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Airbnb Offering Free 2-Month ‘Sabbatical’ in the Bahamas

Those selected to take part in the “sabbatical” will spend April and May traveling to three Bahamian locations to help preserve the country’s natural and cultural resources.

Atlantis Bahamas Review: Our Disastrous Stay & Why You Should Avoid...

I recently had a disastrous stay at Atlantis Bahamas that kept doubling down on how bad it could get! From rude staff to the worst hotel manager I have experienced in 13 years of serious international travel, it was incredible. The hotel is falling apart, the staff is rude and its expensive. Here is what happened and why I think you should avoid Atlantis Bahamas at all costs!

Baha Mar Sneakily Changes Mistake Rates to Not Earn Credit &...

I recently stayed in a 1,300 square foot pool villa at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar for $225 per night, but the hotel made one huge change to this mistake rate in order to ensure I didn't receive any points or credit. Find out what happened and how I fixed it.

U.S. Warning About Reckless Driving in the Bahamas

Another U.S. travel advisory has been released for the Bahamas in response to reckless driving on the islands leading to many pedestrian deaths & injuries.

The Bahamas Respond To The United States Travel Advisory

The United States government released a new travel advisory on many popular destinations in the Bahamas and their government issued a response.

State Department Issues Bahamas Travel Advisory – Popular Spots Deemed No...

The United States Department of State issued an updated travel advisory for The Bahamas earlier this week.

British Colonial Hilton Nassau Bahamas Hotel Review, Best Location in Nassau?

A very affordable points option in Nassau. The hotel has easy access to everything you want to see in Nassau.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Review Part 1: Will this be Bahamas...

MLife Offers Resort Credit at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar
A full Hyatt Baha Mar Hotel Review. Does Baha Mar live up to the hype? Part 1 of the review covers the amenities, property, rooms, casino and restaurants and the potential downfall of the resort: service and organization.