Diamond Status Is Coming To MtM! Join Our Private & Intimate Travel Group

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Join our new Premium Community – MtM Diamond Lounge NOW OPEN

Update 3: We are completely full. 

Update 2: We have heard from quite a few people who have missed out and have decided to open up a limited number of additional slots on 1/31/20 at Noon Pacific/3PM Eastern. We don’t expect these will last long.

Update: Wow the interest in this has been spectacular. We filled up on our initial slots within the first day, however we plan to open up a few more slots once everything gets settled. We will let everyone know when that happens.

Miles to Memories started in 2013 as an evolution of my Family ‘Round the World travel blog. FamilyRTW launched in 2007 and was my way of documenting my family’s 18 month around the world adventure. I’ve been at this quite awhile, because travel is my biggest passion and at this point, a huge part of my life.

While we have been producing tons of high quality blog content since 2013 here at Miles to Memories, we have also branched off with our podcast and our miles/points, reselling and Disney Hacks Facebook groups. It has been amazing to help grow communities around the topics that we care so much about.

MtM Diamond Lounge – A New More Intimate Community

We feel the next step is to launch a new private advanced community of crazies just like us. Through this we are hoping to form a more tight knit community of travelers that become friends and share their experiences and travels together. We plan on having special events and extra content for group members as well. And anything shared in the group will stay in the group. This isn’t simply about tips and tricks it is about building relationships and adding to your travel community.

Sign-Up Now Sold out for now!

Why Now?

For awhile we have felt the need for a smaller more intimate advanced community of MtM readers and listeners. Nothing will be changing as far as our other offerings, but this more intimate setting will allow us to grow the MtM community and for Mark and I to create even more content to help others travel the world for pennies on the dollar.

Join our newest community for people looking for something more Advanced and intimate.

How to Subscribe

We are using Patreon to manage our new MtM elite status program! 😉 – Update: We are full for now.

Become a Patron!

MtM Elite Status Comes in 3 Tiers:

  • Gold Status – $5 per month (No benefits other than supporting MtM and our content!)
  • Diamond Status – $10 per month early bird rate if you join by Friday 1/31/20 (Limit first 50 people). We’ve passed 50 people quickly, but are leaving it at $10 temporarily to give everyone a chance to join. (Gives access to our private Facebook group and bonus content from Mark & Shawn)
  • Titanium Status – $250 per month (Exclusive benefits that definitely aren’t worth the cost)

We think most people will want to become Diamond members! That will get you access to the private Facebook community which will eventually be capped at a reasonable number of people. You will also get full access to bonus content that Mark and I will be creating only for Diamond members.

Note: By joining you will be asked to agree and adhere to community rules and standards. Our communities are inclusive, positive spaces to discuss the things we love!

Sold Out for Now

Moderators Wanted for Other Groups – Free Status!

If you are interested in being a moderator in our miles/points, reselling and/or Disney Hacks Facebook groups please let us know! Moderators get free MtM Diamond status and access to the private group! If you are interested email: mark@milestomemories.com

Thank You

I know our elite status levels may seem a little tongue in cheek, but I assure you Mark and I are dedicated to this new community and growing it to help each and every member. In the mean time we also look forward to continuing to provide you with all of the daily posts, weekly podcasts and access to our miles/points, reselling and Disney Hacks Facebook groups all completely free as they have always been as well.

Thanks for being part of the MtM Community!

Become a Patron!


  1. Tried signing up for Diamond purely because I trust your motives over most other bloggers. Unfortunately it is sold out.

    Good luck!

  2. Titanium Status – $250 per month (Exclusive benefits that definitely aren’t worth the cost) . Hahahah. Love it. Refreshing honesty!

  3. Sounds interesting, but I won’t do Facebook. Best of lucky, sorry I won’t be participating.

    • Understandable Bill – I know some people are just not into Facebook. We had considered Slack or something else but FB just made too much sense with our other groups already on there etc. We can still converse on the comments on the blog though 😉

      • Mark, I can understand the popularity of FB but I do hope you will consider other options. The lack of privacy is simply stunning, even moreso with their release today of their new “off-facebook activity” tool that shows you how bad it really is. Wouldn’t it be better to truly protect the privacy of your members, and the information shared, by using a platform that doesn’t share your information with every corporation on the planet?

        As an example: What’s to keep Bonvoy or AmEx from tracking your members participation in this Diamond group (easily doable from what I’ve seen) and targeting them for closures or other actions? Sounds paranoid, but I think it’s reality. I hope you’ll reconsider. Thanks for listening.

