(Kroger Deal) Fluz App Guide: How To Save Money On Many Of Your Purchases

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What Is Fluz App?

The Fluz app has been on the scene for a few years now but we have never covered it much in detail. Going over what is Fluz app with a detailed guide was long overdue!  Fluz is an app that I have started using more and more over the last few months. You know 2022 is a year of saving for me, and the Fluz app will play a role in it.

The app is pretty straight forward, you purchase gift cards to stores, games, restaurants, entertainment venues etc. and you earn cash back for those purchases. What makes it pretty slick is that you can purchase exact amount gift cards and they come instantly. No stranded $0.97 gift card balances that you toss away around here! The gift card purchase will also often code in the category the vendor is in. So, if you buy a restaurant gift card it will code as restaurant spend on most credit cards. That is how you can double dip a lot of the things you are already paying for, and rack up savings along the way. You get the bonus rate on your credit card PLUS earn a little cash back on the gift card purchase.

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FYI: You need to download this on your phone as an app, it won’t work on a desktop.

Update 9/22/22: Get 7% – 10% Back On Kroger

Fluz has a deal for 7% -10% back on a $50 Kroger gift card depending on how you pay. (HT Doc)

Fluz App Sign Up Process

The sign up process is pretty easy. I grabbed screen shots from the process when my wife signed up. They will ask for your phone number and email. Fluz will text you a code to verify your number but that should be about it. You then choose a password and be sure to PUT IN YOUR REFERRAL CODE. The referral code is how you get the 3 discounted gift card vouchers so be sure you don’t miss that.

Fluz Vouchers & Referral Program

If you sign up via a referral code (ours is MTM1) you will automatically get 3 vouchers to use buying a gift card. This will give you boosted cash back on those 3 purchases.

Here is a list of the cards where vouchers work, and their increased cash back rates:
  • Uber Eats 20%
  • CVS 35%
  • Dunkin’ 35%
  • DoorDash 20%
  • Starbucks 35%
  • Domino’s 35%
  • Chevron 35%
  • Nintendo eShop 35%
  • Xbox 35%
  • PUBG Mobile 35%
  • Chipotle 35%
  • Spotify 35%
  • Burger King 35%
  • Steak ‘n Shake 20%
  • Papa John’s 35%
  • Jamba Juice 35%
  • Texaco 35%
  • Caviar 20%
  • Grubhub 35%

The vouchers are good for up to $3.50 in cash back each, plus whatever the normal cash back rate is. If you max out your 3 vouchers you would be sitting on at least $10.50 in cash back.

You used to earn additional vouchers when you referred friends and family to Fluz. That has now been changed to a $5 bonus to your balance instead of the vouchers. They new member needs to make 2 purchases totaling at least $25 to trigger that bonus. The requirements must be completed within 30 days of signing up as well. Fluz has a great breakdown / guide in the app how to track your referrals.

New Account Voucher Example

Here is an example of how the vouchers work for Uber Eats. For each voucher my wife uses on Uber Eats she can get 20% back, up to $3.50 max. She would also earn the normal .5% in Fluz rewards cash back. You can see this displayed in the lower left corner of the first picture.

My wife would need to buy a $17.50 gift card to max out the $3.50 in cash back. When you add that to Uber Eats’ normal cash back rate she would end up with $3.58 in cash back for this purchase. My wife could do this 3 times with her 3 vouchers. Or, she could choose different brands for each one. You can be choosy about the brands and go after higher paying (35% back) options instead as well.

Someone with a two player system could earn the following:
  • Up to $10.50 in cash back for the 3 vouchers for signing up (plus normal Fluz rewards earning rates).
  • Refer player 2 and they get 3 vouchers that can earn up to another $10.50 in cash back (plus normal earning rates).
  • You get a $5 bonus for referring them after they make 2+ purchases for $25+ in total.
  • That is a grand total of $26 in cash back on stuff you would use anyway.

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How Do You Cash Out Your Rewards?

Now that we talked about signing up, and how you get a nice little jump start to your earning, how do you cash out?

Fluz requires you to earn $26 in rewards before you can cash out the first time. After that, there is no minimum. This is probably to stop people from using the welcome vouchers and then ghosting Fluz after taking the small win. Having a minimum up front is a little annoying for sure, but I like that it is dropped after that initial cash out.

You can redeem your rewards balance, once above $26, in a few different ways:
  • PayPal
  • Virtual Debit Card
  • Bank Account
  • Towards A Gift Card (Don’t Do This)

There are several ways to cash out your balance. Most will elect PayPal I imagine, although you may not want to if you are getting a decent enough balance going. I would also suggest not using your rewards towards another gift card since then you miss out on the credit card points and cash back for that purchase. It is best to do PayPal or a bank account deposit in my opinion.

fluz app guide phone

When Using Fluz App Doesn’t Make Sense

There will be times when Fluz isn’t your best option for sure. When there is an Amex Offer on a store or restaurant, like Buffalo Wild Wings right now, you would be better off paying direct. Or if you have a co-branded card that gets you a better rate like the Amazon Prime card or Target RedCARD. Both of those will get you 5% back at the store which wouldn’t be triggered buying a Target or Amazon gift card on Fluz.

On the other side of the coin, when it is just the base earning you would get for dining, or grocery etc., then go ahead and buy the gift card at Fluz for your purchase. Since it should code as dining, or grocery, buying that gift card earns credit card bonus points plus the Fluz app cash back. A nice double dip! Test out individual brands with your specific credit cards before buying large amounts though. I believe Citi, Amex and Chase are pretty reliable on coding properly for bonus spend. My buddy Derrick at ToP said Bilt has not coded properly on Fluz so be aware of that.

I have a real world example from just the other night when I went to the movies with my son. We were going to watch Sonic 2 at an AMC theater. The tickets were a little over $25 so I was able to punch in the exact amount owed and purchase a gift card on Fluz. I then had them enter my instantly minted gift card and paid the tab. For making those few clicks I earned $0.75 cents in Fluz cash back. Nothing major but it can add up. I did the same thing when buying popcorn and drinks as well. If you preload your credit cards (all the ones with bonus earning especially) then it is pretty fast to do this same thing whenever you are out and about.

Fluz App Guide: Final Thoughts

I hope this Fluz app guide gave you some more info on the program. I also hope it shows you when the app can, and can’t, be beneficial to you. If you use it here and there the earnings will add up quite quickly. They come in small chunks but they can amount to a nice stash after a few months.

Remember to punch in a referral code when signing up to get a jump start on your earning. Our code is MTM1 if you would like to use our referral link. We appreciate the support if you do!

Here is a video Fluz made about the program in case you are more of a visual learner.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Any idea if Overstock still codes as Office Supply with Fluz? I know it worked for me a year ago and it’s listed in an older GC Galore article but not listed under the office supply category in the Fluz app. Also Amazon Business used to code as office supply but looks like it’s not on Fluz anymore 🙁

    • I don’t know off hand, never bought Overstock. You can chat with their customer service and they can tell you what each thing should code as.

    • Remember that it is capped to $3.50 per voucher though (x3) and then you need to earn $26 total to cash that out. Can be a nice small win on Chevron etc. Normally it is .5% back with a credit card and then you would earn the credit card gas rate. Sometimes the gift card triggers cash rate at the gas station for another 10 cents off per gallon though.


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