Hyatt’s Instant Diamond Match: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

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Hyatt Diamond Status Match

Hyatt Diamond Status Match Frequently Asked Questions

Yesterday the internet exploded when the news came out that Hyatt is matching elites from other programs to their Diamond tier. By now I am sure most of you have probably requested a match, but I know there are a lot of questions so I figured I would post an update with some answers.

Is this a status challenge or match? How many nights do I need to complete?

This is an outright status match. If you are accepted your status will be good through February, 2017. If you want to keep the status past that point, you will be required to complete 25 stays or 50 nights in 2016. The Hyatt credit card will give you 2 stays & 5 nights credit after $20,000 in spend or a total of 5 stays and 10 nights credit after $40,000 in spend.

What programs are being matched and from what levels?

Programs that work for the match to Hyatt Diamond:

  • SPG Gold/Platinum
  • Hilton Gold/Diamond (One report of Hilton Gold only being matched to Hyatt Platinum.)
  • IHG Platinum/Spire (Update: Some reports now that they may only be matching IHG status to Platinum.)
  • Marriott Gold/Platinum (I have not seen this confirmed, but it should work.)

Programs that do not work:

There are other programs that may work, however I haven’t heard data points from any others.

How do you request a match?

Yesterday it was said you should contact @HyattConcierge on Twitter, but lately they have just been asking people to send an email. Here are the exact instructions given to me from Hyatt regarding how to request a match:

Email with a screen shot showing at least 1 stay within the last 12 months as well as your status with the competitor.

I would also throw in your Hyatt Gold Passport number to make everything go as smoothly as possible!

Are you eligible if you have previously done the Diamond Trial?

I haven’t seen any data points on this. My guess would be yes simply because this is a match, but I would request it either way to see what they say.

How long does it take for the match to take effect?

Hyatt is saying it will take up to 48 hours to match. I am sure they are bombarded with emails to go through, so the longer this deal is active, the longer it will probably take for a response. A few people I know have already heard back and had their status matched.

Do you get the 4 suite upgrades with this match?

Yes! Several people who were matched have confirmed that they have received 4 suite upgrades good through February 29, 2016.

Can an existing Diamond ask to be matched through 2017?

Sure! Why not? I sure as heck asked. I haven’t heard back yet of course. Maybe they haven’t responded because the entire office is on the floor laughing at my email?!?! 🙂

Is this worth doing?

Hyatt Diamond status is very valuable, especially if you are staying at higher end Hyatt properties. At places like Hyatt Place or Hyatt House, it rarely makes a difference. At hotels with a lounge you get access and also are eligible to be upgraded to the best available room excluding suites. I almost always get my 4pm checkout requests granted and I love the food and beverage amenity (think appetizer and bottle of wine) when I am traveling with my wife. In other words, if you are staying at Hyatt properties, then this is worth having!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to update this post as new questions come in.

Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. Data point: I admit I was one of the lucky ones…. Thanks to this blog i was able to take advantage of these Status Matches from Hyatt and Hilton.
    Had SPG Gold from Amex Platinum, used it to get Hyatt Diamond, then used Hyatt Diamond to get Hilton Diamond… awesome. I had planned our honeymoon already for next year and will be staying at both Waldorf Astoria Dubai and Grand Hyatt Singapore and these new statuses will definitely be useful! Already used the Hyatt Suite upgrades for Singapore! Now need to figure out how to get a suite with Waldorf Astoria.
    Marriott would you mind offering status matches too so i can do the same for our third stay on the trip? Ah!

  2. I just got matched to Diamond but I had been platinum. Will my mlife status also get bumped up or do I have to reapply for that somehow?

  3. I just got approved for Diamond after sending in Marriott Platinum and IHG Spire. I have 4 suite upgrades that expire Feb 2016. Thanks this will be cool but i doubt i’ll be able to use the upgrades by then. Will I receive more when 2016 rolls around?

    • @CJ , the 4 suite upgrades you have now have to be used by Feb 29, 2016. After Feb 29, 2016, you will receive a new 4 suite upgrades! 🙂 (note, you won’t see 8 in your account on March 1st, it should be 4 since the original 4 will have been expired by then)

  4. I should’ve jumped on this right away, but I am still hoping my SPG gold status gets me diamond from Hyatt. I also have quite a few Hyatt stays this year ( but not enough for diamond). I’m hoping if there is any wiggle room that it would help to have been staying at Hyatts.

