pay it back and you are exactly right its caused hardship on lots of people, for some by the time the fees stop half of the direct deposit your expecting is GONE. Like I’ve said we have paid our fees/dues 5× who know maybe more! Any judge can see the wrong they have done, it’s just a shame they dont stick it to em!

  145. I was beginning to think you all gave up! Yea agreed we all over drafted some times by choice and some times the banks arrangements! But like I’ve said before we’ve paid our dues ×2 so we want it back. Best believe if the shoe was on the other foot bofa would have got that $ one way or another!!

  146. I Hear you but the point is when accepting the Overdrawn the fee was suppose to be imposed ONCE BOA continuously added on another 35 dollars like every 7 days or so, when agreeing to the overdraw, it never told anyone that. No one knows anybody’s situation so I wouldn’t judge anyone so yes people are entitled to the money back & yes I Can say I can’t wait because I am owed. No matter what, they were not Honest!!

  147. Its funny, none of us would be here if we knew how to manage our money!! Its our own faults for over drawing our accounts. Now everyone is complaining about getting money back. Only time that I hated when Bank of America would overdraw my account for the monthly service charge because I didn’t have direct deposit or have a minimum balance. However, all the overdrafts that I did an extended overdraft swear my fault. Nobody should be complaining about getting some money back that it was their fault for over drawing their account in the first place. I’ve come to the realization that it’s never going to happen and we were never going to get paid. I hope everybody else can get some peace of mind later

    • This is a little long so sorry but these crooks (P) me off

      Yes people are responsible to pay it they overdraft BUT this class action is about the EXTENDED fees on an overdraft. It was Illegal. Nothing new was added to that transaction that cause the 1st overdraft..But they still charged another fee after 5 days it stayed negative and another fee if it stayed negative another 5days. Up to 4 times they would charge you a EXTENDED overdraft fees on that 1 transaction.

      Class action lawsuits are claiming that extended overdraft fees are illegal because they essentially amount to interest on the account. And, according to a federal law known as the National Bank Act, there is limit to how much a company can charge in interest.

      The suit claim that extended overdraft fees can be up to 51 times the maximum legal amount the bank can charge under the National Bank Act. They further claim that no additional services are being charged in connection with these fees.. And like I said before I believe in their heads it becomes a loan and you are charged high interest in unpaid amount owed. Again yes people are in-charge of their accounts but sometimes things happen. Nothing but CROOKS and tried to get away with their (BANK ROBBERY)

      And back a few years ago there was a class action because BOA they were taking transaction out in order from the highest to lowest. So if you had say had these transactions.
      20.00. 30.00 40.00. 100.00 and that was the order of your transactions .They would take the 100.00 out first ever thou it was last one that occurred. Then 40.00 etc.
      So then it did cause some people alot of fees if they couldn’t get those overdraft fees in before the 5days then be charged again and again..And most banks at least waited 7 to 10 days before they charged another fee EXTENDED overdraft fee which still was wrong. But BOA CROOKS did this every 5days to bleed you dry. This cause alot of people hardship…I was part of that class action.

      Someone put a fake check into the ATM for 1,000 something I can not remember extract amount. No idea how they got my card but found out people get your card number through a reader. Goes on a magnetic strip or something like that, then they can make a fake card. They were only able to get a portion of the check until it cleared i can not remember the amount But I believe they were able to get 700.00 out. Well all my auto debit for my bills all over drafted. I get paid once a month i had no way to get the overdrafted transactions in so I was charged 4times on each transaction which was about 5 different transaction .

      bottom line…I would never defend these crooks they been stealing for years.

  148. I agree with the stall. And its unexpected money I’m sure everyone will get by as they do. My point is I been with BOA since 2013. I would like what’s owed to me. Until then living life as usual

  149. I still think this is all a stall. So the bank can get interest on that 66.6 million. At this point I put it in Jesus hands. What’s done in the dark shall be revealed in the light. If it comes it comes, the money that is. I will get by as always.

