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Why I Believe My 2+ Year Old Bluebird Survived Last Week’s...

Data points from a number of cardholders who had their Bluebird/Serve accounts shutdown and why I believe my heavily used Bluebird card was spared.

Walmart Buck$ to Bluebird No Longer Doubling & Why It Matters

Savings Catcher problems.
Walmart's Savings Catcher program has been a very useful tool to save money, however one of its key selling points has died thus making it not as good of a deal.

Walmart Buck$ Transfer to Bluebird Are Still Doubling – Act Fast!

Savings Catcher problems.
Savings Catcher is Walmart's automatic price matching tools for groceries. Since last year they have been running a 2X promotion when transferring to Bluebird. The promotion was supposed to end yesterday, but did it?

Walmart Savings Catcher Devaluation – Recent Changes Announced & the End...

Savings Catcher problems.
Walmart has recently announced changes that amount to a Savings Catcher devaluation. Combined with the end of 2x to Bluebird, this really changes the value proposition of the program.

A Huge Savings on Thanksgiving Dinner – How I Combined Deals...

Walmart Savings Catcher Thanksgiving
How I utilized a moneymaking gift card deal and Walmart's Savings Catcher to save a significant amount of money on Thanksgiving dinner with minimal effort.

Official Response From Amex Re: Bluebird & Walmart Buck$

Bluebird Walmart Buck$
A Response from Amex Regarding Problems with Bluebird & Walmart Buck$ Yesterday I wrote about the many problems people have had when redeeming Walmart Buck$...

Huge Savings Catcher Problems & A Possible Solution

Savings Catcher problems.
By Personal Finance Editor Shawn Coomer | People have reported widespread Walmart Savings Catcher problems. Find out what issues people are having and a solution that has worked for some.

Avoid Problems Redeeming Walmart Bucks with Bluebird (Background, How-To & Tips)

Bluebird Walmart Buck$
After readers reported problems, I went to Walmart to redeem my Walmart Bucks with Bluebird. Find out a few tips & if the process worked as promised.