One of the biggest ways we rack up miles is through the purchase of gift cards. We cover a couple of different types of gift card deals on MtM. You can find all of our gift card deals below.

  • Merchant Gift Cards - We cover merchant gift card deals for a variety of reasons. Some deals are just good to save money, while others are good for reselling. We rack up huge points balances with many of these gift card deals and save a ton of money as well!
  • Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards - Sometimes these cards can be sold at a discount. Add in the potential for up to 5X rewards and many of these deals are huge winners. For more insight, see: How To Liquidate Prepaid Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards

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Latest Gift Card & Spending Deals

New Officemax Visa Gift Card Deal Is a Moneymaker

Officemax has a new unadvertised gift card deal this week which can be a moneymaker. Take a look at my analysis and the math to see if it is a good deal.

Heading To The Market? – Gift Card Deals From Kroger & Safeway

Both Safeway & Kroger have promotions running for the purchase of Visa and/or Mastercard gift cards. Find out the details and take a look at the math.

All About Visa Savings Edge

Visa Savings Edge is a simple & powerful way to save money by shopping at Staples & other merchants with your Visa Business Card such as the Chase Ink.

Staples Money Making Visa Gift Card Offer

Staples is offering a $20 rebate with the purchase of $300 or more in Visa gift cards in store between 6/15/14-6/21/14. Find out if the math makes sense for you.

Potential Money Maker Buying Amex Gift Cards At Safeway (Vons)

Safeway (Vons) has a deal offering a $10 instant rebate on the purchase of $100 or more in American Express gift cards.

Are Shopping Portals Still Paying Out For Visa Gift Card Purchases At Staples?

It was recently reported that shopping portals aren't paying cash back for Visa gift card purchases at Staples. I have done several tests to see if it is true.

How To Activate & Register Visa Gift Cards Purchased At Staples

Learn what to look for in the mail and how to activate Visa gift cards purchased at Staples. You can also optionally register them for online purchases.

Staples Sells $200 Visa Gift Cards Online & My Experience Ordering Them

You can now earn a profit & 5x Ultimate Rewards points by buying $200 Visa gift cards at Staples online. Find out if it is worth it and read about my experience when ordering them.

Another Staples Gift Card Deal! Make Some Money Today.

There is yet another Staples gift card deal this week. Find out how you can make money and earn points by buying Mastercard gift cards in store!

Make Money Starting Today With A New Staples Visa Gift Card Deal

Another week, another Staples Visa gift card deal. By combining this deal with a recent Amex Sync promotion, you could potentially make a nice profit.