  150. Not sure how I overlooked this…there’s a comment further back, indicating the appeals process might take as long as February/March to resolve. Has anyone else heard of, or read, anything similar?

  151. Your Quite Welcome I don’t understand why would Judge Lorenze allow Ms. Farrells Family to drag this case any further she’s no longer here Let her RIP and her Family Members Go on with their lives END this madness he has the Upper Hand it’s sickening Greed by Judges Lawyers all getting POCKETS FULL SHAME SHAME ON THEM In THAT COURT HOUSE OF ROBBERS !!!!!!

  152. Your welcome. thanks for that update on Ms. Farrell. I just pray we all get a good portion of our money back.

  153. Danielle, Lois, Jessie: My heartfelt thanks to each of you for acknowledging Miss Farrell. We really do owe her a huge amount of gratitude. It broke my heart to learn she had passed away before she could receive the spoils of her hard work. I’m grateful to her, and comforted to know that at least her children will benefit from her resolve to right a major wrong. BOA can go to Hell. Once this matter is remedied completely, I’m taking my business elsewhere. My brother likes to call them ‘Bank Robbers of America’ (chuckle); and he’s correct in his assessment.

  154. And with all due respect nobody deserves more than the other we are all victims in this.
    Also even though some of us got robbed for more than others we are all owed at least what was taken, filing the suit did get it started but we all deserve our money back.

  155. I thank mrs. Farrell, and may she rest peacefully. I am terribly disappointed that b of a drug this out until she was not able to see the outcome, who knows the trouble it caused her finances to bring her to file this suit. I know it caused me lots of trouble and lots of money to go right down the drain unexpectedly that was needed for Bill’s and to make it pay check to pay check. I complained numerous times with customer service about the way the account was arranged to get my money. After we have all been waiting and expecting to be paid back at least what we paid in I think the only thing we can do is not bank with them and spread the word to friends and family, there are so many more banks out there. Everyone should stop giving b of a more chances and money, they rob you and break your account!! Be done with them! Obviously we can’t win and I for one thought this suit would help class members but it dont sound like it will….

  156. Thank You Joanne Farrell For Starting This Class Action Lawsuit in which we would not have even known BOA was committing this Act of Robbery what ever happens May we as Class Members receive what Joanne Farrell intended for us Thank You (RIP) !!!!!!

  157. Well that’s a terrible thing that b of a drug this out past her days. And yes thanks to mrs ferral. I would be happy to receive back what I paid in eodf. But I guess it’s highly unlikely. I did call customer service over that issue a few times and they make you feel like they have every right to charge the fee. All anyone can do is close the accounts, there are plenty of other banks out there!

  158. You are correct Andrew. If Joanne Farrell hadnt filed this lawsuit, none of would be getting anything. We owe her a Thanks for at least doing something about the injustice while the rest of us were sitting back doing nothing. Whatever we get, its more than we had before the suit was filed.

  159. The ones that started the class action i believe we’re 2 or 3 people then few more were added to it and so ended up a total of 7 people. 0f those 7 (5) of them had same last name (Farrell). They all get 20,000 each and that’s off of the top being paid out before we are, along with the lawyers ..court fees and other fees. Them getting 20,000 each are part of money taken from “us the other class action members”. Don’t sound right..And no doubt they are paying no out of pocket fees because we are. I’m sure their fees are part of lawyers fees we are paying..

    • Madge, with all due respect, your information is incorrect. The lawsuit was filed by Joanne Farrell, whom has since passed away. She is survived and represented by her children, of which there are four. Each was slated to receive a total of $5000; divided amongst four siblings. $20,000 is bogus; there’s tremendous incorrect information circulating with regard to this lawsuit. If nothing else, each and every Class Member should both THANK and HONOR Miss Farrell for her initiation of this lawsuit. No matter what is paid out in the end, we are each a recipient of her sense of injustice and anger over BOA profiting off of usury charges.

