US Bank Altitude Connect Credit Card Review

US Bank Altitude Reserve – The Most Overrated Credit Card in the Hobby

People go to great lengths to obtain the US Bank Altitude Reserve card. But I think it's the most overrated card in the hobby. Here's why.
US Bank Altitude Connect Credit Card Review

(Increased Offer) My Thoughts On The U.S. Bank Altitude Go Card

We take a look at the U.S. Bank Altitude Go card. We look at the temporary elevated welcome offer, earning rate & where the card stands out.
US Bank Altitude Connect Credit Card Review

New U.S. Bank Altitude Go Card, $200 Bonus Plus 4x on Dining/Takeout

This card was revealed months earlier. It comes with no annual fee and a $200 signup bonus. It also offers 0% APR for 12 months and a great earning rate for restaurants.
US Bank Altitude Connect Credit Card Review

2 New US Bank Business Card Offers – $1250 In Welcome Offers

There are two new US Bank business card offers on the market and that are actually some of the better offers out there for business cards.

Changes Coming To USB Altitude Reserve? A Recent Survey Suggests There Could Be

There was a survey sent out to select USB Altitude Reserve cardholders that suggests there could be some changes coming on the card.
US Bank Altitude Reserve

US Bank to Launch New Altitude Cards

The first will be a no annual fee card, and the other will have an annual fee of $95. The Altitude Reserve card that is currently available, has a $400 annual fee.
Credit Cards That Offer Travel Credits And Discounts

US Bank Devalues FlexPerks Rewards

US Bank FlexPerks Rewards can be used for travel purchases for a value of 1.5 cents each through Real-time Rewards. But now, US Bank seems to have devalued FlexPerks Rewards without any notice.
US Bank's Real-Time Rewards

US Bank Altitude Reserve Adds 5x Earning on Prepaid Hotels & Car Rentals

The Altitude Reserve card was launched by US Bank back in 2017. It was US Bank's entry into the premier credit card market.