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What Still Earns 5X with Chase Ink Business Cards

With all of the recent changes I wanted to take a moment and review what still earns 5X with the Chase Ink Business cards.

I Finally Got My CSR After Training The Chase Rep &...

I share my recent Chase Sapphire Reserve upgrade experience and why I decided to pull the trigger. I also share what my game plan is going forward.

Great News – CSR 5X Earning & Travel Credit Stack!

One of the questions that still remained after Chase's recent changes was will the CSR 5X earning & travel credit stack? I have a data point that say yes!

Chase Ultimate Rewards: Excellent Travel Redemptions & Extra Cash

Chase Ultimate Rewards rightly earns a lot of attention. Let's step through optimal earning and redemption strategies for Chase points and cash.

Why You Should Consider Cashing Out Ultimate Rewards At 1.5 Cents...

Should you consider cashing out your Ultimate Rewards points after Chase's recent announcement? I weigh the pros and cons of taking the money and running.

How To Use Chase Ultimate Rewards To Fly On The 10...

We look at how to use Chase Ultimate Rewards to fly on the 10 largest airlines in the world. Here are the 10 airlines & how to book them using Chase UR..

Chase Ultimate Rewards Gift Card Sale – Get 10% Off When...

There is a Chase Ultimate rewards gift card sale that will get you an additional 10% off when you purchase gift cards with points.

Should We Cash In Our Chips (Points) Because Of Covid-19?

With travel coming to a standstill some are left wondering should we cash in our points? Should we take advantage of other opportunities with them?