Avoid Problems Redeeming Walmart Bucks with Bluebird (Background, How-To & Tips)

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Walmart Bucks with Bluebird

Redeeming Walmart Bucks with Bluebird

Update: If you are still having issues after following the instructions in this post, I have received a response from American Express about how to reach them for help. You can find their response here.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an extensive guide to Walmart’s Savings Catcher program and followed it up with my detailed experiences. For those who haven’t heard, Savings Catcher is Walmart’s new automatic price matching program.

After shopping at Walmart, you simply enter your receipt and Savings Catcher automatically compares the prices you paid at Walmart to the ads of local competitors. If a local competitor has a lower price, then Walmart gives you the difference in the form of Walmart Bucks.

The real benefit of Savings Catcher is that Walmart is offering 2x the Walmart Bucks if you transfer them to your Bluebird card. Some readers commented on my earlier post that they were having difficulty redeeming their Walmart Bucks with Bluebird, so I headed out to give it a try.

How to Redeem Walmart Bucks with Bluebird at Walmart

Walmart Bucks with Bluebird

Believe it or not, prior to this experiment I had never actually used my Bluebird card to pay for anything at Walmart. After ringing up my groceries at self checkout, I swiped the Bluebird card and hit debit. The charge failed.

While the Bluebird card works at ATMs and has a pin, you need to run it as credit when paying at Walmart. The second time around I hit credit and the transaction went through.

Immediately after paying I logged into my Bluebird account and checked to see if they had taken the money from my general funds or deducted my Walmart Bucks.

Walmart Bucks with Bluebird
My transaction redeeming Walmart Bucks with Bluebird.

As you can see, on the login page Bluebird showed the amount of my transaction and listed it as, “Store Purchase Walmart : Walmart Buck$ and Bluebird Account.” This seemed promising.

Walmart Bucks with Bluebird
Detailed view. They subtracted the Walmart Bucks first and then used the Bluebird account balance for the rest.

I then clicked on the transaction to see the details. Since I only had $8.72 in Walmart Bucks, it cleared them out and then took the rest of the money from my general Bluebird account. It worked exactly as promised.

A Few Suggestions & Observations

While I tested out the system on this purchase and put the entire thing on my Bluebird card, in the future I would pay for as close to $9 worth of items with Bluebird and then pay for the rest with a rewards credit card such as the Arrival Plus (My review.)

Also, as mentioned before, make sure that you select credit when paying with Bluebird. Walmart’s system does not see it as a debit card and thus will reject the payment if you push the debit key.


While some people have had troubles redeeming their Walmart Bucks with Bluebird, my transaction went smoothly. Walmart knew to take the Walmart Bucks first and then drew from my Bluebird balance after that.

What has your experience been? Have you been able to redeem your Walmart Bucks with Bluebird? Let me know!

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  1. Can you do two forms of payment? Like say I wanted to use my Walmart bucks from my bluebird card and then pay the rest from my debit card. Can I do that?

  2. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everybody else
    experiencing problems with your site. It appears as if some of the text in your content are running off the screen.
    Can someone else please provide feedback and let me
    know if this is happening to them as well?
    This might be a issue with my browser because
    I’ve had this happen previously. Appreciate it

  3. Hey! So I just registered for a bluebird account and also transferred my Walmart savings catcher balance on it (I’ll get card later on through the mail), but my question is if I only have Walmart bucks and no balance on my bluebird account, could I use another form of payment when my Walmart bucks is used up during that same transaction?

    • Yes but you’ll have to get the cashier to do a split transaction and only charge the amount that you have in Walmart Bucks onto the Bluebird and then you can pay however you want for the rest.

  4. On my walmart savings account it says total reward dollars 66.08 how do I transferred it to my new bluebrid card I had to get a new one due to the old one got canceled. Please help

  5. how do you put the money on your bird bird card that is on a walmart buck card ?
    the people said it can be done but i can not find the website . can you help me .

  6. Hey there, You’ve done a great job. I’ll certainly digg it
    and personally suggest to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this site.

  7. Before I knew of the bluebird I had “cashed out” and now I have a bluebird card. Is there anyway I can put the money that’s on th e card onto my bluebird card?

