Call Kroger Today to Extend Your Fuel Points Before They Go Up In Smoke

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Extend Kroger Fuel Points

Extend Kroger Fuel Points, An Easy Call Saves You Money

At the end of April, Kroger automatically extended customers’ March fuel point balances.  This essentially allowed customers an extra month to use their March points through the end of May.  I appreciated this extension since I’m not driving as much and didn’t need to use the fuel points immediately.  Given today is near the end of the month and I hadn’t seen any official update from Kroger, I decided to give them a call.  Long story short, you can extend Kroger fuel points.  Here’s the process.

Update: Kroger is only allowing 3 rollovers per year now so be sure to use them when it makes the most sense.

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How to Extend Kroger Fuel Points

  • Call Kroger at (800) 576-4377.  If you have a fuel points membership from another Kroger family brand, call their respective helpline.
  • Choose Option 3 for fuel points inquiries.
  • An automated system will continue to attempt to help you.  Disregard and say “representative”.
  • Wait on hold.  Ensure to have your Kroger membership number available for the representative.
  • Once connected to a representative, request to have your expiring fuel points balance rolled over into the next month’s fuel points balance.
  • Before hanging up, check your Kroger app or online account to ensure the points have updated and been applied to the right month.  You should also see that the expiration date for your updated points extended.

Extend Kroger Fuel Points

My Experience

The process is relatively smooth, but getting to a CSR can be bumpy.  My hold time was approximately seven minutes on my first call.  Once connected, the CSR accidentally disconnected me!  I called back, waited another five minutes or so, and was finally connected to a very helpful CSR.  She explained that April fuel points are not being automatically extended, but she could manually roll over my April fuel points into my May points balance.  The process took a couple minutes with the CSR and reflected in my account immediately.  I received confirmation that the new expiration date for all points is the end of June.  Call before the end of the month – otherwise, your expiring fuel points will disappear!

Final Thoughts

While an automatic extension would have been nice, I applaud Kroger for their customer focus by extending fuel points again (albeit manually).  Kroger’s move allows me to avoid a dreaded end of the month fuel stop that would have resulted in a less optimal redemption.  Make a call and save some points and money today!

I have heard in the past that you can extend Kroger fuel points, but it was good to test it out myself.  This should hopefully work in future months as well.

Benjy Harmon
Benjy is a fan of points, miles, and financial independence (FI). An experienced world traveler, husband, and father, he currently focuses on roaming throughout the USA expense-free (or close to it). He enjoys helping others achieve their FI and travel goals.

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  1. Does anyone know if BP stations are no longer a part of the Kroget/Pick n Save fuel rewards. We gothink gas there, Thursday, 08/31, and we’re told we didn’t have enough points. We had over 800! (They also do fuel rewards for another food store.) I didn’t have my store receipt, so couldn’tdocument our points with visual proof. I checked, when I got home, and was right! PBS said they could do nothing, so I went to the service counter, as z pick n Save, and was told, that the station I went to isn’t part of.the program, even though we used our gas point there, in June and July for a $1.00 off a gallon, each time! We always have to go inside to transact because the reader cannot read our small key tag rewards cards, so the clerk is aware, before we pump, that we are using fuel points. I thought that I read, on line , Kroger split from BPTSD, but cannot find the post. Does anyone. Known? Thank you

  2. I HUCA’d and got a different rep. Also used the term “rollover” and she confirmed you can rollover three times a year. Confirmed online transfer occurred.

    • Sue,

      Thanks for following up. Indeed, it’s always a good reminder that HUCA solves stuff like this quite often!

  3. First time I called for this… I was told that I was only allowed to roll over 3 times per year. Not sure if this applies to everyone or not.

  4. My Kroger owned store is Bakers Supermarket. Rep had a bit of a difficultly, so she just gifted me 300 gas points which was more than in my April gas pot. Phone number is in the app Account section. Different phone menu to.


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