  160. You are 100% Correct Its All About Lawyers Fattening Their GREEDY POCKETS Class Members are just Ponds For Their Elaborate Scheme And Those Who Appealed just Dug A Deeper Hole for themselves and every one else Good Luck waiting !!!!!

  161. These lawyers sole purpose is to make money for their firm. They immerse themselves into the terms and conditions, policy/procedures of BIG companies and look for errors. Once they find a wrong doing (like this BOA suit), they will reach out to all who are involved and get you to sign or opt into the suit. That being said, it’s not about you, it’s all about the law firm and fattening their greedy pockets. These same individuals who filed this suit have many other suits they are working on concurrently. At the end of the day when the funds are split up among the millions, it will only be 5 or 6 dollars a piece. Use your brains.

  162. Let’s just face it people. We are not going to ever get paid. And if we do it’s going to be some ridiculous small amount than ain’t even worth it.

  163. This is Not Right At All We Were Robbed And Disrespected for 5 1/2 Years And Still BOA WINS So Including Class Members in this CASE was All BULL Trust and Believe they’re going to do it Again and Again This isn’t the First Time for BOA Doing This I’m not gonna be bothered anymore DONE DONE

  164. So yea it looks like these appeals are being used to take their time and more of our money, to stretch it out that far is just ludacris!

  165. Someone said they called yesterday and spoke to a person handling the case who told them that there were two more appeals filed and that it could take until Feb. or March.

    I think we should just face the fact that we are probably getting nothing.

  166. Does anyone know how long these appeals will take things are really getting out of control this is one big mess it just keeps going and going really know where just over it Very Sad Situation for Class Members Waiting Waiting Waiting A BIG ZERO No Notifications No Calls ,No Updates Nobody being held Accountable for their Horrible Robbery sickening and theirs Nothing We can do held in total Darkness (SAD SAD)

  167. I read up on top class action and it seem like there has been two more appeals on top of the two who recently appealed. I don’t know but it seems maybe this is a good thing to appeal because we might just get our money back.

  168. I just spoke to Kristina the case is in appeal it did not settle yet she said we may not get anything until Feb/march

  169. How could checks have gone out already? The BOA site hasn’t even updated the info with the new documents yet

  170. Because of the loophole they lobbied to there favorite politicians thats why the get away of this thievey and robbery to their customers…the diferrent between the bank robbers and the bank robbing us because they do it legally because of the loophole they could go around.

    • It’s not over yet no way you would of gotten 4.09, others would of received checks also and besides in one of the document’s it stated no one would get back less than 5.00 .

  171. I called it ROBBERY from the beginning when I received the Post Card in the mail and BOA is still ROBBING us now refusing to give Class Members they’re money 5 1/2 years and counting when will it all be over Please just give us our Money with interest for waiting so long I could use it

  172. Gosh! I wonder if we can get a class action suit on being screwed over on a class action lol seems silly but really this just shouldn’t be right! Smh

  173. Yes, I forgot about o.d protection, now I’m wondering if I had it cause I have before it’s been so long since I’ve had that account now…

  174. Ive had o.d. protection since the beginning of time.. which is supposed to PROTECT ME from this…the same bank that offered this is the same bank that robbed me of my money….i thought bank robbery was a crime…but when they do it…it isnt ? and they will also still make money on us ..because we’re not going to get our money back they took from us… now that is Robbery… pure and simple

  175. Ok some numbers I’ve collected over this whole ongoing conversation:
    Nathan 1-202-973-0900
    Kristina 1-954-522-6601
    Jeff 1-954-525-4100
    Settlement administrater 1-503-350-5800
    Gowdy 1-904-350-0075

  176. We should all start flooding the attorneys office with calls again I think that got them on the updates last time we did that!

  177. I know and I can’t believe that the BOA site still hasn’t updated with the new documents that were filed. Just curious to see if the appeal was thrown out.