  8. I can’t figure out how to get a Walmart e-gift card and the option to transfer to my Bluebird card is grayed out – I emailed Walmart over a week ago asking how to, at least, get the e-gift card, and still haven’t received a response. Am I just missing something? While I’m logged in and go to “My Account” and then Savings Catcher, it prompts me to log in again…and then I can’t get any further than the log in screen, it just tells me to log in again! UGH!

      • Nope. I asked an associate at the customer service desk about it, and she pulled her phone out and her app has a redeem button (my app didn’t). Even after I got a new phone and re-loaded the app, I still don’t have the option to redeem the rewards. I emailed Walmart about it over a month ago and haven’t received a reply (not surprised).

        • I figured it out. Somehow my account was locked so I called customer service and they unlocked it. They ask for your name, email, and the last 4 digits of one of the receipts you submitted. The number is (866) 224-1663. They were able to unlock my account and I redeemed to bluebird after hanging up.

          • I called customer service too….my account was NOT locked, and the gal I talked to couldn’t understand why I’m not able to redeem, so she escalated it to a different department. They emailed me a couple of weeks later and told me try something (which didn’t work). I waited about a month and emailed them AGAIN asking what was going on. The last email I received was that the $ had already been transferred to a rewards card (ummm, no, I never had one of those!) and I was told to try 2 different things that would resend it to my email account, but of course neither of the options worked, and I still can’t redeem. So frustrating!

  9. My only issue this far is that I was mislead that I had to wait to get my card to use the Walmart Bucks. I thought in the chat that I had with the bluebird americanexpress chat person that I was getting a paper card and then getting the real card in the mail. Have you looked into seeing how the other way works without bluebird. I found it was quite confusing so that is why I ended up getting a bluebird card. Thanks for this post!

  10. I tried to use my Walmart buck at Walmart.com. Do I have to have the full amount on my Bluebird card? Can I split the amount on different cards? Having a tough time.

  11. I linked my bluebird account and transferred my savings catcher bucks but I did not get 2x the savings. Is that offer not valid anymore?

  12. I have transferred $35.00 to my blue bird account. My balance doesn’t reflect any doubling. How do you get the double.

  13. I have redeemed bucks to thesavings catcher. but I am having trouble getting the egift card with the bar code loaded to my phone. can you help me.

  14. How do I add my bluebird card to my money saver acount ? I had to going on a gift card but I now have a bluebird card I would like it to go on .

  15. I tried to use my Walmart Bucks/Bluebird at Walmart.com twice. Both times my transaction was cancelled. Even though the order was cancelled, my money was kept on hold for a week. Very frustrated. I’m going to try to use in store next. I guess we’ll see.

  16. I also have a Walmart card which used to work perfect for me as well… I always got my rewards doubled until 1 day I tried to double my rewards and my money went straight to an e gift card which I did not approve of…how can I get my money back??

    • Did you try on their website? For some reason they have removed the Bluebird option from the app. Once the money is sent to a gift card it is not possible to transfer it to Bluebird.

  17. How do I transfer Walmart rewards to Bluebird? I have a Bluebird account and used it many times to transfer them over while the double rewards promotion was going on. Now that it’s over I have no option to transfer to Bluebird. Is there another way? Printing the egift card every time is a hassle when they should just be able to scan the barcode from my phone.

