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Did Hyatt Mess Up With Their “Leaked” Promo for 2023? A Lot of Customers Are Angry!

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Hyatt Leaked Promo 2023 Fallout

Hyatt has been on the top of mind for many these past few days as they launched a set of promos for the first quarter that are seemingly unlike anything they have offered before. Many of these offers are quite lucrative, but the rub is that they are targeted and different members received different versions. This type of promo isn’t new to hotel loyalty, however it has left a lot of Hyatt elites with a bad taste in their mouth. So I ask, did Hyatt screw up with their new 2023 promotion?

A Leaked Promo

The problems started a few days ago when some Hyatt concierges began reaching out to Globalist members informing them of a targeted offer they were eligible for. It seems that someone jumped the gun, because Hyatt wasn’t ready to release the promo. This lead to speculation over the weekend as to whether this was real and who was eligible for which promo.

Fun was also had when someone discovered you could view the website source code and potentially see if you were targeted. The offers were coded so it wasn’t obvious which code correlated to which offer, but it was a fun exercise for those of us who enjoy the hotel loyalty game. It also built up a lot of anticipation for when Hyatt was finally ready to release the offers.

Offers Officially Released

Yesterday Hyatt finally released the offers to members and some of them are quite good. As a reminder here are the offers that have been reported to us by readers. Note the links will take you to the promo page, but you won’t be able to register your account unless you are eligible.

  • Free Night Awards
    • Get Category 1-4 Certificate with 2-night stay. LINK
    • Get Category 1-4 Certificate with 3-night stay. LINK
  • Suite Upgrade Awards
    • Earn a Suite Upgrade Award every 5 qualifying nights. Max 2. LINK
    • Earn a Suite Upgrade Award every 10 qualifying nights. Max 2. LINK
  • Triple Points
    • Earn 3X points for every qualifying 2-night stay. Max 30K. LINK
    • Earn 3X points for every qualifying 3-night stay. Max 30K. LINK
  • Double Points
    • Earn 2X points for every qualifying 2-night stay. Max 30K. LINK
    • Earn 2X points for every qualifying 3-night stay. Max 30K. LINK
  • Bonus Points
    • Earn 2,000 points for every qualifying night, up to 10 nights. LINK
    • Earn 2,000 points for every 2 qualifying nights, up to 20 nights. LINK
    • Earn 3,000 points for every 2 qualifying nights, up to 10 nights. LINK
    • Earn 5,000 points for every 5 qualifying nights, up to 25 nights. LINK
    • Earn 10,000 points for every 5 qualifying nights, up to 50 nights. LINK
    • Earn 10,000 points for every 10 qualifying nights, up to 30 nights. LINK
  • Redemptions Bonus
    • Earn 20% points back when redeeming points. Up to 30K points back. LINK
  • Elite Qualifying Nights
    • Double Elite Qualifying Nights for every eligible night. Max 10 Nights. LINK

As you can see many of these offers are worth pursuing, especially if you are someone who regularly stays in Hyatts. Which sort of became the issue.

Hyatt Leaked Promo 2023 Fallout
Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Hyatt Leaked Promo 2023 Fallout – Angry Customers

It turns out that many of Hyatt’s best customers (myself included) were left out of this deal and they are angry. Here on MtM and elsewhere like Facebook and Flyertalk very loyal Hyatt Globalists are feeling frustrated as they weren’t targeted for anything. All of the build up due to the “leaked” offer didn’t help either. It left many feeling like they woke up on Christmas morning without a present with their name on it under the tree.

And I totally understand this feeling. My wife who has the World of Hyatt credit card and had only a few nights last year was targeted, but I was not. I ended 2022 with 77 nights total, most coming from actual nights in beds as compared to spend on the credit card. So am I angry? Not really.

These Promotions Make Sense

While we like to think of “loyalty” as the brands being loyal to us the customer, the truth is they are businesses and loyalty programs are designed to build brand loyalty and increase revenue. And if that is the goal it makes perfect sense to target less loyal customers in order to win their business. I have been a Globalist/Diamond member since 2014 and they probably know I will stay in a Hyatt one way or the other.

What’s most interesting to me is that IHG used to run promotions like this all of the time. They were one of the first to gamify their promos, offering different customers different things. I don’t remember there being too much anger over less frequent guests getting better offers, because that sort of makes sense. While I understand the anger that many members have, I don’t share it.

Hyatt Leaked Promo 2023 Fallout – Bottom Line

In the end I am a customer of Hyatt because of their loyalty program, properties and benefits. Even though I am left out of these offers I still have access to all of that stuff. Plus, Hyatt has had many lucrative promos I have taken advantage of in the past. Icing on the cake if you will. There is a time and place for rewarding loyalty and I do hope Hyatt continues to understand how to treat their best customers. I also think it is their right to design promotions to turn less loyal customers into crazies like me.

So while I think Hyatt made a ton of mistakes with this promo including leaking it early and delaying it for some unknown reason, I won’t take it personally. I like their product and that is why I am a good customer. This doesn’t change that.

Are you upset about the way this promo was handled? Were you targeted for one of these offers? Let me know in the comments below!