  5. I sent a DM on friday morning and and email at the same time. This morning i got a tweet reply for Hyatt Platinum for Marriott Platinum. I sent another email showing my marriott page and my IHG Spire hopefully that works. Disappointed though because with my DM i sent my mobile marriott info which showed 50 nights this year and they didnt match it instantly like others but oh well just got to wait and see.

  6. I sent over screen shots for my accounts and my husbands on late Friday afternoon but haven’t heard anything yet. Maybe they are not responding over the weekend?

    • I just got a reply to my email today (Saturday) when I asked about matching Marriott Gold. He confirmed the diamond offer and asked for the screenshots. Sent em in, fingers crossed!

  7. Sent the email with my HH diamond screenshot as told by twitter team at 8am yesterday and still waiting… Getting nervous now…

  8. I got matched to Hyatt Diamond from my Hilton Diamond, but I do not the see the suite upgrades as well. Where would they be under? I called Hyatt and the agent said since it’s a “new” Diamond it might take the system some time to refresh and to give it until Monday for the suite upgrades to appear. Anyone else have the same problem?

  9. Knew I should have sent the screenshot for Marriott Gold and SPG Gold by DM instead of the GP email like the Twitter team said on Thursday night. The GP email replied this morning that my Hyatt Platinum status was already top tier! And they referenced the hotel sales team offer instead of the Twitter team offer despite my email clearly indicating the Twitter offer.

    The Twitter team is already indicating Platinum only, at least for one Hilton Gold.

  10. got matched to hyatt diamond with marriott plat, but no suite upgrades! have emailed them, fingers x-ed, otherwise not that different from marriott plat frills that i already get …

  11. just got matched to diamond with my marriott plat, but no suite upgrades … have emailed them; fingers crossed, otherwise not that different from my marriott plat frills …

  12. Datapoint: I sent an email this morning showing my Hilton Gold and IHG Platinum statuses and one stay with each. I also included my Hyatt membership number. I have not received an email back from Hyatt except for the initial automated reply. I JUST CHECKED AWARDWALLET, and after updating my Hyatt account, I see that my status is now DIAMOND. So if you have sent in an email to Hyatt, you may want to log in to Hyatt either directly or through AwardWallet to see if you’ve been upgraded already.

    • Yeah I sent the email with my Hilton Diamond screenshot this morning too. I am still waiting for the answer too after the initial reply.

  13. This is the response I received from the twitter page:

    IHG Spire Elite is the top tier of IHG and it only matches to Platinum Hyatt? (which I already have)

    Hyatt Concierge
    That is correct. Currently, that is how the tier match is structured. ^DB

  14. I direct messaged them and they said IHG Spire Elite and SPG Gold would only match to Platinum. Let’s hope that person was wrong. Still waiting back on the email.

    • It seems like they may have changed the rules. I know they were matching SPG Gold to Diamond as of last night. Thanks for the data point. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

      • Fingers crossed! I also have Hilton Gold so I’ll try every angle if they don’t grant Diamond. I emailed them last night, hopefully before any potential rule changes.

  15. Took about 10 hours for a response to my tweet and they said they would match my MARRIOTT GOLD with Hyatt Diamon. Sent in requested confirmation of status and stays – expect new status within 48 hours. Thanks for the alert on this!

  16. SPG gold will get Hyatt Diamond? So if I have SPG gold from the AmEx Plat card and stay one night somewhere I qualify? doesn’t seem quite right.

  17. I finally heard back from Hyatt and was only offered Platinum for Hilton Gold. I had also mentioned I was Club Carlson Gold and Kimpton Inner Circle. But, Hilton was the only program they mentioned matching. And they wanted a screenshot of my tier level with evidence of one night stay at Hilton.

  18. @Shawn –

    In reference to: “Can an existing Diamond ask to be matched through 2017?”

    You mean through the entire 2017 calendar year? so I would not need to re-qualify in 2016?

  19. Hi Shawn,
    Do you know if the min of 1 stay in the past 12 months is with Hyatt or with the competing brands in order to qualify?

  20. Thanks for the detailed info. I sent my request late last night, but wasn’t sure if IHG Plat would qualify. Fingers crossed.


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