(Rant Alert) New IHG BreakPoints List Released & Why I Don’t Care

There is a new IHG BreakPoints list released and I could not care less about it. I used to get excited about the PB list being released but not anymore.
Last Chance to Take Advantage of IHG Points Promotion

Stay at Any IHG For Less than $300/Night With this Awesome Stack

Find out how you can combine Amex Offers, an IHG Promo and the old cash plus points trick to stay at any IHG Branded hotel for less than $300!
Hotel Mistake Rate Strategy

IHG’s WEAK Accelerate Replacement – Double Plus More Promo Details

IHG Double Plus More Promo - It is like Accelerate and Hilton promos had a baby and it is hideous.

Hotel Review: Hotel Indigo Lower East Side NYC

A full Hotel Indigo Lower East Side New York Hotel Review. Is this hip hotel in one of New York's trendiest neighborhoods worth going out of the way for?
IHG Confirms Variable Pricing with No Additional Details

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Should I or shouldn't I? That is the question! My internal debate about mattress running my IHG accelerate promotion.