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Free Money, Free Spend , A Warning & A Giveaway

A variety of news & topics including Amazon Payments ending, a profit making Staples deal, Serve credit card load issues & a United Club pass giveaway!

Amazon Payments Ending – You May Want to Break the Rules!

Amazon Payments is shutting down as of October 12, 2014. With the end of the service, the many rules to avoid a shutdown don't really seem to apply anymore.

Say Goodbye To An Old Friend – Send Your Last Amazon...

Amazon Payments is being shutdown on October 13. Remember to send your last payments by October 12 before the opportunity goes away forever!

Sending Up To $1,000 Per Month For Free With Amazon Payments

How to register and send up to $1,000 per month for free with Amazon Payments. This method can be used to meet minimum spending requirements for credit card bonuses and/or to send money to your friends or pay bills.

Two Easy Ways To Meet Minimum Spend – Amazon Payments &...

A brief intro to Amazon Payments & Bluebird. These are the easiest methods to manufacture spend and key tools in earning miles and points for travel