Changes Coming To USB Altitude Reserve? A Recent Survey Suggests There Could Be

There was a survey sent out to select USB Altitude Reserve cardholders that suggests there could be some changes coming on the card.
US Bank Altitude Reserve

US Bank to Launch New Altitude Cards

The first will be a no annual fee card, and the other will have an annual fee of $95. The Altitude Reserve card that is currently available, has a $400 annual fee.

US Bank Devalues FlexPerks Rewards

US Bank FlexPerks Rewards can be used for travel purchases for a value of 1.5 cents each through Real-time Rewards. But now, US Bank seems to have devalued FlexPerks Rewards without any notice.
US Bank's Real-Time Rewards

US Bank Altitude Reserve Adds 5x Earning on Prepaid Hotels & Car Rentals

The Altitude Reserve card was launched by US Bank back in 2017. It was US Bank's entry into the premier credit card market.
Final thoughts on being a victim of discrimination at the airport

US Bank Encourages Travel Freedom With Real-Time Rewards

Cardholders can achieve more travel freedom with US Bank's Real-Time Rewards program. Let's review how we can take advantage of this unique program.

Shut Down! US Bank Closes All of My Credit Card Accounts

US Bank shut down all of my credit card accounts. Let's review my conversation with US Bank, what I learned, and how I redeemed my remaining rewards.

My Radisson Rewards Premier Recon Call Was An Epic Fail But Offers An Interesting...

My recent US Bank reconsideration call did not go so well but I did learn some interesting info from the representative that I thought was worth sharing.

When Paying the Altitude Reserve Annual Fee with Points Makes Sense

The Altitude Reserve lets you pay its annual fee with points, but should you? We share when paying the Altitude Reserve annual fee with points makes sense.