Hilton Hotel Calling Hack: How to Call Any International Hilton Hotel For Free

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How To Call An International Hilton Hotel For Free

Call An International Hilton Hotel For Free

Not all Hilton hotels publish emails (here is a tip on how to track those down), though every hotel does have a phone number. The problem is with international hotels that could be a costly phone call. Did you know it is possible to speak to any Hilton hotel worldwide for free? You can do this by calling any Hilton customer service line and asking to talk to the hotel in question, and they will then transfer you for free.  Let’s dive into this guide on how to call an international Hilton hotel for free.

1. Call Hilton:

The most crucial step is to call Hilton. The main phone number is (888-446-6677), and the elite-specific phone numbers are available in the Hilton Honors app. I have found that the main line has at most, a 5-minute wait. The diamond line on the other hand (1-800-548-8690), they usually pick up instantly.

2. Ask To Be Transferred To The Hotel

The next step is, when the phone agent picks up, ask to speak with the hotel you are interested in calling. I’ll be using the Hilton Phuket Arcadia in my example. In my experience, the conversation will go like this:

Agent: Thanks for calling, how can I help?

Me: Hi, I wanted to speak to the Hilton phuket ArCadia?

Agent: You said the Hilton Phuket Arcadia, right?

Me: Yes, that’s correct.

Agent: One moment please and i’ll transfer you.

**Agent picks up again 30 seconds later**

Agent: I’m transferring you now.

There will then be a 30-second pause of Hilton hotel music, and a hotel agent will pick up and say “how can I help you?”. Then, when you’re done, simply hang up.

I’d also note that this customer agent I spoke with seemed to be very knowledgeable on how to do this. If you speak with an agent that doesn’t know how to do this, I’d recommend hanging up and calling again (HUCA).

Hilton International Calling Hack – Final Thoughts

I saw this tip on Flyertalk a while back, though I just used it for the first time in the past week. Apologies that I am not able to find the exact post on Flyertalk to give proper credit. This is a great tip I will use often to avoid the high international calling rates when I need to talk to an international Hilton hotel.

What do you think of calling Hilton Reservations to speak with a hotel? Have you used this trick before? Let me know in the comments below!

John Ryanhttp://www.milestomemories.com/author/johnryan
John is fifteen years old and is addicted to the world of points and miles. He has been to forty-nine states, fourteen countries, and has flown 70,000 miles in 2021, which is the equivalent of flying from Vegas to Europe 14 times. He is also a Las Vegas fanatic and he has lived there his entire life. He loves figuring out ways for him and his parents to travel cheaper, even while he is in school. His goal is to go to all fifty states by age 16 and to hopefully be the youngest male to visit every country.

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