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BOA Finally Catches Up To The Joneses – Adds Limited Time...

Bank of America is finally offering their credit card holders some relief during these hard times with new redemption & statement credits.

My Recent Pandemic Fueled Applications – $1500 In Value While Sitting...

I wanted to share my latest mini application spree that brought me $1500 in value all while sitting at home during the pandemic.

How I Got Around Bank of America Telling Me There Was...

I recently had some issues closing a Bank of America credit card and wanted to share some tips that I picked up along the way.

(Free Museum Weekend) Bank of America Museums on Us 2020: Dates,...

The Bank of America free museums 2020 program is here. Find out available dates, how to qualify and which museums will be participating this year.

Are There Issues With The BOA Premium Rewards Travel Credits?

Are there issues with the BOA Premium Rewards travel credits not posting properly? No one has seen a credit so far this year.

I Spent How Much!? On Annual Fees In 2019 & My...

I decided to take a look back at how much I spent on credit card annual fees in 2020 and let me tell you it isn't pretty!

My Latest Bank of America Application Results & Some Good Data...

Was I finally able to crack the BOA egg? I share my recent Bank of America application results and a couple of interesting data points as well.

Does Bank of America Have The Worst Customer Service? My...

I had a simple task to accomplish and it ended up being like pulling teeth. My latest Bank of America customer service experience was a fail on their part.