  18. I just made a purchase on Walmart.com that was $25.70 total. I had $10.28 on my Walmart Bucks account with Bluebird and $21.93 in my Main Account. Since I have both my bank debit card set up as “debit” and my Bluebird card set up as “credit” on file in both my Walmart.com account and on my Walmart app (some things can only be purchased on Walmart.com through my browser {Safari} while everything else can be bought through my Walmart app on my iPad. Trust me. There’s a difference and it makes no sense but there it is…), I happened to be purchasing something that had to be bought using the Safari version of Walmart today. I simply went to checkout and clicked on my Bluebird card as credit and the purchase went through just fine. Walmart automatically took my Walmart Bucks first and then took the remaining amount out of my Main Account last. I read somewhere last month that they do that automatically and they do. My last 3 purchases were through my Walmart app and it did the exact same thing. I’ve been trying to use my Bluebird card as a savings account since last August, but first with Christmas for my 2 grandkids, and now with their birthdays coming up (and they were born 5 weeks, 6 days apart. First my daughter’s son and next my son’s daughter!), I haven’t been able to save a penny yet in spite of putting $100 on my Bluebird card first thing every month! Lol My point is, Walmart automatically takes your Walmart Bucks to pay for purchases first and then goes into your Main Account to pay any remaining amount. Which is exactly what I want. Oh yeah, make note of the fact that today (February 28, 2015) is the last day that Bluebird will honor the “Get double your Savings Catcher money back” day! I don’t know if that means they’re going to take away half of your Walmart Bucks away tomorrow or not so I spent mine (On something I was going to buy in 2 days anyway once my disability check comes in), so it really didn’t matter. Just be sure to always use “credit” with your Bluebird card. It said so on the paperwork that came with the card!


    This is my email!

    I have been collecting my Walmart Saver’s Catcher Receipts for about 3-4 months. I opened a BlueBird American Expess card strictly because of the ability to redeem those Walmart Catcher Savings for double value. I registered by BlueBird Account shortly after I received it in the mail, using my iPad.

    On February 11, 2015 around 1 pm, I decided to redeem my points from my iPhone. I was on the Walmart Saver’s Catcher app, and had clicked to redeem to by BlueBird card. I began having difficulty logging into by BlueBird account. I spend about 40 minutes, continually resetting my password to BlueBird. I actually switched over to my iPad to do this at some point. Upon returning to my iPhone finally, I was able to redeem my $49.07 savings catcher to the BlueBird account. I remember seeing $98.14 being credited while I was on the Walmart Saver’s Catcher’s app at the end of the process. I then went to go to the Blue Bird account to verify. I started getting this “security question” regarding my favorite food. I had never answered this as one of my questions. I tried repeatedly to reset and change my security question. Again, I went onto my iPad, where it showed I was able to change it to the question regarding my first pet. I then attempted to get back onto the BlueBird account was was confronted on both my iPad and iPhone with the old question about favorite food. I finally gave up after spending probably another 30 minutes on this, thinking I would try again later in the day.

    I again attempted around 5:15 to get back on the BlueBird site. Finally at 5:50pm I called BlueBird. Upon checking the balance on BlueBird, it showed a ZERO balance. I asked how long it takes to show the redemption from Walmart Savings Catcher. I was told 3-4 minutes for it to appear on the BlueBird account. I explained what had happened. They attempted to change my security question to what is my pets name. They state they can see that I had changed it to this question. Then this BlueBird rep informed me that they could do nothing as far as the savings catcher transfer, I needed to take it up with Walmart Savings Catcher. They transferred me to Walmart Savings Catcher.

    From 5:15 to 6:20, I was transferred back and forth between Walmart Savings Catcher and BlueBird; each time repeating my account number, 4 digit code on the front, 3 digit code on the back of the card, my name, address, birth date, phone number and last 4 digits of my social security number. At 6:20, I spoke with Michael at BlueBird who was trying his best to help. He kept putting me on hold and then would get back to me. At 6:40, instead of him getting back to me, I was answered by a Walmart Savings Catcher Rep who knew nothing of my situation!

    By now, I am on Rep. #9. He told me he needed my credit card number, which I didn’t have with me. I was no longer sitting at my desk at home, but rather in my car, on my phone trying to drop my children off for sports. This was 1 hour and 25 minutes after I had started all this nonsense. And I didn’t take my BlueBlue credit card with me when I had gotten into the car because I had been on hold with a guy who was trying to help me and had all gotten all my information.

    So, I ask Rep. #9 if he can look it up by my phone number, my social security number, or my address – which is all identifying information that I had been giving all other 8 people! He tells me he can not find my information. I then tell him to get someone on the phone that can help me, because I have been on the phone for over 80 minutes now and I need to be taken care of immediately. He gets someone else on the line, on a 3 way call. This person can look up my BlueBird account, sees the zero balance AND looks up my Saver’s Catcher account to see that I had in fact redeemed $49.07 today to BlueBird. She determines it is probably because I used my iPhone and/or my iPad which are safari based. She tells me BlueBird is not supported by safari and that I should have logged in using Chrome.