  4. If anyone has good manufactured spending techniques that are not public, sharing them with a group of at least 50 people is pretty dumb. There is no way to police what those 50+ people do with the info, especially if they are members of other private groups. Some other semi-private forums became useless once people realized that no sharing of secrets with strangers is safe.

  5. I gotta say, It’s definitely cheaper than Vinh’s Slack group, but I can’t quite figure out what I would get from this as it IS rather vaguely described. I have to agree somewhat with UT on the lack of description. Plus, a social thing? I go to my local brewery for that.

    Tell us what and how it will work, what we will or even might get, and how it will be kept tight and “secret”, etc.

    I’ll be reading more of the comments and discussion here to decide, but so far I can’t say i am really pleased by this turn. Seems like as MS and such gets harder, now the people that have blow up great deals (not specifically you) before are turning to getting $$$ from readers directly rather than via selling Credit Cards and such.

    This is gonna be interesting and yes, I might check it out, but so far it seems like a money grab until more details about how it works and what people will get are released.

  6. Is the goal of this group to share tips and trips to accumulating miles and points or more just a community to talk about travel?

    If the intent is to create a private group of people comfortable sharing point accumulation strategies I can definitely see the benefit.

  7. Any chance you may partner with a CC and add group access as a CC perk? Or do you offer any status matching? 🙂

  8. Congratulations! You have to do what you think is best for you & your business!

    You are trying to sell a product here – that’s fine. But as your potential clients, we would wanna know what’s actually being offered in return. You must have done your market research prior to starting your new venture, so I ask you this – do you honestly believe that you’ll be providing content that warrants a premium? You really think that we’ll be getting exclusive, premium content that we couldn’t get it for free from DoC or FM? I’m not trying to be snarky, but trying to have a sincere conversation here. Because what would give us more confidence in your new promised contents are originality & track record, which I think are lacking here. It’s been largely the same content we see on the other 2 blogs I mentioned above. You may beat them sometime by posting first, but we eventually get to read everything elsewhere. Now, if Nick Reyes started a premium blog [hope he doesn’t start charging :)] I might be more enthusiastic because, well originality & track record.

    Please don’t take this personally. Your blog has been helpful, and I’m not dismissing anything completely. But at the end of the day, everyone has to decide if they wanna pay or not. Regardless, good luck to you!!

    • UT this group is about the social aspect of the hobby. I have always thought that the best info and interaction has happened in smaller groups. Our free Facebook group is great for having questions answered and getting opinions from multiple sources but it isn’t going to be as personable or go into as much depth as it would in a smaller group.

      The goal of this is to create an environment where a group of people can share a love for this hobby. Where we get to know each other on a personal level, create friendships, find travel buddies, meet up with people you know from the group when you travel etc. That is where the real value will be in my opinion. That doesn’t happen in a big public Facebook Group.

      There of course will be deals and tips shared by us and by other members that can not be publicly blogged about. There will also be some bonus podcasts from me and Shawn, special meet ups for group members etc. But it is intended to create an environment you don’t really see elsewhere.

      If people are just looking for deals or info then a blog post or a reselling group is probably perfect for them. If they are looking to expand their network etc. then I think this is the group for them. It won’t be of value to everyone but for people looking for that community and social aspect that is often missing from this hobby this is where they can find it.

  9. April Fool’s come early this year or what? You’re joking right? The MilesPerDay author is kind of an arrogant prick, and he can get away with doing smth like this, as he did recently, but I held your site in a bit of higher regard. ️ <— that's a trashcan. It's where MtM is now found.

    • Hey Dave sorry to see you go. To be clear for others, we are trying to create something new here and this won’t change or take away from what we write about on the site or what we cover in any of our free Facebook groups. We have spent a ton of time and effort to build a positive and helpful website/brand and this is an expansion of that. If you don’t want to read our absolutely free content anymore I can’t make you, but if you want to come back it will still be here and still free for you and everyone else.

    • I am not sure what has changed from before Dave? This is a group meant for people that are looking for a more socially interactive environment and want to have a chance to get to know other people interested in this hobby. It is on top of the free content on the website, podcast and other Facebook Groups. This is an extension of those things for people that are interested in it.

      I guess I don’t get the issue but best of luck to you Dave.

    • It will be a Facebook group to start. So much of our audience is on Facebook with our various other groups so we thought that was the best place to start. We use Slack internally so if it makes sense to use that at some point we are open to it. For now we wanted to have the group where the most amount of our readers are and that is Facebook. Thanks Glenn!

  10. “Titanium Status – $250 per month (Exclusive benefits that definitely aren’t worth the cost)” -eh

  11. Certainly this is the moment when I have to part ways, and remove your site from my RSS list. It’s been nice reading your content, but no thanks! Good luck to you all.

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