Would Hilton Going To A Breakfast Credit Internationally Offer A Double Dip?

I wonder if Hilton international breakfast credits could actually be a good thing. This assumes we can maximize the new rules with a double dip.

Netherlands’ First Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel is a 14th Century Castle

Hilton has revealed that it will soon open its first Dutch Curio Collection by Hilton hotel as part of a franchise agreement.

Is The Free Hilton Breakfast Hammer Dropping Globally Next Year?

The Hilton breakfast benefit is quite popular and people weren't happy when it was replaced with the Daily Food & Beverage (F&B) Credit.

(Rumor) Amex Aspire Card Annual Fee Going to Increase & Why The Card Is...

A new rumor suggests the Amex Aspire card may be getting an annual fee increase next year. Is this card worth the money now, will it be worth it at a higher annual fee and what could they possibly add to make it worth spending more money up front?

The Curious Case Of My Disappearing Hotel Bill, Anyone Ever Had This Happen?

I share the story of my disappearing hotel bill from our recent Mexico City meet up. I still have no idea what is going on, do you?

Hilton Évian-les-Bains Review: A Beautiful Hotel on Lake Geneva

Hilton Évian-les-Bains Review My mom and I recently had a stay at the Hilton Évian Les Bains, and we had an amazing stay. I’d go as far as to say that this is my new...

Hilton Announces Signing Six New Luxury Hotels in Asia Pacific

Hilton has revealed six landmark signings in Asia Pacific (APAC) across its portfolio of luxury brands.

Hilton Hotel Calling Hack: How to Call Any International Hilton Hotel For Free

A guide on a how to call an international Hilton hotel for free every time. It is a simple hack I tried for the first time last week.