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How to Get the Hotel Email of Any Major Hotel & Ask For an Upgrade

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How To Get A Hotel’s Email

I decided to reach out via email to some of the hotels I’ll be staying at this summer. In the end, I got upgraded to a hotel room going for $200 more than I paid because of it. Here is a guide on how to get an hotel’s email. It may be a lot easier or harder than you think, depending on the hotel. But the effort can, and will, pay off for you enough times to make it worth it. It is 2022 after all, no one wants to call!

Updated 8/11/22

Why You Want To Find A Hotel’s Email

All of the four major hotel chains offer upgrades upon availability at check-in, which is what the terms of the elite program are. This is why it is important to contact the hotel, since they have full control of their room inventory, and can also decide whether or not to give you an upgrade. Since the hotel is still following the rules, the hotel doesn’t have to upgrade you. But, emailing them means a higher chance of being upgraded.

Get A Hotel's Email

Get A Hyatt Hotel Email

Hyatt makes it very easy to locate their hotel’s email. Just a quick direct message to @hyattconcierge, and they’ll give you the email. I’ve never had any issues getting the hotel email this way. If you don’t use Twitter you can still contact Hyatt through calling or their live chat function in the app. Hyatt representatives are some of the best at responding quickly, and they’ll often get back to you in 5-10 minutes.

Get A Hotel's Email

Marriott Hotel Email

Marriott is another hotel chain that it is easy to ask about a hotel email. Contact @MBonvoyassist, and just ask for the hotel email of XXXX, and then they’ll get back to you. They seem to respond fairly quickly as well, similar to Hyatt.


Get A Hilton Hotel Email

Hilton is definitely the hardest chain on this list. In the past, I have heard that they won’t give out hotel emails “due to privacy”. That’s not a good enough reason in my opinion. I have found a solution that seems to work great internationally, for now at least. For US Hilton hotels you are at the mercy of locating a willing rep. I have not had luck on Twitter for this though.

The way I found the email out for the Hilton Strasbourg is:

  • First I typed in “Hilton Strasbourg amenities” into Google.

Get A Hotel's Email

  • Next, I looked for the most important part, which is to see if the domain name has in the beginning.
  • This is the old version of their website, which is the only version that will display emails.
  • Then, below the address and phone number, you should see an “email us” button, and that’s it!

Get A Hotel's Email

  • If you can’t find it on Google, type in of the hotel, or the state in the US)/(hotel name)-(hotel code)/about/amenities.html/.
  • To find the hotel code, just go to the regular new version of the hotel website, and type in the code from there. It is also important to add dashes in between each part of the hotel name, as the link will otherwise not work.

How To Call Any International Hotel For Free

If you are unable to track down the Hilton hotel’s email address you could try this trick how to call any international Hilton hotel for free:

  • Call the main Hilton customer service line at (888-446-6677) or the Diamond member line at (1-800-548-8690).
  • Ask to be transferred to the international Hilton hotel you have a question for or are booked with.
  • You should get transferred over and won’t need to worry about international calling costs etc.

Get A Hotel's Email

IHG Hotel Email

IHG makes it super easy to find the hotel email, but it can also be very hard. Shawn also has an article on this as well. There are some hotels that have the email on their website, but there are others that don’t. For the ones that don’t, click here. This will take you to the IHG Help website, and you can chat with an agent by clicking Digital Concierge.

Get A Hotel's Email

How to get upgraded in Vegas

Unfortunately, unless you have status, it is very hard to get an upgrade at any hotel in Vegas before check-in. It might also be possible to get upgraded at check-in, but if you want a confirmed upgrade, you can reach out to them through Twitter to get the email. I know for a fact that the MGM Resorts email address is It might also be possible to book your hotel through Virtuoso, on which I have a guide.

Other Ways Of How To Get A Hotel’s Email

If you can’t find the email after following these steps, I’d recommend looking at the hotel reviews on either Google or TripAdvisor. That might sound strange, but many hotels leave them there so guests can contact them about a recent stay.

How to Ask for an Upgrade When You Find the Email:

When I find the email, I like to be as friendly as possible. It is important to be very respectful, as the nicer you are, the higher the chances of getting an upgrade. There is definitely no guarantee that you’ll be upgraded, it is actually somewhat unlikely in my experience, as I have only gotten one upgrade out of my 8 stays in Europe. There are a number of factors that play into it. The most common reason you will get denied is usually because it is too far out and the hotel wants to keep their good inventory available for paying customers. That is why it is best to email them only a few days out.

It is great to add any elite status you may have in the email as well, as it will increase the chance of you being upgraded. And, you can also add that you booked through a travel agent or FHR. The feather in your cap is if you have stayed at the property before, that is always great to add because hotels love repeat customers. If you have never stayed at that hotel before, that’s another great thing to add to your email. As is if you are celebrating anything special.

My Upgrade Email Template:

In my case, I did stay at this hotel in July of 2021, so this could have been very helpful in getting me upgraded. Here is a modified email template that I used for the Hilton Strasbourg:

“Hi there, I am staying at the XXXX on 00/00. (I have stayed at this wonderful hotel before) (It is my first time staying here). My loyalty program number is 1234567890.

I booked a room under the confirmation code 0000000, but since I have XX Status and I booked through ____, would it be possible to get an upgrade? I am really looking forward to my stay and I can’t wait!

