Global Entry Membership Extended for Pending Renewals

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Global Entry Membership Extended for Pending Renewals

Global Entry Membership Extended for Pending Renewals

Global Entry renewals have been painfully slow this year. But if you are still waiting for your renewal application to be approved, then there is some good news. If you’ve submitted your application and its status continues to say “pending,” your privileges will last a year beyond the original expiration date.

Customs and Border Protection has revealed they they are getting around 7,000 applications a day. The backlog, which CBP said earlier this year totaled 300,000 applications, has now ballooned to 350,000. It took Shawn over 4 months to complete the process earlier in the year.

If you submitted your renewal before the expiration date and it still has not been approved, CBP has granted a year of extra time in which you may continue to use the benefits of the program.

Global Entry gives approved applicants expedited re-entry through U.S. Customs and through airport security screenings. It costs $100 for 5 years, and you also get TSA PreCheck. But, you can get it for free through several credit cards.

The approval process was slowed early in the year during the government shutdown and then again in the summer when CBP personnel were dispatched to the U.S. border with Mexico to address a “humanitarian” and “security” crisis. This extension should give those waiting for renewals peace of mind while waiting for approvals.


  1. My partner and I did our renewals two months ago. My expiry was eight months out, my partner was five months out.

    My renewal was approved in two days! My partner still pending as of today. We never received emails about my approval or the pending status.

    CBP agent at SFO says approval is part of the algorithm. That a big generic word that means Cluster-F.


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