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Global Entry Enrollment Is Suspended Until June

U.S. Customs and Border Protection suspended enrollment for popular travel programs like Global Entry back on March 19. Now the suspension has been extended once again, through at least June 1st due to COVID-19.

I Forgot to Renew My Wife’s Global Entry: Here Is What...

Forgot to Renew Global Entry Last year the government shutdown for awhile and ever since it seems they have been struggling to catch up on...

Global Entry Membership Extended for Pending Renewals

Customs and Border Protection has revealed they they are getting around 7,000 applications a day. The backlog, which CBP said earlier this year totaled 300,000 applications, has now ballooned to 350,000.

The Best Credit Cards That Offer Global Entry For Free

Travel Hacking Overseas
Which credit cards offer Global Entry for free as a credit card perk? There is a good chance one is already in your wallet so be sure to check the list.

How Long Does It Take for a Global Entry Renewal to...

My recent experience renewing Global Entry including how long it takes for a Global Entry renewal application to get processed, how to avoid paying for it and do you need to go to a second interview when renewing Global Entry?

The Global Entry Interview – Infant Edition

A look at the process of obtaining Global Entry for an infant including my real world experience & what to expect when taking your child to the interview.

Guide To Global Entry Part 3 – The Interview & Beyond

In this third & final part of our Guide to Global Entry, we look at the interview process and go over what to expect when using Global Entry kiosks at the airport.

Guide To Global Entry Part 2 – The Application Process

In this second part of our Guide to Global Entry, we look at the application process & fill you in on what information you need to have ready when applying.