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Tag: gift card churning

A Final Gift Card Rescue Update – I did Get Paid,...

A final update in my more than month long saga trying to get paid after selling gift cards to Gift Card Rescue.

Why Gift Card Reselling Probably Isn’t Worth the Time & Effort

Gift card reselling has become a popular way to manufacture spend for some people, however it carries too much risk and not enough upside to be worth it for most.

Have You Sold to Gift Card Rescue? If So, Have You...

Several people have reported not receiving a check for their gift cards after selling them to Gift Card Rescue. Find out how to follow up and get your check re-sent if it has been lost in the mail.

Gift Card Wiki Adds Two Features – One of Them is...

Gift Card Wiki continues to innovate with the addition of two great features, one of which is a real game changer!

Gift Card Rescue Warning! – Comply or They Take Your Gift...

Gift Card Rescue has been asking for more information once they have asked you to mail your gift cards to them. If you don't send in this information then they will simply take your cards. Understand their policy before deciding to sell to them.

Quick Update: Gift Card Zen Responds & What You Need to...

A follow up to yesterday's post about Gift Card Zen cancelling my sale. Find out why they cancelled it and what you need to know before selling any cards to them.

Gift Card Zen Frustration & Risking It “All” on Gift Card...

A look at an issue I had with Gift Card Zen cancelling an order after two days and why I am selling cards to Gift Card Rescue despite their terrible Reseller Rating.

Have Phillips 66 Cards to Sell from the eBay Deal? Here...

A look at how to possibly get 92% for selling your Phillips 66 gift cards and why you may want to choose a different route.