    I inform her that there is nothing anywhere indicating you can’t use Safari on any of their websites or even on the card itself. I finally ask, how are we going to solve this. She states that she will “have my IT team look at it first thing in the morning, that they need to be aware of iPhone and iPad problems.” She states she will have them reimburse my account. I request that I get a return call then the next day. She states she makes a note regarding this. She states that normally “the team” sends out an email. It is now 7:20pm at night. I have been on the phone from 5:50 – 7:20pm.

    On February 12, 2015 I call Bluebird at 5:16pm. I am on hold until I hang up at 5:45. I call back immediately, tell the person I want a supervisor and don’t put me on hold. I am on hold until 6:16pm, when supervisor Mhane answers. I inform him of the chain of events and tell him we need to get this fixed. At 6:45, he has a 3 way call with Walmart Associate Margaret. She looks and sees the same information that the lady last night saw. She sees that I was supposed to get a phone call today. She sees that at 3:17am, the “IT team” has entered information and that “it should be taken care of”. She can not see what amount has been credited to where, whether it is the $49.07 back to Walmart Savings Catcher or the full $98.14 to BlueBird. She asks that I wait 24-48 hours for the credit to go through to my BlueBird account. I ask if someone will be calling me or what. She states that someone will be in contact with me, but “if not, for me to call BlueBird or Walmart again”. I thank her and Mhane for their help. It is now 6:50pm. I have been on the phone from 5:16 – 6:50pm.

    On Febuary 14, 2015 I call BlueBird. No money on my account. I send an email to Savings Catcher telling them what’s going on. My reply is simply that they see I redeemed my Savings Catcher and that I need to contact BlueBird, there is nothing they can do.

    On February 16, I call and talk with Jeff at BlueBird. I tell him the story and that as of right now, I can not get onto the BlueBird website due to this “security question”. He states my balance is still ZERO. I am told to contact 1800WALMART to talk with a person to get straight to corporate. Between going back and forth once again with BlueBird and Savings Catcher, I get the names of each company’s CEO’s. I am told there that is no other way to get in touch with any other person “higher up”. That Walmart does not have phone numbers or contact information for district managers, etc.

    On February 18, 2015 while I am at the Walmart Store in Belvidere, IL, I speak with the lady at customer service. I tell her my story. She has me go onto the BlueBird website and sees the security question about what’s my favoriate food. We go through the process, change the question and relog back on. Same question pops up. I spend about 30 minutes with her. We finally decide to just try using the card at the register when I check out. I do that, and there is no WALMART BUCKS, no NOTHING on the card.

    On February 18, 2015 at 3:00pm as I am driving home from getting groceries, I call the 1800WALMART. I am not given the chance to talk with anyone other than a usual customer service rep. I go through my story. I tell her how frustrated I am. She puts me on hold. I talk with her and the BlueBird rep together, having to repeat all their questions, all my information repeatedly. I tell them I do not have time to continue on the phone multiple times as I am continually put on hold while they are “checking”. There is nothing to check into anymore. They just need to reinstate my Walmart Savings Catcher money. They tell me to wait while they check with IT. I tell them I’ve had someone talk with IT, nothing is changed. I am told to hold AGAIN. I hold, they get back on the line and tell me to relink my BlueBird card to Savings Catcher. I tell them AGAIN about the security question that cannot be reset. I tell them I have reset it at least 10 times, and that it is not staying in the system. By now, I am on the phone for 50 more minutes. I tell them I am done. There should be someone who can just FIX THE PROBLEM! I tell them I am done troubleshooting. I tell them to call who ever, look into it and CALL ME BACK. THERE IS NO REASON FOR ME TO CONTINUALLY HOLD WHILE THEY PULL MORE CRAP OUT OF THEIR REARENDS. They are not solving anything. All I want is my WALMART BUCKS. I am told they can not call me back because they are “busy”. I tell them I have spent at least 4 hours dealing with THEIR WALMART/SAVINGS CATCHER PROBLEM. They continue to ask me to hold while they check out this and that. I FINALLY JUST HANG UP WITH THEM AT 4:02PM!!!!!!!