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Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer
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  1. It seems deeply weird that anyone would see these offers as anything other than a way to get new visitors.

    Why would they send the offers to people they know already stay with them?

  2. I was targeted for the 10k if staying 10 nights as a globalist. Average promo, but that is fine. I think the best approach is to view these promos as bonuses. If you go with the expectation of receiving nothing, you will never be disappointed.

    • Reminds me of talking to a visitor from a country that was rated as having the happiest people in the world. I asked why. He laughed and said “we just have low expectations “.

  3. Globalist – got no email and tried about six of the most interesting links above and all ineligible. Frustrating, but it’s a promo not a loyalty benefit, I guess. ☹️

  4. Hyatt seems to be sending out these promos even throughout Tuesday.

    It seems like the Hyatt accounts with much more remote (and very little) Hyatt point activity (compared to recent years) than mine but with substantial point balances got targeted promo emails very recently and it was for the stay five nights and get 10k point variety up to 50k points. Mine was just the stay 3 nights and get a category 1-4 free night award.

  5. Between this bs promo and hotels shutting down point redemption during holidays I’m done with them. Everyone complained about bonvoy changes but my holiday reservations are still same point value as last year and my free nite from cc is now 85k. Until this year I was always able to book our holiday family trip on points with Hyatt even using suite upgrades most of the time until this year.

  6. My offer is 1500 points for every 2 nights, up to 20 nights. Meh…. but I do have a 2 night stay next week so I’ll take the 1500 points. Trying to decide if I want to write my new concierge and ask about getting any of the others. Any DPs on this working?

  7. Pretty upset. Look, if they are moving to targeted quarterly promos, that’s kind of a big deal. It’s one thing if there’s a publicly available quarterly promo, quite another when there is no public offer and you also get screwed on targeted promo. It’s one quarter, but it’s not a good sign. Hopefully Hyatt makes this right with a public offer ASAP.

  8. I didn’t get any offers. I was a 30 night globalist by the end of
    2021 and 60 night globalist by the end of 2022. I was also Hilton diamond from the 2021 1/2 nights required for 2022 top status, giving me the opportunity to compare the two programs. The contrast was laughable, making me now, very focused on Hyatt regardless of whether or not I ever get any of these recent promotions.

    • Are you saying Hilton is not as good as Hyatt? As a Marriott customer only by way of Old SPG… I do not understand.

      • As an example we got a room upgrade at Hilton. It was within $5 of standard rooms with view of garden that staff uses for supplies. Our typical experience with Hilton. Hyatt regency upgrades have been fantastic view rooms. The big difference are breakfasts.
        Hilton gives us $15 credit each on breakfasts over $100/couple. Hyatt covers entire amounts plus typically 18% tip plus all the lattes we wanted. Every Hyatt stay we’ve been treated like royalty. Hilton is typically good staff but sometimes rudely ignored.

  9. The offer I received didn’t even make the list. I got 1k bonus points per night for up to 10 nights. Better than nothing but certainly wish I had something like a the suite night awards or the double elite nights.

  10. Only got the extra 5,000 points for 5 stay offer – not exciting. I do happen to have trips coming up during this time period where the double night bonus would have been far more useful. Where do we complain!

  11. I had 70 nights last year and pretty high spend. But I got the shittiest 3x points when staying 3 nights promo. I don’t stay three nights at places so its useless.

    • My targeted promo also requires a single three night (or longer) stay. I rarely stay for 3 nights in a row at any hotel; and for who knows what reason, my Hyatt stays longer than 2 nights seem to be more likely get messed up more than my 1-2 night Hyatt stays.

  12. I really just wish they would let you choose your own adventure with these offers. I was targeted but really would have preferred a different one. That is what makes me most upset

  13. I wasted targeted, but I’m not upset, just bummed. I didn’t requalify for Globalist for this year, so I would’ve loved to get an offer that put me on the fast track for regaining that status or netted me some suite upgrades by themselves. For reference, I hit 30 nights last year: 25 from stays and 5 from the personal card. Little to no spend on the card otherwise.

    • I’m like you…had Globalist this past year, but only had 30 nights going into 2023…. Most from stays as well. I would have LOVED the promo. Especially the double elite nights. Getting to 30 gets that extra Cat 1-4, and 2 extra club access awards. I DO wish more clubs were open….wonder if they’ll give points for unused awards again this year? I thoroughly loved my year as a Globalist…scored upgrades everywhere and even got to stay in The Cottage at Alila Ventana while there on points…it was worth it for that alone. We can hope that maybe they’ll throw us all a little something for the stress of it all, but like you, I’m sad but won’t leave Hyatt.

  14. Seen two different globalist offers, neither of which is similar to the ones you note/link. Both are tiered with the amount of bonus increasing as nights increase. One is based on 5 night increments with a starting bonus of 5k after 5 nights maxing out at 40k after 25 nights. The second is 10 night increments (though starting at the same 5k for 5 nights) and maxing out at 90k after 45 nights.

  15. I do not know that I got anything special directed to a Globalist. I got a thing saying get 10.000 points for 5 stays, up to 50K points. It did not seem directed to me as a Globalist.


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