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More Travelers, Cheaper Gas & Higher Hotel Prices on Independence Day

AAA has released their figures for Indpendence Day travel. Among the takeaways are that more people are traveling, gas is cheaper, but some other expenses like airfare and lodging have increased.

How to Minimize Missed School Days & Experience Amazing Family Vacations

A simple strategy for taking family vacations when school is in session. There is an easy way to plan ahead and minimize the amount of school days your children miss while also enjoying amazing trips.

Hidden Travel Gems & The Clearest Water I Have Ever Seen

A word about the amazement of smaller unknown sites and how one place in New Zealand holds a place in my heart because of its unbelievably clear water.

A Mother’s Role in Family Travel

Jasmine eating candy in Xela, Guatemala.
A look at a mother's role in the traveling family and why my wife has been the glue that has held us together while living on the road.

Visiting the Famous Skull Tower & Thoughts on Sad Sights and...

Musings about our day in Niš, Serbia including a trip to the Skull Tower. Is it appropriate to bring children to places like this?

Family Travel for Real Life 2 Debrief, 5 Things I Learned...

A recap of the Family Travel for Real Life 2 conference along with my five key takeaways, a recap of the presentations and a few other tidbits of useful info.

The Importance & Benefits of Travel Conferences

Why it is important to attend travel conferences and how they have been of benefit to me.

Grand Hyatt Washington DC Review

A full review of our recent stay at the Grand Hyatt Washington DC including a look at the hotel, staff, rooms & amenities.