Odd. All My Recent Credit Card Applications “Need More Information”

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Odd. All My Recent Credit Card Applications "Need More Information"

Odd. All My Recent Credit Card Applications “Need More Information”

All of my recent credit card applications “need more information”. If something was missing, then OK. However, the questions and answers on this seem…a bit odd. If you tell me my credit card application needs more info, I’m thinking something is missing. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Card 1 – Synchrony Bank

I previously wrote about the weird application process with Synchrony Bank. I applied for (and finally was approved for) the Cathay Pacific credit card from Synchrony BankThey denied my first application for ‘suspicious device’. Then my 2nd application got the “needs more information” treatment. I had to upload a video of myself using my phone on a special website they had. Definitely my strangest credit card application.

Odd. All My Recent Credit Card Applications "Need More Information"
I got the standard post-application screen when applying online

Card 2 – Chase

I got a targeted offer that could bypass 5/24. My credit card application for the Chase Ink Preferred Business Card also got the “need more information” treatment, but not at first.

At first, the application seemed like it didn’t even exist. I applied online and got the standard “thanks for applying” page on the website (see above). However, I never got any confirmation email. I waited 2 days and then tried to check the application status.

We previously covered how to check your application status, and I tried both the online and phone methods. Both said “no applications on file”. That’s weird. After a week, I hadn’t received any emails, calls, or letters in the mail. I called Chase, and they said I need to talk to the verification department. Long hold times and long story short, the conversation went like this:

  • Chase: “We need some additional information for your credit card application.”
  • Me: “OK. What do you need?”
  • Chase: “Did you personally submit this application?”
  • Me: “Yes”
  • Chase: “Thanks, that’s all we needed.”

To me, that doesn’t sound like ‘needs more information’. I was expecting to send some documents or something! It still took 10 more days before was approved for the card, by the way.

Card 3 – American Express

I applied for the American Express Gold Card last week on a Saturday. I got a “pending” status on the website then got an email a few minutes later. The email (see above) said they needed more information for my card card application. I called the number, but they were already closed for the day.

Monday morning, Amex called me. The conversation was basically like the one with Chase:

  • Amex: “We need some more information to process your application. Did you apply yourself?”
  • Me: “Yes.”
  • Amex: “Congratulations, your application has been approved!”

Final Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad the “credit card applications need more information” process was pretty simple. When you hear that the bank needs more info, you’re probably expecting a slow, drawn-out process with documents and faxing stuff (yes, a fax–Barclays made me do that once!). On the one hand, an easy process is great. However, this is so simple that it makes me wonder what it really accomplishes. One yes/no question seems performative, at best. Anyone else having this stuff lately?

Ryan S
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  1. Same thing happened to me with a Chase Ink application. First, website gave me a message saying app needed further consideration. Then nothing. Called in, they could not find the application. Tried website again, immediately approved. Then received a letter asking me to call in for more info (presumably from first app?)
    Oh, and the credit limit approved was laughable low ($5 K), I don’t have another card with less than $20 K. Called in about that, too. Quickly raised to $12 K, agent also said as soon as Ive made even one payment I can likely get it raised again.
    I summary, whole experience was super different and weird.

    • For Chase and Amex at least, same location and same computer as every application I’ve submitted to them. No change.

  2. The question is designed to be so utterly simple, that if you stumble or pause over your answer, they know you are not worthy and deny you.

  3. Barclays B6+ went pending for verification before being ultimately denied. CSR (MDD) went to verification and was approved. Amex Plat #2 (Schwab) went to pending for verification and was approved.


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