HOT! Negative Cost Visa/MC Gift Cards at Kroger! Make Money, Rewards & Save on Fuel!

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kroger visa gift card deal

Negative Cost Gift Cards at Kroger

Through 11/26/16, Kroger and its subsidiary brands are offering $10 off Visa & Mastercard gift cards via digital coupon. (There is a separate coupon for Amex cards as well.) These cards should also earn 2X fuel points or $.20 off per gallon for each $100 spent.

The Offer

Save $10 on MASTERCARD® or VISA® Gift Card when you buy ONE (1) $100 MASTERCARD® and/or VISA® Gift Card.

Key Terms

  • Offer excludes MasterCard® and/or Visa® Variable Load Gift Cards.
  • While supplies last.
  • No rain checks.
  • Limit one coupon per transaction per day.
  • Subject to availability.


All of the Kroger stores I have seen sell Visa & Mastercard gift cards issued by U.S. Bank. These cards have pins in the packaging and can be loaded to Bluebird and Serve. This deal gets even better if you have a card that earns 5X or better at grocery stores.

Since variable load cards are excluded, the highest denomination card you will be able to purchase is $100. The fee on those cards is $5.95, which will leave you with a profit of $4.05, the rewards earned on your credit card and $.20 off in fuel. That is pretty good.

How to Load the Offer

To load this offer to your loyalty account, visit the site for your local Kroger affiliate, login and then go to the coupons section. These coupons will be under the “Gift Cards” category. You can try this direct link which may take you directly there.


This is a great promotion since these cards (especially the Visas) are very easy to liquidate. Since the coupon more than offsets the fee, you are making money and earning $.20 off per gallon. If you have friends/family or even pets with their own loyalty accounts you may be able to get this offer on multiple cards and thus save even more!

HT: Danny the Deal Guru


  1. For clarification, this is limited to one per Kroger account for the entire period. The term “one coupon per transaction per day” may be misleading.

  2. Actual Kroger stores are at least an hour drive away. However, a few Ruler stores have open in the area, I had my Kroger card swiped and the two I have visited, have no gas pumps. Next visit to a Ruler store, I’ll look for GC and whether fuel points are given with my purchases.

    Now in MO, Gerbes and Dillion, are small chains operated by Kroger. Gerbes is in the Columbia area, while Dillion has grocery stores on both sides of the KS/MO border. Last I was out there, none offered fuel.


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