    This is the worst case of customer service I have even been subjected to. This is inexcusable.

    Both Walmart and American Express need to have better controls in place before they market a product such as BlueBird. If this product is only compatible with certain operating systems, it needs to be clearly communicated to the public. They need trained technicians who can be utilized by the consumer to remedy problems in a more timely fashion. As a customer, I just spent OVER 4.5 hours of my time away from doing things with my family to deal with your “customer service reps”, none of whom could provide me with concrete evidence that this has been taken care of correctly. No one should have to endure what I have endured for this amount of time!

    YOUR COMPANIES need to have better follow through, which is why I am bringing this to your attention. There was no easy way to get in touch with either BlueBird or Walmart Savings Catcher. The wait time was unacceptable. It is ridiculous to be constantly put on hold for infinite periods of time. Not one person followed up on my problem or concerns – I was TOLD TWICE THAT THERE WOULD BE FOLLOWUP. It appears that there is no easy way to contact the corporate office. The Walmart store and the reps on the phone, insist the only contact is 1800WALMART.








  20. Help pls..I just received my Amex card today and I have balance on my Walmart buck and I tried to transfer the fund to my Amex and it won’t let me.. My question is can I transfer my Walmart buck to my Amex now..

    • You must go to the Walmart Savings Catcher website and login. When clicking to transfer, you should see an option for Bluebird. You will then login to your Bluebird account and link them. Just follow the prompts.

  21. No luck. The cashier looks at me like I have two heads. The funny thing is they are the ones who told me about the Bluebird card and the double bucks.
    Very disapointed.

  22. Hello, Used my card once and this is what happened Walmart deducted my total amount of purchase $ 20.53 from my BB card that had 0 balance and $13.62in Walmart bucks. They never deducted my Walmart bucks and then didn’t notify me upon purchase the balance of $6.91 and offer me a way to pay.
    So called BB they transferred the $13.62 now I am still -$6.91, I do have $9.90 available on Savings catcher BUT it will not transfer to my BB card. Called both companies About 4 Time’s… Now Walmart finally says oh it sounds like there is a problem we will try to have someone get back to you by Monday,,,,,,, Any one else have this happen I wonder.. Thanks for listening ……

  23. Just an FYI, if you are using ANY prepaid card you must have a cashier change the amount to how much is on the card, you won’t be able to do debt. For example: if you have a prepaid card that has 7.41 on it and your total is 10.30 and you swipe the card, you will be declined, but if you ask the cashier to change the amount to 7.41 or less, it will take it and then you will need to pay the difference another way.

  24. If you will please email me im having trouble connecting the bluebird with my walmart savings catcher and have done lost the $20 i had saved up. Thanks in advance

  25. Do you have to wait for the permanent blue bird card to arrive in order to load you savings catcher funds on it? In other words can you load it on your temporary card?

  26. I purchased the blue bird card at Walmart today and put 1.00 on it because I wanted to money from savings catcher over the website says I already have an account and wont let me in

    • As far as I know you can, however I have never tried it myself. Walmart allows gift cards to be purchased with credit cards and this works just like any other credit transaction.

  27. Are there any fees associated with the bluebird card? When bluebird ends their promotion in 2/2015 for doubling your bucks, will you continue to use your bluebird card to redeem points? Can you cancel the bluebird card at anytime with no charge?

    • I just noticed in your comment, you said bluebird will end their doubling points 2/2015. Does this answer my question as to why I’m not seeing doubling on my account anymore? I have read some of the post and I have not even tried to redeem any monies from my bluebird card yet. Looks like when I do, I need to use credit as my option at check out. I have $34 Walmart bucks and moved over .43 cents when ask to redeem to bluebird and noticed it did not double. Guess they are not doubling anymore?

  28. Hey,,
    Have a question. You all seem like you know quite a bit about the savings catcher/blue bird

    so here goes

    I got some money back with savings cather, and it sent it as a egift card?
    my question :: is there a way to transfer the funds to my bluebird account?