  178. I’m so Done with this case just wish they would give Class Members what they Deserve and be gone trust and Believe this Will Happen Again BOA is Known For Thievery and Corruption Prayers For Class Members

  179. Just in case you did not know, this Class Action is not for regular over draft fees, so because you over drafted you pay a fee that’s normal. This is for EXTENDED over draft fees, where you were more of less charged another fee for that same transaction that stayed in negetive. Which is called an EXTENDED over draft fee. Meaning you got charged again 2xs or more depending on how many days that same transaction stayed in an over-draft. You would be charged EXTENDED over draft fee after 5days and a 3rd charge (etc) after that for after another 5days So the class action is for the EXTENDED over draft fees. But don’t count on getting alot back…. just dollars…blame greedy lawyers for that…I think they did this all wrong i think there should of been a class action for Flat X amount plus BOA pay all court and lawyers and other fees it any to be paid on top of that..we are actually paying the fees. Laws need to change companies and big corp’s need to know they can not get away with things.

  180. I hope it’s not correct, but I did know it wouldn’t seem right no matter how much it comes to, but 11$ wow! not even half of one fee smh I guess we could hold out hope for the actual check…….

  181. OH, I see it now from the other reply. First of all, not everyone will get the same amount, it is based on how many extended overdraft fees you incurred. Some have several, while some may only have one or two.

    Let’s see what happens.

  182. 11.00 is all we’ll be receiving this is totally wrong 5 1/2 years of over draft fees my heart is weakened how could B O A do this

    • This is not for regular over draft fees, so because you over drafted you pay a fee. This is for extended over draft fees, where you were more of less charged another fee for the same item you over drafted, meaning you got charged for same over draft fees 2xs So the class action is for the EXTENDED over draft fees. But don’t count on getting alot back…. just dollars…blame greedy lawyers for that…

  183. Sorry for the era my mind is at ease a little Prayers for Class Members we get all the $$$$ we deserve with interest

    • Yes indeed. This has been such a protracted process. I just want it to be done, you know? Whatever we’re entitled to, it’s ours.

  184. Based on a simple mathematics, the $66.6 million distributed among 5.9 million clients, the result would be around $ 11 for affected clients that is without deducting the fees to the attorneys.
    The compensation will not be worth it, I better forget about this.

  185. I’m hopeful it means finality with respect to the appeals process. Transcripts are hard copies of everything discussed, etc in a court case. This could very well mean a decision has been reached. Thanks for sharing this, Cecilia.

  186. UPDATE!! I jut received an email notification from open-public-records.com, which is a legitimate site, because it posted the appeal almost a week before the BOA site showed it.

    It states: CIVIL TRANSCRIPT DESIGNATION AND ORDERING FORM, posted October 18th, not sure what it means, but let’s cross our fingers, keep checking the BOA site for this document

  187. Things have gotten a little out of hand here. Honestly I haven’t checked the thread much because it seemed like the same group of people commenting and everyone seemed to get along.

    What Thomas said was deplorable and he has been sent to spam so he shouldn’t be able to comment again. I also deleted anything talking about him or the comment from the last few weeks. I also deleted anything that involved bickering or swearing etc.

    Let’s try to keep it on point and civil. I don’t want to have to shut down the comments because you guys have been sharing a lot of good info back and forth in the past. If I missed something let me know and I will remove it. I will try to keep a better eye on things.

    If you need to get a hold of me in the future you can email me at Mark@milestomemories.com.

  188. Stalling Stalling it’s just so unfair and unprofessional that these people continue to jerk us around 5years plus now so over this situation !!!!!

  189. Following the Court’s Order granting Final Approval of the Settlement, two objectors to the Settlement have filed notices of appeal. Until those appeals are resolved, the cash and debt relief to the Settlement Class may not be distributed and given to Settlement Class Members. Class Counsel will be acting on behalf of the Settlement Class to oppose the appeals, which claim that the Settlement should not have been approved. At this time, Class Counsel and the Settlement Administrator are not able to state when the appeals will be concluded. Settlement Class Members may periodically check this website for further updates.

  190. No new info coming from this way, I haven’t got a call back or anything. I guess I’m not really expecting them to return my call anymore though! It’s been so long and I’ve left like 3 voicemails .

