Have You Sold to Gift Card Rescue? If So, Have You Received Your Money?

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gift card rescue mailing check

Gift Card Rescue Checks Not Showing Up

As someone who is constantly looking for deals and interacting with companies of all sort, I understand that things go wrong from time to time. Sometimes I get upset and sometimes I forgive them for doing me wrong. The one thing that is noticeable and unforgivable in my opinion is when a company does wrong over and over again. (Except when they have so many good deals. I forgive you Staples.)

A few weeks ago I wrote about Gift Card Rescue and how they started holding certain people’s gift cards hostage. Once they had the cards in their possession, they would write to the person and demand more information from them. The shadiest part of this was their assertion that they would just accept the cards as a donation if the person never sent that info.

My Experience & Follow Up

gift card rescue mailing check
I am still waiting for my $276!

Thankfully they never requested anything from me, but I noticed my sale was just sort of sitting there. They had my cards, but were not processing them. After a few days I sent them an email and almost immediately I received a response that my check was in the mail!

On July 14, 2015 they said, “If you do not receive the check after 14 business days, please contact us.” Well life got busy and I sort of forgot about them for awhile. Then yesterday Alex popped into the comments of my previous post. Here is what he said:

I just want to ask, has anybody gotten any payment from giftcardrescue?

I got in on the TGIF deal as well, and they said they got the cards and sent me a check. That was two weeks ago. I received nothing in the mail. Tried to contact them but their voicemail is always full, emailed and no response. WTH was that?????

Has anybody get paid or been able to reach a person? Thanks a lot!

After reading his comment I thought back and realized I had never received my check! For the record, I would have noticed it this week since I am about to catch up my accounting on gift card sales. Either way, I shot off another email to Gift Card Rescue (I actually responded to the previous email chain for what its worth) and received a response today. They said:

We are sorry to hear that your check has not arrived. A new check will be written and mailed through USPS first-class mail within 3-5 business days. The original payment is now deemed lost in the mail. Once shipped, your reissued payment should arrive within 3-5 business days in the form of a green written check. Please confirm the address you would like your payment mailed to. You will receive a tracking via e-mail once your check is issued.

Before I go further, I want to make it clear that I am not accusing Gift Card Rescue of anything. They very well may have sent my check and it very may well have been lost. It just seems like a big coincidence that the same thing is happening to multiple people. In fact, with only myself and Alex as data points I decided I wasn’t going to write about this.  Then PDX Deals Guy emailed me a few minutes ago saying he hasn’t received his check either!

What to Do

My suggestion for anyone who hasn’t received their check is to email Gift Card Rescue and ask them to re-issue the check and send it with tracking. Hopefully by following up and showing them that you are going to keep pursuing your money, the check will arrive in 3-5 days as promised. At least that is my hope.


It really frustrates me when a company seems to drop the ball during every step of the process. It seems that Gift Card Rescue has done just that. I am hopeful that some day I will receive my check, however I don’t see myself doing business with them again.

Have you sold to Gift Card Rescue and received your check in a timely manner? How long did it take to reach you? Are you in the same situation as me, Alex and PDX Deals Guy? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have been waiting for my check since early december. It had passed more than 14 business days. I called and they supposedly reissued new checks. it has already been 10 business days since then. no tracking number which they said will email and no checks. how is it possibly this kind of shady business keep doing business like this???? i really don’t know what to do.

      • I did finally receive my payment after more than two months. It took more than two weeks for them to receive it? The first check they sent was “lost in the mail.” The check I received was dated after I contacted them for a third time and they told me it had already been mailed. I would never do business with them again. It seems like they are really short on cash and pay the squeaky wheels first. Good luck.

  2. I mailed them two gift cards 9/9/2015. It is now 9/21/15 and they say they never received them. I was foolish for not tracking them but I have never had anything lost in the mail. They are either shady or someone at the post office is. I feel screwed.

    • You read all of the horror stories and STILL decided to do business with them?

      No one to blame but yourself

  3. Quick update…I did eventually get paid. The website says my check was mailed on 7/24. After pestering them every few days for the last few weeks I got a check today. Fingers crossed it doesn’t bounce!

  4. I sold 5 TGI Fridays GCs to them at the end of June. Their website said cards were received on 7/14 and payment sent on 7/20. I have not received payment to date. I emailed customer service 3 times and got no response. Trying to find some solution, I read over reviews on Trustpilot.com and saw many many terrible reviews. I eventually found some replies to the reviews from GCR, and one in particular from carrieb@giftcardrescue.com told the reviewer to contact her directly and she would take care of it. I decided to email her as well and I got a response within 10 minutes. She told me the system says my payment should arrive tomorrow, 8/20, and if not, she’ll have the original payment cancelled and new payment issued with expedited shipping. I’m not convinced that I’ll get my check tomorrow, but I’ll see. Contact carrieb@giftcardrescue.com if you want to at least get a response.

  5. same experience here!

    I mailed out my gc on 07/01/2015, they received on 07/13/2015. I still did not get my check! That said the first check was “sent” out on 07/20/2015, I never receive that check. That said they will resend a check with 3-5 business day, there is no any updates yet!
    Horrible dealing experience with this company!!

    What should I do?

  6. Another shady variation…when I last posted, my check was shown as mailed on 7/17. Their site now says the check was mailed on 7/24. Take screen shots, folks! (I wish I did, but alas…)

  7. “Unfortunately, your payment may have been delayed for order ****. Our payment system has not been updated with your arrival dates. Our finance department is looking into this issue.

