Move over Centurion! There is a New Lounge in Las Vegas & It Is Beautiful!

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The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review Entrance

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review

Back in 2017 McCarran International Airport constructed a new corridor between seven gates in Terminal 1 D Gates and Terminal 3 in order for those gates to receive international flights. This turned out to be a great move for the expansion of international routes to Las Vegas, but one of the major issues was a lack of lounges in the terminal.

While the Amex Centurion Lounge has long been in the D gates, the only other lounges in that area of LAS were the United Club and a very small version of The Club at LAS. The old Club at LAS lounge was more of a closet and had a capacity of maybe 20 people. Thankfully it has now shutdown and been replaced by an attractive 7,000+ square foot space not far away.

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review
The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates views.

Located near gate D33, The Club at LAS is certainly a welcome addition to the airport and very easy to reach.

Cost: $40 one-day pass. Free for Priority Pass members.

How to Find: Once exiting the train from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 simply head up the main escalators and turn right following the signs towards Gate D-33. The entrance is hard to miss.

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Overview

The Club at LAS has a capacity of 149 people housed in 5 distinct areas:

  • The Productivity Zone: Looking to work? This is the area for you! This space also has cocoon chairs designed to give a little privacy.
  • The Relax Zone: This is the area along the glass with views of the airport and aircraft coming and going.
  • The Rest Zone: Recliners and ottomans make this an area for relaxing and getting refreshed before flights.
  • The Replenish Zone: The area near the buffet and bar. Pretty standard dining table setups.
  • The Refresh Zone: This is the shower area. Not really a zone, but hey they wanted to have 5. 🙂

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review
An overview of the main section of the lounge. The bar is off to the right and behind in this picture while the buffet is off to the left.

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates – My Visit & Review

I arrived in the lounge about an hour before I needed to board my flight to DFW. When I arrived the lounge wasn’t very busy, however that would change over the course of the next hour. My first impression upon walking in was that the lounge is very well decorated and quite attractive.

Just after entering you’ll find the shower and restroom area off to the right. Continue down the corridor to find the resting zone with daybeds and some private areas. This seemed to be one of the quieter areas of the lounge.


The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review
The relax zone.

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review Seating
Comfy enough, but squeezed in pretty tightly with no space in between.


The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review Seating
These cocoon chairs are narrow but comfy.

From there you can continue on into the lounge to find several distinct seating areas. The first row has those cocoon chairs which looked a bit cramped to me. Continuing on there is ample seating along the glass and a few rows of standard chairs. Being new, this lounge has a ton of outlets including USB connections.


Where this lounge stands out compared to the previous version is in the food and beverage offerings. A full and proper bar is located towards the back of the lounge and a large buffet area can be found as well. Under the buffet you can get cans of soda and juice without having to go to the bar. I like that.

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review Bar

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Food

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates Review

As for the food, it isn’t Earth shattering by any means, but it was all fairly decent looking. Most of the offerings are cold including sandwiches, salad fruit, desserts, etc. however there were two soups, both of which looked decent. (I didn’t try them.) What I did try though was a couple of small sandwiches. Both were delicious. Unfortunately the popcorn from the old lounge is gone, but there is a nice selection of nuts and candies.

One Complaint – Comfort

By now you can probably see that I really liked this lounge, however it isn’t all good. My first impressions upon walking around were that the seating just didn’t look all that comfortable. I also noticed that it was packed in fairly tightly. And unfortunately my concerns turned out to be warranted.

This seat isn’t very deep and the lack of tables makes them not very comfortable either.

Over the course of my time in the lounge I sat in several different areas and it all felt a bit cramped. For example the bench style booth area is not very deep and is incredibly hard. The regular chairs weren’t terrible, but I wouldn’t call them particularly comfortable either. The comfort of the seating just doesn’t compare to the Centurion Lounge two minutes away. Is that a deal breaker? No, but it is something to keep in mind. Make sure to check out even more pics at the end.

Bottom Line

When it comes to food, drinks and seating this lounge falls just a bit shy of the American Express Centurion lounge LAS D gates, but is still a wonderful option for Priority Pass holders. While I am not a huge fan of the seating comfort or density, it is certainly better than sitting in the terminal. With great access to outlets plus an attractive aesthetic I do plan to visit the Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates quite often, especially when the Centurion Lounge is busy or if I need to stop in on arrival.

The Club at LAS Terminal 1 D Gates – More Photos

Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. What drugs are you on – based on your review we moved from the Amex lounge over and what a mistake – no way this lounge is better than the Amex lounge. It is cramped with bad bad food

    • A lounge experience is largely dependent on when you visit and how crowded it is, etc. however I never said this lounge is better than the Centurion. In fact here is my exact conclusion, “When it comes to food, drinks and seating this lounge falls just a bit shy of the American Express Centurion lounge LAS D gates, but is still a wonderful option for Priority Pass holders.” So I said when it comes to food/drink and to seating the Centurion is better.

  2. Usually the food at Centurion club is way out there Far too gourmet than it needs to be. If I se epumkin or squash soup again ill dump it. A few simple dishes would be fine.

  3. I forgot I took a Jetblue flight a few weeks ago and I was in this club. I was pleansatly surprised. The staff was excellent there cleaning and offering to get you a drink. The food and soup were fine. I thought it would be like some of the lesser Club lounges I have been in.

  4. I go often to the Vegas Centurion Club. I find the choice of food pretty funky. Lots of pumpkin soup, and similar and things that are a little too much out there. I would be fine with some simple food choices. Its very crowded often and the few times I have used the shower you can tell it is not used often there and they dont have much staff to deal with it.

  5. I usually do the Centurion lounge as the last time I did the united lounge they were out of several bar items (but you could purchase the upgraded ones) and the food was brownies, soup and rolls. I look forward to trying this one in June. Thanks for reviewing it as I never would have noticed it otherwise.

  6. Looks nice, but food “a bit shy…”? The Centurion Lounge offers top tier restaurant quality distinctive meals. Not a selection of pre-made cold sandwiches. This certainly looks like a nice option, but no where near as nice as the Centurion at LAS. I visited that place just once admittedly but it was just fantastic. This place looks nice and it’s nice to see more options available for sure. Seems pretty consistent with other clubs in this club chain. But I wouldn’t put it on par with the Centurion.

  7. Nice! Have been to the old closet a few times and this is a huge improvement, uncomfortable seating notwithstanding. Now to find an excuse to head to Las Vegas again.

  8. Shawn, that looks much better than the old place; must be very recent.. was at LAS in Mar but didn’t see any sign or indication that it will be moved; speaking of Centurion’s, visited a few times of late where i felt the food was fairly mediocre… although its raisin cookies are still very good

  9. I flew through LAS a few weeks ago and I was expecting the closet-size The Club. My son was super excited about “the lounge with jelly beans and cup a noodle”.
    Imagine our surprise to find a really nice, new, big lounge! I loved it. We had really superb service too. However, my son really missed the crappy snack food from the old club. Haha!


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