How To Get A Hotel’s Email: Conclusion

Overall, it is relatively simple to find the email of any hotel. While some make it harder than others, it is overall pretty easy. The easiest chain is overall going to be Hyatt, but the hardest is Hilton. Hopefully my tip on tracking down Hilton hotels’ email address, at least for international properties, comes in handy for you all.

Do you ever reach out to a hotel before a stay trying to snag an upgrade? Let me know down below!

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  2. […] How to Get the Hotel Email of Any Major Hotel & Ask For an Upgrade. – While hotel elite status is a good way to receive an upgrade, sometimes asking ahead of time yields better results. Follow these tips to contact the hotel before your visit to increase your chance of a nice upgrade or other benefits. Also, consider getting a hotel credit card to get valuable benefits, like earning extra points, annual free nights, and elite status ahead of your trip. […]

  3. Does it work if u booked with point or free night room and then ask for upgrade at a lower rate than that going price of the upgraded room?few days before stay?

    • Hi Altaf,

      It usually depends on the hotel. It worked for me at the Redondo Beach Tapestry, though it depends on which hotel. Internationally, you have a pretty good chance, but it depends on occupancy domestically, along with how stingy the hotel is for elite benefits.

    • Great question! I don’t think there’s a bad time, but I’d say if you booked it 6 months out, then do it about a week after booking. And if it’s a last minute booking, then contact them right after booking so room inventory doesn’t change.

  4. I have sent emails to a hotels a lot. In fact, I do it for most of my stays. I have had tremendous success in Asia but only mixed success in Europe. It seems to me that the European hotel managers are more lacksidasical about filling their hotels than Asian hotel managers are. The last time I did this for a European hotel, even though I am a Platinum in their loyalty program, AND was a cash paying customer, they did not bother to reply to my emails, so I booked my stay at another hotel. If a hotel doesn’t even have the decency to reply and say No to my request I won’t stay with them.

    • Jacob, I can definitely understand how you feel. But, more often than not, I find that the email that I find for the hotel isn’t actually correct. But, it is a pretty basic request you are asking for, so I can certainly understand why you’d want to find another hotel. Thanks for reading!

  5. Great article. Appreciate you sharing your thought on this. I will say that a lot of what you outlined does (and has in my experience) work.

    One of the things I love about Hyatt, and wish Marriott would follow (don’t stay at Hilton or IHG) is the ability to upgrade to a suite using cash or points when booking. I’m the traveler that tends to take the last flight (or close to it) of the evening so if upgrades are dished out on a first come, first served basis, I don’t stand a chance because I’m usually arriving to the hotel very late in the evening.

    When I need a suite, at least Hyatt offers the ability at lots of their places to book it straight away with a combination of cash and points. This is something that’s hit or miss with Marriott.

    However, when I would like to have an upgrade at Marriott, I’ve called the facility ahead of time, have asked in similar ways to what you’ve described in the article with the one exception is that (when booking on points) I ask if an upgrade is available and follow it up with eluding to that I’m willing to pay a bit (within reason) to move into a suite. I would say that 85% of the time the hotel has appreciated the fact that I even offered to pay rather than yammering about my Titanium status, and have just moved me to a better room simply for being polite and not expecting/demanding an upgrade.

    There are times when nothing is available for complimentary or even paid upgrades but I’ve only found this to be an issue during major events or peak season.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject and for reminding folks that kindness does go along way in this hobby and in the hospitality industry as a whole.

    • I absolutely agree about Hyatt. As you said, it is great to be able to use points for premium suites, because even though Hilton allows that, the prices are insane.

      I also agree about there almost always being availability. That’s the best part about contacting the hotel in advance because it is possible to lock the room in early. But, as you said, as long as you are nice, that’ll go a long way.

      Great points, 2808 Heavy!

  6. You are spot on that in the end, what matters most is the level of seniority of the person reading your inquiry, rather than just the method. Bonvoy chat feature can be hit or miss do to vagaries such as time of day, quality of the property and staff levels…its like watching overworked front desk staff trying to manage checkins while juggling calls to the front desk…pretty soon even these chat features will be outsourced to ai centers!

    In the end, there are only x number of rooms and X+ number of guests with some level of status. On the one hand it was great that the airlines and hotels rolled over / extended statuses, etc, but I predict the unintended consequences of a high number of top tier members will strain the programs abilities to deliver on tier promises, both on the hard product side like ‘free breakfast/ lounges ‘ and the soft product side like auto upgrades

    • I 100% agree about why rolling over status will have consequences in the end. I remember seeing a meme a couple of months ago about everyone switching to Hyatt since Hilton and Marriott have been going downhill. The meme was “Your globalist, I’m Globalist, We’re all Globalist!”. I agree about that, and as you said, everyone is straining the program, and that means less money made for the hotel franchisees, who will complain to the hotels, and the hotel company will cut the loyalty program. You made some excellent points!

  7. I am curious if this process is any different than say with Marriott, you have the option, using the Bonvoy app to “check in” (which I never do), or chat with the hotel in advance of your arrival, or heck, even call them. How does sending an email alter the dynamics?

    • Great point! That is definitely a great way to ask, and I have had a lot of success with that method before. But, I have found that, at least with Hilton, about 2/3 of the hotels I stayed at don’t have that chat function available, and they don’t always respond. The same can be said about emailing the hotel, but I have also found that when I email a hotel, it is usually the hotel manager or front desk manager who responds, which also has more control over room inventory, and is then more likely to upgrade you or me.


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