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Is The 100K Southwest Offer The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?...

Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card
The newly increased Southwest Business Performance offer looks great on the surface but is it all it cracks up to be or is it fool's gold?

What Are The Cards In My Wallet Right Now & Why...

What are the cards in my wallet? Why these cards and not others? Here's my approach to the cards in my wallet and how I use them to maximize points earning.

(Ends Tonight) $35 For New TopCashback Members – Highest Offer Ever!

We have a Miles to Memories exclusive that will give a $35 sign up bonus for new TopCashback members. This is the highest it has ever been!

Great News! The SoFi Invest $50 In Free Stock Offer Was...

SoFi Invest offer extended till the end of November which is great news for anyone who missed out on the $50 in free stock that is up for grabs last month.

How To Create SoFi Money Referrals And Rack Up Easy $$$

I wanted to go over how to create SoFi Money referrals once you sign up for the account so you can start racking up hundreds of dollars!

It Is Legit! My Sakura Debit Card Arrived Today – With...

I have a positive data point for the Sakura debit card. Mine arrived in the mail this morning and the $200 bonus was attached to my account!

United MileagePlus Shopping Portal Bonus – 500 Bonus Miles

There is a new United MileagePlus shopping portal bonus going on the next two weeks that can snag you an extra 500 United miles.

(Only 2 Days Left) Whoa Nelly! Hilton is Back With Huge...

There are 500,000 Hilton Honors points up for grabs with these huge Hilton increased offers. Over the next 5 weeks grab one of these all time high offers.