  191. What’s the update today haven’t seen anything or heard from these creeps really fed up Judges,Lawyers too much stress

  192. This lawyer’s defending class action or us don’t do shit! they just delaying it…they think they are on our side they doing for the money for there own interest.

  193. Yes they need to end it, it’s nothing more in our favor, so from here on out we are losing out….attorneys fees court fees ect. Whatever it is it is…..

  194. This whole situation is wrong Bank Of America needs to be Ashamed of themselves Judge Lorenze should step up and END all this Drama he has the POWER just give class members what they deserve 5 years of Theft and Nothing to Compensate Us when will all this Madness END !!!!!!!

  195. Not the news anyone wants to hear including myself and this is not confirmed but on another site (Classaction.com) people are saying the appeals talks could last into mid February ?? Hope its not true but I really wouldnt doubt it .

  196. None of these people are responding to anyone this is very unprofessional Lawyers Judges they are aware how long we’ve been waiting keeping us in the dark just a sad situation class members deserve better we are the victims and still getting victimized unreal !!!!!

  197. Nope last time I called I had to leave a voicemail, no call back and the first time I called about a month ago no call back from my voicemail and this was to the guy nathen.

  198. Has anyone seriously heard anything about class members money all this arguing isn’t necessary just state the true facts

  199. Come on people. Lets knock this off. Its not helping. Lets keep it to the information on the overdraft situation. Thats what this site is for.
    No one needs the rest of this

  200. Retaliation is not the answer, maybe he is or was. But info we get from him is true. Let’s leave their and focus when the hell we gonna get our money!

  201. Really this site is to help each other out and be informed who cares how we spell or write if you don’t like what you read don’t come back to this site Thomas

  202. Must be messing! Or if not what are the odds of it being part of this class action huh? But he gives no response yet

  203. What is with this absurd hand-wringing? Chill out people, things are out of your control for the moment, just relax. This is ridiculous behavior, that along with the awful grammar and spelling. If there are things you can’t change for the moment, then why get all bent out of shape? Act like an adult, just sit back and wait.

  204. Can someone who still has Bank of America check to see if they had any type of deposit today. I just had about $1100 bucks deposited with no explanation, might be the settelement but I’m going to call the bank as soon as they open. Keeping my fingers crossed cause I’m not expecting any type of deposit!

  205. this is NUTS.. i think i am going to save my blood pressure and stop following and just hope that we all get these fees back sooner rather than later. BOA said they would not charge the extended overdraft for 5 years.. well hell at the rate they are going and filing these stupid appeals that 5 years will be here and we wont get a penny. pretty pathetic

  206. @Photizo: Thank you; this information is still helpful. I’m geeked that Counsel will be opposing the appeals, as they are largely without merit and self serving in nature. I totally appreciate you for sharing this with all of us; much love and respect.

  207. Hey guys,
    So what it looks like is that the attorneys forward your call over to the class administrator and they cannot answer any legal questions, however they say you have every right to contact the attorneys if you like,
    The class administrator called from the 503 number and basically said what we all already know She did say that the attorneys would be opposing the Appeals, and they cannot give us a time frame at this time.
    So unfortunately I have no new news still sitting and playing the waiting game with everyone else.

  208. Hey y’all I just read up on some cases and came across this. I’m guessing this will help all of us to know the time frame when the court will actually post a court hearing therefore I post it on the bottom. Now let me mind y’all this is something I read that’s not pertaining to our case but!…. I’m waiting time yes!..

    Next, the Court of Appeals may take six months or longer to decide whether there will be oral argument in the case. The Court usually decides cases within two to six months after oral argument, but there is no deadline. If the Supreme Court reviews your case, your appeal of course will take more time.

    I’m guessing this may take more longer than we expected.

  209. I just called 503-350-5800 I was told that it’s 90 days after it was approved is when we will start getting check issued. That they will update once the 90 days are getting closer.I was hoping to hear that it was mailed. So I’m thinking November 27 is 90 days Im loosing my patience can I get a loan towards my own money!!!

