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No, Thanks – The Offer Terms and Conditions That Just Drain Me

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Offer Terms and Conditions

Offer Terms and Conditions

I love a deal.  If a store, card issuer, restaurant, you name it offers a discount on a purchase that I was going to make anyway, I’ll take it.  But certain offers are better than others.  And they sometimes seem outstanding on the surface, only to significantly devalue after a review of the offer terms and conditions.  Here are some of the worst that I’ve been faced with over time.  Perhaps some of you can identify with me here.

Uber Eats

First off, I must say that Uber Eats periodically targets me for some solid offers which I happily use.  But others are pretty tricky.  Particularly, I’m not a fan of the 15-50% off offers that end with “delivery only” in the terms.  The offer looks amazing at first, but that checkout screen in the Uber app is a horror show.  The delivery fee, taxes, and “other fees” often wipe out the entire discount or worse.  Plus, that doesn’t include gratuity that the driver justifiably deserves.  Instead, I’ll usually stick with Uber Eats offers that are eligible for pickup.  (And yes, I know my Amex Uber credits cover these purchases, but the delivery only limitation still bums me out.)

Offer Terms and Conditions


I enjoy Target way more than that other similar retailer I shall not name.  I like the Target app, including their generous Target Circle offers.  But the terms in many of those offers are killer.  Most of the time, the list of product exclusions is ridiculously long for their X dollars of Y purchase offers.  Any time you need to scroll to read all the merch excluded, that’s a bad sign.  Often, these same products are excluded form earning online portal rewards.  Target really seems to have covered their bases.

Sam’s Club

Over the past couple years, I’ve paid for a Sam’s Plus membership primarily to avoid going into a Sam’s Club.  I know how absurd that statement sounds.  But the parking lot at our local store is a nightmare.  Instead, I’ve preferred shopping online and free shipping on most all items.  But more recently, I’m noticing Sam’s has gotten sneaky-clever at encouraging me to go in-store.  More often, specific items are priced higher if I pick shipping rather than in-store.  And certain reasonably-sized items which I previously received shipments are no longer eligible at all.  I must now go to the store for those items.  Meanwhile, Sam’s can still say shipping is generally “free” for Plus members.

Offer Terms and Conditions

Chase Offers

I’ve noticed that Chase Offers are often one time use only.  For instance, Chase recently offered a 5% discount at Kroger up to a certain amount in purchases (I believe it was $100).  Buried in the terms, it states that the offer can only be used one time.  I’ve noticed Amex’s similar offers are cumulative across multiple purchases.  So with that Kroger Chase Offer, that $10 purchase saves you $0.50, and there’s no other opportunity to save 5% on that other $90 in a future shopping trip.

Pretty Much Any Airline Voucher

This is probably the worst for me.  I don’t even try.  As in, I don’t spend one second considering accepting an offered voucher, trying to understand them, or use them, in general.  I may be losing out here, but I don’t care.  I feel I’ll always end up on the losing end however it turns out – I may pick a fare where I can’t use the voucher, I would end up spending money I would not have otherwise, etc.  One thing is for sure – I’ll end up spending more unnecessary time on something I loathe.  My time is worth more than any voucher that I’ve come across.


These are just a few offer terms and conditions that drain me.  More definitely exist, but I won’t put you through any more.  Of course, there’s a flip side to all this.  Perhaps some of those terms and conditions allow for some outstanding offers to exist in the first place.  And if I have a need that meets those terms, I can win big.  I know I must take the bad with the good.  What are the offer terms and conditions that annoy you?

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Benjy Harmon
Benjy Harmon
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  1. The order of operations for discounts at a Kohl’s store. I know hacking Kohl’s is a hobby for some people, but even when I assume the four different discounts I’m applying at the store will be applied in the least advantageous way (or won’t even apply), they still seem to find a way to make it worse than my worst case scenario. And IF you manage to use them right, you’re still basically getting the items at a “good” sale price.

    • Mark H,
      I haven’t bothered pursuing Kohl’s plays at all – thanks for reminding me why! More power to those who make Kohl’s strategies work.

  2. Adopt a more dystopian gestalt as you await the onrushing apocalypse and you’ll soon find yourself brushing away these penny ante scams like so many flies clouding over your plate of diner waffles.

  3. Most bank new account offers for me. X many transactions; hassle with setting up a direct deposit then changing again; shutting it down; keeping up with deposit mins; etc ugh so exhausting

  4. Even a lot of these cash back credit cards have crazy limitations.
    Great article, and it’s it’s great point….read carefully!
    I hate it when companies give me a coupon or voucher, often money I deserve or earned, and it has an expiration date.

  5. Biggest problem with Chase offers is the low dollar amounts. The advantage over AMEX is that you can use the same offer on multiple Chase cards. I typically buy gift cards (no problems encountered) with all but one card, then the balance of a purchase on the last card.

    • Dave,
      Great example! I want to like Chase Offers more, but just can’t due to their relatively low rates.


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