    Please be patient as we continue to address any concerns you may have. We do guarantee payment in the amount quoted. We understand any frustrations you may have due to this delay and truly apologize.

    If you have any additional questions feel free to email customerservice@giftcardrescue.com or reply to this email.”

    Reply i got

  8. they accepted my order and then a few weeks after I sent them they cancelled my order and sent them back to me. so shady.

    never doing business with them again.

  9. Got my check a week ago. BUT! This was since right after learning about these guys trick of asking for more info, I wrote them and told them I had NO problem contacting the state’s attorney general. I stayed on top of things and wrote frequently, never letting them off the hook. Got a check in the mail by Ceritified first class mail.

    Now waiting to see if the check clears!

  10. Also never received my check after sending in TGIF and Brooks Brothers GCs a couple of weeks ago. Called in on Monday which was 14 business days after the check was supposedly sent. CSR was nice about it and said they would send a new check, but it certainly is suspicious that no one got paid…

  11. I am new to this and was wondering if someone could post a list of good gift card companies to sell to/ones to avoid? I just see the offers on giftcardwiki and am not sure which to go for.

    • I personally sell to two companies, gift card mart and gift card zen. Mart doesn’t accept as many brands, but their payouts are almost always higher and they’re easy to get in touch with. And zen is super easy to use and accepts virtually every brand

      • Gift Card Zen likes to cancel the sale AFTER they made your an offer and agreed on the price.

        I think Shawn wrote about it in the last round of TGIF gc sales, and they did the same thing to me as well.

        • I suppose it’s probably a little different since I’m a bulk seller with gift card zen.

          But if that’s not your flavor, I’d strongly encourage you to apply for a bulk account with gift card mart as their threshold for bulk is pretty darn low, their bulk rates are way higher than their public rates and they’re small and growing so they seem to be going way out of their way to make everyone happy all of the time. Obviously that can’t last forever, but it’s nice to get in while you can

  12. Copying from the other thread this is what I received from them today:
    “Please allow up to 14 business days to receive your payment. If you have not received your payment by the 14th business day please contact customer service so that we may assist you with getting your payment reissued.”

    What are the odds that all these checks all got lost during delivery? Very small.

  13. I’m also in the same position as everyone. I sent gift cards on 7/2 and the cards were confirmed received on 7/8 (although my tracking showed earlier). A GCR rep told me over the phone that my payment was sent on 7/10; however, another update later said cards were received on 7/10. On 7/20 I received an update that my payment was sent and that it would take up to 14 business days. I spoke to another GCR rep on 8/4 who said that if the payment is not received by 8/7 they will cancel, reissue and send with tracking.

    It sounds like they’re giving everyone the same run around.

  14. Shady indeed. Got the notification on 07/20 about receiving payment within 14 business days. Hope it arrives. Think I’ll stick to the big 3 from now on.

  15. Same story for me. Their website says my check was mailed on 7/17. When I emailed earlier this week to follow up, I was told they couldn’t do anything yet because it hadn’t been 10-14 business days (to be fair, this is what they quote on their site, but why would it realistically take that long?). Time to follow up again.

  16. I should have listened to the warnings instead of going for their higher offer rate. I sent in my cards and they unilaterally reneged on their offer (probably because they had too much inventory – but figure that out BEFORE you make an offer and tell someone to send you their merchandise. They weasel out of it by saying they can reject any offer for any reason. I’m wondering if the Maryland Dep’t of Consumer Affairs will agree.)

    As per others, they threatened that if I did not send them a SASE within 30 days they would deem the cards abandoned. I sent them one immediately and after a week, no sign of the cards being mailed.

    I sent them a note saying I wanted a status immediately and how disturbed I was – they waited another day and the cards are in the mail now.

    Never again.

  17. Same here. My account shows they received my gift cards on 7/13 and mailed a check on 7/20. I emailed them 2 days ago to ask for an update on the check since I haven’t received it. After getting no response to my email for 2 days, I emailed again this evening and got an auto reply that they would respond to my inquiry within 1 business day. Surprised they are still in business if this is how they’re been running tihngs for a few years.

  18. Given their cap of $1000 LIFETIME coverage for bad cards, I can’t imagine why ANYONE would want to work with them. So shady! What if I wanted to buy a patio set at Sears, bought 3x$500 cards and they all went bad? According to them, I’m out $500… Not exactly giving me the warm fuzzies.

    I’m all for trying out some of the smaller guys like gift card mart – at least they have someone you can call and talk to. Have you taken a look?

  19. Dealt with them about 2 years ago, they asked for lots of information before approval, I had to email all kinds of docs in, the check eventually came, but it was not fast as most people would have hoped. Again, I did not have grudge against them, but they are just not an easy company to do business.

  20. Don’t know why they don’t send money via Paypal unless the whole “check is in the mail” is just a stall tactic.

  21. My check was “shipped” on 7/20. It’s not here yet. I called them and they actually answered, but they said to wait until Friday. If don’t have it by then, they would re-send it. Unfortunate to have to deal with this.

  22. Same issue. I sold quite a few gift cards to them and received the same hostage email on all the orders. I have contacted them, sent self-addressed envelopes, but have not heard back. I’m hoping the company did not steal the cards from me.

  23. I had the same issue call them today and got the same reply I am praying that i get the check with tracking in the next 3-5 days.
    Not planning to use them again !


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