    I was saving the walmart bucks for next years christmas and this has screwed it all up..
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Mary,

      Unfortunately once the Walmart Buck$ have been sent to an e-gift card, it doesn’t seem like there is a way to transfer them to Bluebird. Any Walmart Buck$ you accumulate from now on can be transferred to Bluebird, but the ones you previously redeemed to the gift card are stuck.

  29. I am trying to redeem online through their site. My order is more than my reward bucks and I only use the bluebird card for double the rewards so I don’t have extra money on it. I have been on the phone with Walmart customer service for over an hour (they hung up on me once during the middle of the call….grrrrrr) but these people aren’t even familiar with the card. There should be an option to run two cards since one I need to redeem my reward points with and the rest of the cash would come from my debit.

  30. I am trying to purchase something on Walmart.com and I put in my Bluebird card to use just my Walmart Bucks and it tells me I don’t have enough money for the entire purchase. How do I just use my Walmart Bucks and then pay the rest with my debit card?

  31. Why doesn’t Walmart let their customers know, if they chose an e-card that it can’t be transferred to the Blue-Bird card. Now, only have 29.36 for Christmas gifts. That’s really lousy customer service!!! My phone app glitched earlier this month and some how it chose the e-card. VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!

  32. I just received my bluebird card today and activated it. (Only did this bluebird/Walmart buck$ for the doubled $$.) I’ve been using the Walmart Savings Catcher for almost a year and haven’t had any issues with making a purchase in-store. But now as I am trying to capitalize on the doubled money and trying to purchase items on Walmart.com with this Bluebird card, I am having issues. I used the Bluebird card as an AmEx credit purchase and it’s not recognizing it.

    My question is….should I contact Bluebird or Walmart???
    At least Bluebird has phone numbers that you can use to contact someone. Walmart just has an email process. This is very frustrating. Appreciate this site.

    • I just talked to Bluebird and they are telling me that you cannot use your bluebird card on Walmart.com for just the walmart bucks. They are saying that the system cannot let you break it up into two different payment methods. This is ridiculous. This bluebird is a mess and I don’t think I will be using it again.

  33. I just recieved my blue bird card in the mail. I redeemed my points to the card, but I keep checking the card with no luck. On my savings catcher, my money isn’t popping up anywhere. How long should it take to transfer? It’s like it got lost in the middle somewhere.

  34. I just recurved my blue bird card in the mail. I redeemed my points to the card, but I keep checking the card with no luck. On my savings catcher, my money isn’t popping up anywhere. How long should it take to transfer? It’s like it got lost in the middle somewhere.

  35. I received my permanent Bluebird card. I logged into walmart savings catcher and transferred the amount to the bule bird card, It did not double. I called bluebird Friday the lady said it would be fixed within 24 hours. I called again today and the gentleman said the problem wasn’t on their end but walmarts. He suggest I call them back tomorrow and they will do a 3 way call to walmart i was wondering if anyne else has had this problem and if so did you find a solution?
    Thank You!

  36. How long did it take for everyone’s money to be doubled once the balance was transferred to the blue bird card? I did my 1st transfer last night and it wasn’t doubled so I called and was told it could take up to 2 hours to show. It still hasn’t doubled today so I called back and was told now that it could take up to 24 hours?

    • The loading is done online. If you are able to access your online account, you should be able to load Bluebird and as long as that temporary card is linked to the online account it should work. I cannot 100% guarantee it though. Your permanent card should come within a few days either way.

  37. Hi, I have an e-gift card and i got up to $82 on savings catcher, and was wondering, since I already redeemed it to an e-gift card, will i still get double for the $82, or just from now on. Btw, I just got a bluebird card today and am wondering because I would love to get double the money

  38. How would you go about using your bluebird with Walmart bucks on it on the Walmart website? I tried and I couldn’t figure it out..

    • You would just pay with your Bluebird card. They will automatically deduct the Walmart Bucks before any other balance. When checking out select pay with American Express and then use your card number.

      • This does not work. I am trying to use my Walmart Bucks and pay the difference with a debit card and this is what I get. We were unable to process your order using the card you gave us, ending in 2682. Please use a different credit card, or contact your credit card company for more information. If you prefer, you may choose “Cash” as your payment method to reserve this order, and then pay for the order at your nearest Walmart store.

