Sinemia Reduces Prices for a Limited Time, Just as Moviepass is Raising Them

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Sinemia Reduces Prices for a Limited Time Only

Increased competition usually leads to good things for consumers.  AMC recently launched a movie plan service to compete with Moviepass and Sinemia.  Sinemia has countered with a limited time sale on their services.  This comes a week or so after Moviepass just increased prices for many users.

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Sinemia has reduced the price for all of their plans so let’s take a look:

Don’t pay attention to the crossed out numbers the prices before the sale were:

  • $5.99 for Classic 1
  • $7.99 for Classic 2
  • $10.99 for Elite 2
  • $15.99 for Elite 3

So most of the plans are $2 cheaper per month or $24 cheaper per year.  Not a huge amount but still a 15%+ savings depending on the plan.


There are some caveats here.  Sinemia is a yearly membership paid upfront which will turn some people off.  Many people complain that it takes a long time to receive their cards too.  There are a lot of comments in my review about this. Sinemia’s customer service is not the best either.

Having said that there is a lot of value when you get the program up and running. They have made the system more reliable on the app.  Because of this I don’t think most people use their card much anymore.

If you were considering signing up you can use PDX Deals Guy’s referral link or go to Sinemia’s website.


It is always good to see competition driving prices down.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this may draw in some Moviepass people who just got hit with their “surge pricing”. What do you think, does this make you consider signing up?




  1. I’ve heard not great things about Sinemia compared to MoviePass and A-List, such as them nickel and diming you with monthly fees and fees to reserve tickets in advance, neither of which Moviepass has if you use eticketing. I have an annual membership with Moviepass and mostly see indie movies (none of which have been hit with surcharges for my girlfriend, who has the monthly – annual is exempt from surcharges), so I’ll be sticking with Moviepass until at least December when my subscription expires. I’ll stay with them after, though, if they haven’t added peak pricing to indie movies and the monthly Peak Pass is available for the occasional mainstream movie I see. This is all assuming Moviepass is still in business in December, which I think is a big IF at this point, unfortunately.

    • Yeah I don’t see Moviepass making it much past that and I wouldn’t pony up a years worth of fees to them either at that point unless something drastically changes with their money situation.


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