How Do You Like To Travel?

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I remember back quite a few years ago now when I was researching our first backpacking trip.  In fact, it was our first major international trip of any kind.  To be honest I had no idea at the time what kind of travel I enjoyed.  I simply went into the process with the idea that I wanted to go EVERYWHERE and to see EVERYTHING!  The thing that stuck with me through that research was how polarized many people are about how they like to travel.

There is no doubt in my mind that many backpackers are hardcore.  Often they don’t visit the touristy sites and sleep in accommodations that many would never even consider.  While it may seem I am condemning that behavior, I am not.  You see, I travel this way as well.  The past week we have only stayed in hostels and guesthouses.  Shared bathrooms are the norm and that is ok with us.

With that said, we also sailed 21 days on a cruise ship which to most would be considered a luxury experience.  Still, I spoke with people on that ship who felt joy in putting others down who travel in a different way.  It is also a popular behavior for many cruise fans to criticize those who cruise on other (lesser) lines.  This behavior prevents me from fitting in with this group completely.

DSCN2121Jasmine and I also enjoy staying in nice hotels as well.  When traveling for a long time, having a bit of luxury can be a well needed escape.  This summer we are going to fly to Hawaii where we will stay in a luxury resort and enjoy being pampered.  The catch for us is that all of this luxury will be paid for with miles and points! (I’ll tell you about how you can do this too in another post!)

Now that I am more experienced, I realize I don’t have to travel like anyone else.  I have traveled enough to understand that I can do it my own way and don’t have to fit in with any stereotype.  I can cruise one day, stay in a hostel the next and a luxury hotel the third day.  I can visit all of the tourist sites which have historical meaning to me while also seeing local culture and spending entire days walking aimlessly around a city.  It is ok.

With all of that said, I want to know how you like to travel. (Leave a comment.)  I don’t judge!  Instead I find that asking this question of others allows me to grow and discover new ways of seeing the world.  In the end that is my ultimate goal!  I want to see as much as possible before I leave this world and as a father and husband I want to share that with my family!  Thanks for taking the time to read this article!


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