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Points, Miles & Avoiding The Dangerous Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep relates to personal finance, but the phenomenon can apply to points and miles. Here's what I find key to resisting travel lifestyle creep.

Financial Independence: Enabling Travel Without Limits

Achieving financial independence has enabled us to travel without limits. I describe a few examples of how we do so here!

How I Hacked My Hotel Room for Vegas’ Big Re-opening Night!

A little trickery can go a long way. How I hacked my Vegas reopening night hotel room to score one of the nicest hotels on the Strip for next to nothing!

Is Now The Time To Buy Flights Instead of Using Points...

Countries Americans Can Travel To Right Now As Restrictions Ease
Is now the time to buy flights, when there are so many discounts? Should I buy instead of using points and miles? How many miles will I earn? Let's look.

Now Is The Time To Get Organized: Take Your Miles &...

Kerala Blog Express
Earning, booking, and traveling are the fun parts of the points and miles hobby. Organizing isn't! Take advantage of this travel downtime and get organized.

Multiply Your Miles Or Points With Hotel & Airline Dining Programs

Here is a complete list of airline & hotel dining programs and the current offers for each program. Don't leave any miles or points on the (dining) table!

How to Earn Elite Night Credits With a Marriott Meeting

You can earn elite night credits with a Marriott meeting. Here's a look at how to set this up, what's involved, and how to get what you want from it.

Fly From These Countries to Avoid Carrier Surcharges on Award Flights

Avoid Carrier Surcharges on Award Flights by Flying From These Countries "How do I avoid carrier surcharges on award flights?" It's a common question. You've...