IHG Completes Acquisition of Kimpton – What Does It Mean?

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ihg buys kimpton

IHG Buys Kimpton – Purchase Complete

IHG announced exactly a month ago that they would be purchasing Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants for $430 million in cash. At the time the acquisition got mixed reactions. Customers loyal to Kimpton were understandingly worried about the changes this acquisition could bring to the boutique hotel brand.

Immediately after the announcement many of the brand’s loyal fans got on social media to express their concerns. Thankfully the company responded with a series of tweets to settle everyone’s nerves. In the communications they emphasized their excitement for the purchase and their commitment to staying with the brand ideals.

ihg buys kimpton

I personally have never stayed in a Kimpton property, however I have friends who swear by them. My hopes were to stay at one of their properties some time this year. Now perhaps my IHG Platinum status will get me something, although the loyalty programs are staying separate for now.


While only time will tell if Kimpton will retain its unique brand image, they are now part of a multi-national conglomerate. Intercontinental Hotel Groups announced today that they have completed the acquisition of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. It is done. Now the fun begins!


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