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Free Money Galore, Uber, Too Much Luxury, Plane vs. Train &...

Tales from the train.
A recap of some of the best and most relevant posts from the past couple of weeks including a number of very lucrative deals!

Tales from the Train – Canadians, Transgenders & Shrooms!

Tales from the train.
A recount of my experience and conversation on a train from Antwerp to Brussels in Belgium.

Amtrak Coast Starlight & Empire Builder Train Review – Travel Differently!

A full review of our experiences in a roomette on the Coast Starlight & Empire Builder Amtrak routes. Find out what to expect & what we liked & didn't like.

An Unforgetabble Journey – Taking The Coast Starlight To Seattle

Love Of Trains Perhaps it was our monthly trips to Disneyland as a child that caused me to develop an appreciation for trains.  Growing up...

The Journey Has Begun In More Ways Than One!

Our two week father/son trip has begun and we are currently traveling between L.A. & Seattle on Amtrak. Also, I am speaking at a conference & exciting news!