Is This The New British Airways Business Class Seat?

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ba buesiness class
A drawing of the new British Airways business class seat which was included in their recent patent filing.

A New Seat For Their A350 Fleet?

Australian Business Traveler has an interesting article which delves into a patent that British Airways recently filed for a new seat design. This herringbone like design is very different then the ones we have seen with other carriers like American Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

In the filing, British Airways refers to the seat as a sofa, which may imply that they are going to market this product differently. One of the most interesting aspects of the design is that the seat apparently doesn’t recline at all. As someone who is tall, I am not sure how comfortable this will be, but the length listed is 74.5 inches which is longer than Etihad’s business class seat, but shorter than many others.

There is also significantly more storage space than in their current business class product along with interesting concepts like two different dining setups. While this seat if chosen will more than likely debut in their new A350 aircraft, the patent apparently has been filed to include the 777, 787, A380 and even the aging 747.

ba business class

Maybe Not The Final Design

Of course there is always a possibility that this is only one of a few designs still being considered. With that said, judging by the amount of detail that went into the drawings & photos in the patent filing, I would say this design is pretty far along in the process.

Australian Business Traveler has an article with all of the details and a follow up with more pictures. What do you think? Do you think this seat will be comfortable? Is it revolutionary or simply evolutionary? Does it bring British Airways Club World business class into the 21st century? Let me know in the comments!


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