  210. No problem at all guys, we are in this together. The 3rd Party Representative that I spoke with was (231 C) her number , her name was Renee.
    The Attorneys that I contacted were;
    Atty Bryan Gowdy 904-350-0075 &
    Atty Jeff Ostro 954-525-4100 877-525-4100

    Whatever info I am able to get from them will be posted right away. I was counting on that money too. Have A Great Evening!!

  211. Thank you Photizo for the update. It is much appreciated. Its nice that we are getting good information and not all the bullshit stuff that was going on. Thanks again for all you are doing.

  212. Your exactly right that’s great to hear you have been in contact. Thanks for the current update , the number you called should be posted on here that way those of us that may have called other numbers or attorneys involved and have not been able to get passed voicemail or received a call back can call that number…then they will get multiple calls with the people that are concerned and want to ask questions. Right! then they most definitely will keep the website up to date to avoid all the phones going off!!!

  213. That Website has not been up-to-date with information that we need to know ASAP, I spoke with them today, and they say they will try to be as current with updates, going forward. I also contacted the offices of (2) of the Attorneys( the 2 Florida ones.

    I had to be a little persistent in insisting on speaking with them. One of them gave me a Assistant, but sometimes, I feel that it is important for them to know that we are real people affected by this, and we have rights too, at the very least,, information regarding our Case. Anyways, the said they would have the Attorney call back, so we’ll see, I guess.

    I felt sick inside when the 3rd Party Administrator said, “we were ready to distribute the checks” One of those Lawyers I was bugging, tried to put me off on her, I spoke with her, but they cannot answer the Legal questions Class members may have. She did say that we have every right to contact the Attorneys that represent us, so we’ll see. If anyone else feels led to, Call them too.
    * In the meantime, Let’s believe for the very best outcome, and Pray

  214. Trying not to think about it . Theres nothing we can do but wait . Looks like we are all in the same boat . Have a good week everyone !!

  215. Hey gang…hoping each of you has had a great weekend. Popping in to say keep your heads and spirits up, no matter what happens. I’m hoping we’ll have good news on the horizon soon enough. 🙂

  216. All this nonsense about these Appeals just let BOA pay us it’s been going on far too long 2014 -2018 1/2 we’ve been patient long enough JUST LET THEM RELEASE OUR $$$$$$$$

  217. Lmao you said it, I didnt!!! But you know we all feel the same…because yea face it there is little left to be changed now….and thanks for the insight of the appeals cause many are wondering why and who the helll is holding up the long process AGAIN!

  218. Let’s face it according to FDIC rules the bank was totally wrong in adding on this extended overdraft fee. So these appeals is a stall tactic, for what reason? These two females what is really in it for them? The bank and the people know it was wrong. Could they be relatives to someone maybe an attorney even? Dam my head is really spinning now

    • The Collins woman seems to be objecting to attorney fees, which is silly in light of the fact that Judge Lorenz reduced the amount by $2M. As for the Sanchez woman, she’s griping about debt reduction…this tooni don’t understand. You owed the bank; they are offering an admittedly small stipend against that debt. Yet she’s complaining about the ‘sub-class’ not getting treated fairly? What did she expect, full restitution for a debt she owed? Further, it takes money to file appeals. She’s got cash to pay a lawyer, yet none to satisfy an old debt? Complete BS. Meanwhile, we are delayed in receiving monies owe because of their actions. Both of them need to be slapped.

  219. Anyone know how long it might take to process either appeal? Reading through the pdf docs, it seems both could easily be remedied quickly.

  220. We need to keep bugging the attorney’s if those two woman appealing to the court especially to greedy judge Lorenz…the judge will say when to come back to the court a set date they are lying to us.

  221. Hopefully everything will work out for Class Members we Deserve every Dollar God Is On Our Side BOA are Thieves And Finally Got Caught !!!!!!

