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The Government Says You ARE NOT Getting $125 for the Equifax...

The Equifax Data Breach class action has become so popular the government is warning you are going to receive FAR less money than the $125 settlement. Here are your options if you are rethinking your decision.

Massive Equifax Data Breach Settlement – You’re Probably Eligible for $125...

There has been a proposed Equifax data breach settlement that could net affected class action members between $125 & $20,000.

Did Expedia and Hotels.com Illegally Overcharge Customers $95 Million

Possible Expedia Class Action Lawsuit estimates that Expedia overcharged customers to the tune of 95 Million Dollars by illegally inflating "government taxes and fees." and pocketing the difference

Ever Bought Milk? Then You Might Get a Payout in this...

If you have ever bought milk and live in select states, then you may be entitled to a cash payment under a new class action settlement.

Gehrich TCPA Settlement – Everything You Need to Know!!

Gehrich TCPA Settlement
There is a proposed Gehrich TCPA Settlement. Find out what you may eligible to receive and what you need to do to file a claim.