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US Bank Encourages Travel Freedom With Real-Time Rewards

Cardholders can achieve more travel freedom with US Bank's Real-Time Rewards program. Let's review how we can take advantage of this unique program.

Shut Down! US Bank Closes All of My Credit Card Accounts

US Bank shut down all of my credit card accounts. Let's review my conversation with US Bank, what I learned, and how I redeemed my remaining rewards.

My Radisson Rewards Premier Recon Call Was An Epic Fail But Offers An Interesting...

My recent US Bank reconsideration call did not go so well but I did learn some interesting info from the representative that I thought was worth sharing.

When Paying the Altitude Reserve Annual Fee with Points Makes Sense

The Altitude Reserve lets you pay its annual fee with points, but should you? We share when paying the Altitude Reserve annual fee with points makes sense.

US Bank Offering Best Ever Bonus for Radisson Rewards Card

US Bank has a new increased offer for the Radisson Rewards Card, with the best ever offer we have seen.

Credit Card Reconsideration Strategies When Calling In Fails

Have you applied for a credit card and been denied? Utilizing these credit card reconsideration strategies can help turn that denial into an approval!

U.S. Bank Has a Business Card with A maximum Bonus of $2,200

U.S. Bank is offering a great bonus for its Business Edge Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard. The bonus start at $200 but could go as high as $2,200, depending on the number of employees that you add to your account.

Why I Am Actually Considering the Altitude Reserve Now – 4.5% Back At Costco

Costco has added mobile payments which means you can now get 4.5% back at Costco when using the Altitude Reserve credit card.