  222. Let’s not lose heart, Delay does not mean Denial.
    My prayer is that all the issues that these two people brought up when they filed that appeal will have no merit,
    and that the Judge will uphold the final judgment approving the Settlement, and release the funds immediately. it’s just a Delay, but, we will win and We will get our money!!
    I know that we can all use that money very badly right now, but hang in there we will get it.

  223. They rob from the poor and give to the rich. We all got screwed. Face it we aint ever gonna get paid. And if we do its gonna be .25 cents. One thing for sure tho is i will never bank with BOA again!!

  224. Fuck it maybe they’ll get us the class members more moneyyyyyyyy honeyyyyyyy so relaxxxxxxx & let’s look at the bright side

  225. Thanks to these two females we won’t get our money next month now we all have to suffer and wait more because of them how much more can they get then ya doing this wow

  226. You guys are good 🙂 and much appreciated, thanks for the info and I’ll cooperate on anything we need to do to bug these people!

  227. This is definitely disappointing news, however, we do have lawyers that are representing Us in this Settlement.

    Maybe we should be proactive in contacting them, and make them earn all that money they are getting, by finding a way to get rid of these two interferences with our money.

    I looked into frequently asked questions (on the Website) FAQs, #14 “Do I have a Lawyer in this case”?,
    and it list (4) Lawyer’s that represent us.

    Hassan Zavareei
    Tycko & Zavareei LLP
    1828 L ST. N Suite
    Washington, DC 20036

    Bryan Gowdy
    Creed & Gowdy P.A.
    865 May Street
    Jacksonville, Florida 32204

    Jeff Ostro
    Kopelowitz Ostrow P.A.
    Suite 500
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

    Christina Pierson
    John R. Hargrove
    Kelley Uustal PC
    500 North Federal Highway
    Suite 200
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

    Maybe we can contact them to find out what’s next in this process, and ask them to rigorously find a way to get us our money.

    The website did not give the telephone numbers for the attorneys, but I guess we could Google to get the numbers.Thanks guys.
    Not taking this lying down. Somebody going to give me My Money!!

  228. Probably 2 people who work for boa that appealed just to have it drawn out further. Wow talk about low. Im so glad i dropped boa 2 years ago. I got tired of them taking my money and always charging me for not having money. Probably never gonna see a payout and if we do its gonna be 5 bucks while the attorneys get paid hella.

  229. SO: I did the Google thing in hopes it would prove easier to locate both objectors. It was! Ms. Sanchez appears to be object long to the Debt Relief payments; and Ms. Collins has a beef with appropriations for attorneys fees. Both legal docs are 23 and 54 pages long, respectively. Gang, I can’t possibly read through all of them tonight. What I can say is that, based on the dates, these were objections noted EARLY in the Hearings. It appears that Judge Lorenz lowered the gavel with His verdict, knowing full well both dissenters would likely appeal (and they have). What remains to be revealed is HOW LONG before the appeals are remedied. In any event, I don’t see there objections as helping the rest of us—it’s clear they were trying to help themselves largely (in my humble opinion). And, might I add that I remain
    pissed off…but I guess this is the nature of lawsuits.

  230. Estefania Osiris Sanchez…her name rings a bell. I know I’ve seen in before in one of the pdf docs. I’m gonna dig back; gotta find it. As for Amy Collins…she’s a Class Member and yet objecting? What the hell? Because she—if not BOTH—are unlikely to receive reimbursement? If such is the case, this shouldn’t drag on forever. Still, I’m going to research further.

  231. Following the Court’s Order granting Final Approval of the Settlement, two objectors to the Settlement have filed notices of appeal. Until those appeals are resolved, the cash and debt relief to the Settlement Class may not be distributed and given to Settlement Class Members. Class Counsel will be acting on behalf of the Settlement Class to oppose the appeals, which claim that the Settlement should not have been approved. At this time, Class Counsel and the Settlement Administrator are not able to state when the appeals will be concluded. Settlement Class Members may periodically check this website for further updates.

