Question Of The Week: Hilton Free Night Certificate Expiration Policy

Our question of the week: how does the Hilton free night certificate expiration policy work? What if I need to change the dates on my stay?

Save on Hilton Stays with Three New Amex Offers

American Express has released some new Amex Offers today. Among them, are three offers for savings on Hilton Hotels stays. You can save a total of $195 if you take advantage of all the offers.

Hilton Free Night Certs Are Customer Unfriendly At Best & Shady At Worst

Have you ever wondered how to check Hilton free night certificate expiration dates? Well you can't online but I have some tips for you.

Hilton Says $720M Losses in 2020 Pushed it to Cut Costs Permanently

Hilton posted an $81 million loss in the third quarter and company leaders thought at the time they were on their way to a breakeven point.

Hilton Adds 21 New Properties To Portfolio

Hilton has 18 world-class brands with over 6,300 properties and more than one million rooms, in 118 countries and territories. Now another 21 properties have been added.

Shortcut: How To Get Hilton Diamond Status For 2 Years On The Cheap

Shortcut: how to get Hilton Diamond status for 2 years, and do it cheaply! We'll breakdown earning 2 years of status through shortcuts.

Hilton Announces New Extensions and Easier Status Qualification

Hilton is providing added flexibility with status and points extensions, more contactless experiences through the app and more ways to use and earn points.

Hilton Honors Extends Rollover Nights Benefit

With restrictions still in place and rising number of COVID-19 cases in the United States and around the world, travel is still uncertain. So Hilton is lending a helping hand to Hilton Honors members by extending rollover nights benefit.