  39. Question.. so if I continue to scan receipts does it continue to go on the card or do I have to transfer it everytime from Walmart to blue bird? Anyone???

  40. I was hoping to use the double rewards next week has anyone tried to do the Walmart bucks on a temporary blue bird card?

  41. So I’m having trouble with adding my savings from Walmart bucks to my Blue bird card now?? Please help! It only asks me to add it to the e-card… You get more savings if you put on your Blue bird account.. It let me at first i used my card at Walmart with no problems but now when I enter my receipts and get back $$ Blue bird doesn’t even show as an option.. Thank you

  42. The option to transfer to my blue bird was not there as well. It put it on a e card and I’m very upset because I have a larger then usual amount. What can I do I want my double rewards on my bluebird

  43. I have only been able to redeem my walmart bucks to the bluebird card the first time. since then the only option I have is to get an egift card, so i;m not getting the 2x benefit. is there something i’m just not seeing?

  44. My send to bluebird card option is gone on mine & its only offering me the egift card option so I’m losing 2x the savings at this & its really ticking me off that I’ve not got the either or option anymore. Any advice?

    • This has happened to a lot of people lately. I will reach out to Walmart again. I am out of the country and not able to test this, but in my opinion that is unacceptable.

      • The option to transfer to my blue bird was not there as well. It put it on a e card and I’m very upset because I have a larger then usual amount. What can I do I want my double rewards on my bluebird

      • YOU HAVE TO GO ONLINE TO TRANSFER TO YOUR BLUEBIRD ACCOUNT. The option is no longer available on the mobile app. You need to login to Savings Cather online and transfer your points to BlueBird that way; then double them once transferred to BlueBird automatically. Again, you can no longer do it on the mobile site (app) – after the first time you do, it is no longer an option, so go online. Hope that helps!

    • I have found a work around. The problem seems to be with the app. Go to the Walmart website online , login to your account and choose saving catcher from the my account option. The bluebird redeem option is available there.

  45. I accidentally hit the button to put my savings catcher money on the e-gift card. I wanted to add it on to my Bluebird card instead! Is there anyway to cancel the e-gift card? So I could add it onto my Bluebird card instead. Help!

    • I’m not sure. I would suggest calling American Express to help, but there has to be a way. It is Walmart’s site so they may have to reset it. If not, you can create a new Walmart Savings Catcher account for the future and link it to your Bluebird.

  46. I’m trying to use my walmart bucks from my bluebird on online for walmart.com and it won’t give me an option to use the walmart bucks. After i entered my card info to make a payment it’s telling me I have no money to use another card but I do have money on it.

  47. I have same problem. My Walmart Saving Catcher allow me only to redeem to egift card and there is not a link to redeem it to the bluebird card. thanks

    • I had this problem too. Went to Walmart Savings Catcher online at Walmart Website and the option is available there.

    • I’ve had the same problem. I’ve done everything I know to do, and cannot for the life of me, get the option to load funds onto Bluebird account. I’ve registered and linked and done all I know to do. But to no avail!

  48. That is correct, you can split the payments. I only use my Bluebird card for the savings, so I only have Walmart Buck on it. I just made a purchase yesterday for $22, I only had $7.97 left on my Bluebird card so I just told the cashier I wanted to put $7.97 on my Bluebird card and paid the balance with my debit card. No issue at all.

  49. I have been using savings catcher and bluebird for a while. I have redeemed over $50 which then doubled to $100. Today however I went to redeem and bluebird option was not available. Any ideas?

    • I haven’t heard of that. Walmart hasn’t responded to me, however American Express has informed me that their customer service should be able to help. Their phone number is 1 (877) 486-5990. Hope that helps!

    • Log in from a computer, redeem to bluebird, then try next time from your phone. Mine has done that a couple of times

  50. I have the same question, however if all else fails I will tell the cashier at the time of check out I want to pay x amount from the blue bird and x amount for the debit card. They should be able to split that up just the same if you use any two forms of payment. Example if I have cash on hand and not enough I will use x amount of the cash and the rest on the debit.