    Y’all we ain’t getting back shit! Or maybe those two person who filed maybe just trying to help us out on getting more instead of less.

  232. Ok I found a doc it’s at the top, appeal filed 9/21, 2 days after final judgment.

    Objector “Estafania Osorio Sanchez” who is this person?

    Another appeal filed 9/25 from class member “Amy Collins”

    No specific reason stated in the posted docs.
    I remain perplexed.

  233. I agree, Robert. One thing is certain on my end: once this drama is over and done, I’m saying FUCK YOU to BOA and giving my business to a rival. If a third of all BOA account holders did likewise, we could send them a clear message: BULLSHIT DOESNT PAY DIVIDENDS IN THe LONG TERM!

  234. Yup saw the new post. Oh it’s gonna be a good long while if ever. And they’re ramping up attorneys fees and court costs in the process. Whole thing is a joke.

  235. Well guys guess we will be waiting longer now 2 appeals have been filed the new update is on eobc website this is so messed up

  236. One question it says that they where not going to charge the extended overdraft from diciembre 2017 but I been charged since then a lot of them will they have to give me back that money to

    • @ Vanessa: You are correct—you should NOT be charged extended overdraft fees in accordance with the BOA settlement. These fees were to be dropped for five years. If you are incurring them still, contact BOA immediately and remind them of the settlement terms, and have them removed. Remember, however, that this applies solely to extended overdraft charges only, not the regular overdrafts. My own account has not been charged with EOD’s since the settlement announcement. Best wishes to you!

  237. Yes let’s hope you guys! I don’t think 1750 is greedy at all, for a lot of us these fees put us in financial hardship for a long time, cause once you get that first over draft they know you will get it again and then to slap you back down again with a whole extra fee! They owe us!!!

  238. I had a dream that I got $1750.00 back. I guess that is a decent amount, but I had three accounts with Bank of America that were inundated with overdraft fees.
    So now I’m interested to see if my dream was correct. I’m not being greedy, but I hope it’s more than that.

  239. Thank god because we need to get paid what they have. Taken from us I just hope it’s at least half of what they taken from us because a lot of people are saying we are only getting like 5 to 20 dollars

  240. Hey gang! Have hope. The reimbursement process should begin effective October 1st—precisely 30 days past the Judge’s final ruling. There’s no way to tell whom will be paid first, or the manner in which payments are made (alpha order; length of bank history for each individual; amounts to be paid on a high-to-low basis first; etc). I’d encourage each of you to post immediately if/when you receive monies so that everyone can be alerted to the fact that the money is finally coming through the pipeline! 🙂

  241. People are saying that there have been no appeals filed and that other sites are giving out false info. Hope they are right

  242. I do have one question that I am wondering if someone can answer. BOA closed my account in early 2017 with a $600.00 negative balance in which probably less than half was the actual fees, and most was for a check that overdrafted. Being that they never came after me for what was owed and they charged-off the account, I wonder if I am entitled to anything from that? Of course, that has nothing to do with the 3 prior years that I am sure I had quite a few EOD’s. Thanks!

  243. Yep. Thank you for clearing that up Marta. There’s a whole bunch of fake sites that are trying to get peoples attention & its all false.

    • Cecelia,
      Scroll all the way to the bottom of that website. Notice the disclaimers and the need for cash at .10 a page? These sites are full of crap. Stick with the administrator’s website and the original court docs and there you should be informed with the correct info.

    • There have been no appeals filed. The timeline on the final court docs gave the administrator 30 days to deposit it into existing accounts, 60 days to distribute checks via US Mail and 90 days to rectify the debt reduction. They have 15 days from depositing the cash into existing accounts to report the progress. The claims administrator is Epiq Systems. They will do the actual calculation/distribution of funds, etc. Like I said in an earlier message, you can’t believe any of the other websites that have info on the class action, just the eobc/settlement.com.

      • At least 2 appeals have been filed and until all appeals are resolved they cant distribute the money. So who knows how long its gonna be