Tip For Anyone Stuck In The Citi Fraud Alert Endless Loop

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Citibank Fraud Process Tip

Citibank Fraud Process Tip

About a year and a half ago I shared my extremely frustrating run in with the Citibank fraud verification team. My story wasn’t all that unique either. I signed up for a new Citi Premier card, and then almost every time I went to use it my card would get declined. When I called into Citi customer care they would have me jump through endless hoops to get my card unlocked. Some of the requirements made no sense to me at all too. Like asking to call someone else, who was not on my account, to verify I was who I said I was. After completing the process the card would just get locked up again the next time I went to use it. Completely frustrating!

How My Experience Has Been Since The Initial Article

I can say that I have been lucky after that first month or two. My card has been working without any real issues for the most part. My wife’s is a different story, she just stopped using it all together. This seems to be in line with a lot of people out there. I still get a comment on the article from frustrated cardholders every few days saying that they are stuck banging their heads against the wall with the Citibank fraud verification department.

A few weeks back reader Juwan shared a tip that may help people stuck in this seemingly endless verification process loop. Since I wasn’t sure everyone would see it on the original article I decided to point it out to everyone here.

Citibank fraud verification process

Citibank Fraud Process Tip From Reader Juwan

He said Google Citibank Ethics Department and contact them or call the Executive Resolution office at 605-331-1698. I Googled the phone number and it looks to be legit. It is worth a try if you are getting nowhere with the front line agents.

Citibank Fraud Verification: Final Thoughts

Hopefully this Citibank fraud process tip will help anyone who is stuck fraud purgatory and doesn’t want to wait for a postcard to come in the mail to unlock their account. Good luck everybody!

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I came across your article trying to google what on earth is going on as I pretty much experienced the same while I was trying to re-enroll to Face ID in my new iPhone.

    The agent kept saying my phone number was unverified, and his supervisor (after I requested for escalation) asked if I’ve changed my phone number, which I haven’t but I’ve switched from ATT to Verizon very recently. She hinted that it could cause the phone number to be unverifiable for 4-5 days, and also suggested the mailer option. I asked if I can take my ID and verify in a branch in person, and the answer I got was they wouldn’t advise that, and that the branches use a different system. This is absolutely ridiculous that they seem to trust a phone number/ mail more than the account holders themselves!

    I’m not sure if I’d actually bother going to the branch, as they could easily deflect it by saying it’s not up to them to solve a mobile app (ie Face ID) related issue…

  2. Was on Honeymoon in Bermuda, have Citibank advantage platinum card. Bought airline ticket with card, made all deposits with card. Once I got to Bermuda received fraud alerts every other day. The first two were resolved once I replied to a verification code. The third time (day after wedding) they insisted on having “a different phone number”?! It had to be someone with my last name and was home. After an hour I just gave up and accepted I would need to use another card. Mind you all this is specifically a travel card. I have been a Citibank customer for over 30 years. Their customer service is dreadful! I offered them every imaginable way of verifying (I have the app, know my balance, ssn) they couldn’t even tell me why the algorithm triggered three fraud alerts and will be sending me a post-card to unlock my account. Once unlocked it will be cancelled. Please learn from me and strongly consider another card for travel?

  3. Citibank is virtually unusable. They refused to work with me on the Citi Prestige card fee after they removed all the benefits. Told me to pound sand – no points, no spend bonus, no partial fee credit. Zippy. I asked how much spend I did on the card and they said ~$245k. You want to loses that much spend over a couple hundred bucks? “Sorry, the computer wont let me off anything. ”

    The fraud thing was an ongoing issue. I killed two birds with one stone by closing the card.

    • I always find it interesting where Amex gives retention offers on cards with no spend and none on cards with big spend for me. Maybe the computers think they already got you or something.

    • Put US Bank in the same category. You call in and wait for a CSR to answer. Oh, you have the Altitude Reserve card and I have to transfer you to another service group. You wait for the Altitude Reserve-specific CSR. Oh, you have a fraud issue and I have to transfer you to the fraud group. You wait for the fraud CSR. Oh, you have a fraud issue on an Altitude Reserve card and I have to transfer you to the Altitude Reserve fraud team. You wait for the Altitude Reserve fraud CSR. Oh, I’m sorry but your account is locked, I’m not allowed to access it, and I have to transfer you to the CAFE fraud team . . . but they only work Monday through Friday during normal business hours. So, let’s me get this straight . . . all of your Joe Palooka customers with Joe Palooka credit cards have 24/7 fraud services but your high net worth clients with your high net worth credit credit don’t? And, I have to call back on Monday? And, my card will be locked until then? In the end, I validate ALL charges as bona fide purchases — predominantly clothing and jewelry. What about this purchase at this jewelry store. That was me as well — I was buying my wife some earrings. I’m sorry to inform you but your account is being closed due to fraudulent purchases. I just told you that I made the purchases and no one else. I’m sorry but the decision is not subject to review. A week later, I got a letter saying my checking account was closed due to fraudulent activity. And to think I had high seven digits with US Bank. Seriously? Their algorithm screwed the pooch.

      • Sorry to hear that Lee. Why a lot of people don’t like to have a checking account where they have credit cards because it messes up the algos more. Defies logic for sure, should be the opposite you would think.


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