Disney Annual Pass Dilemma, To Renew Or To Not Renew…That Is The Question

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Disney Pass Renewal
Minnie Mouse magnet from Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival – just one example of free swag for passholders.

Disney World Annual Pass Renewal Considerations

I have written about how my family and I benefited from a Walt Disney World annual pass over the past year.  My family and I are about to take another Disney World trip in late January just prior to my pass expiring.  Naturally, I decided to check out my annual pass renewal offer on the Disney website.  What did I decide?  In the words of generic reality show judges everywhere, “It’s gonna be a no from me.”  Let’s explore why.

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The Offer and The Math

On the Disney website, I was greeted with the following annual pass renewal offer:

Disney Pass Renewal
My annual pass renewal offer.

The sticker price of a new Disney World annual pass is $1191.74 (including tax).  Renewing reflects a $178.92 discount (approximately 15% off).  Put another way, it would cost me $84.40 monthly for the pass.

Brand new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Pass Renewal Considerations

I easily turned down the pass renewal based on a few criteria:
  • Next Planned Visit:  While no plans are firm yet, my next possible visit is in May.  If I accepted this renewal offer, I would waste at least $253.20 on annual pass months when I wouldn’t attend (February through April).  This far outweighs the $178.92 I would have saved by opting into the annual pass.  See Shawn’s post for a breakdown of effective trip scheduling with an annual pass.
  • Planned Visits for the Year:  Beyond May, I only have one other possible visit planned in November.  Ticketing options for these two trips would be cheaper than the annual pass renewal amount.
  • Opportunity Cost:  If I accepted this offer, I would need to pay $1,012.82 now (or slightly less with discounted Disney gift cards). Paying for the annual pass would immediately remove those funds and take away some freedom to travel or otherwise spend.  Also, I have written about a more economical way to obtain Disney World tickets with points.
  • No Rushed Decisions:  By turning down the annual pass renewal offer, I can more thoughtfully schedule my travel on my time frame, rather than rushing into an offer where I may not gain maximum value.

Final Thoughts

My decision to not renew my annual pass was easy this year.  I challenge other passholders to carefully consider their renewal offers prior to deciding.  Who knows – renewing may be a good decision for some!  Happy touring!

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  1. That pricing isn’t quite right. The platinum annual pass renewal price you quote, $1012.82. *includes* tax. The non-renewal price you quote does not. With tax, a new platinum annual pass costs 1,191.74. So the difference is almost $179, not $106. The renewal savings basically is 15% and has been for years.


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