My Account Was Hacked, What Happened & Why You May Need to Protect Yourself

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walmart account hacked

Warning: My Account Was Hacked!

A few hours ago I was sitting at my computer when an interesting email came through. It was Walmart thanking me for my order. My first thought was that my wife must have seen a deal at Walmart. My mind then immediately went to thinking about whether or not she used a portal. (Sometimes she conveniently “forgets”!)

Of course, out of curiosity I opened to email to see that someone had ordered a Samsung Note 2. Better yet, the delivery address was in Ohio. As you can see from the screenshot below, they left my billing address and payment information the same, but just changed the delivery address.

walmart account hacked

And the new shipping address.

walmart account hacked

What Happened

Since I had seen this email almost right away, I quickly went online and tried to cancel the order. After finding the correct screen I clicked “cancel” but then was given an error. I decided it was time to call Walmart to have my account shutdown. While Walmart’s phone tree is terrible, I kept pounding “0” and reached someone.

After explaining my situation, the Walmart rep verified my information and told me he was going to place me on hold while he spoke to his supervisor. Just as he placed me on hold, another order confirmation came through. This time the scammer ordered a cheaper Android phone.

walmart account hacked

The rep had me on hold for awhile, so by the time he came back I had also received a fraud alert from American Express. Apparently he had also tried to place another order for $967.35. I hadn’t had a chance to call Amex yet since I was still on with Walmart, so I was happy to see the fraud alert email. By clicking that the charge was suspicious, I had effectively shutdown the credit card so this person couldn’t place any more orders.

walmart account hacked

In the mean time, the Walmart rep came back on and off the phone several times while he worked to completely delete all payment information and shut down my account. At this point my wife starts calling because American Express was calling her asking about the suspicious activity. Oh and did I mention that Friday’s are daddy day care day so of course the baby had to wake up from her nap and start crying!

Eventually I calmed the baby down just as the rep completed the shutdown of my Walmart account. I then quickly called my wife and then American Express to make sure they issue a new card just in case. Walmart claims all of the orders were cancelled, so by quickly seeing the email and calling, I prevented any charges from actually going through.


I don’t normally purchase anything at, however I did buy gift cards there last year during an Amex Offer. While I normally never agree to save payment data on an account, apparently that somehow happened at Walmart. The card used to place the orders today was the card stored on my account. In other words, my credit card number wasn’t stolen, but instead my account was hacked.

It is a terrible idea to store payment data on an online account. Apparently Walmart is supposed to ask for the 3 or 4 digit security number for stored payment data, but they didn’t seem to do that. Also, you would think when someone changes the shipping address to a different state, Walmart would at least verify some information. I know Amazon requires the entire card number be re-entered when you add a different shipping address.

walmart account hacked

For those who are wondering, the shipping address is for a company called Borderlinx. They act as a middleman for people shopping on U.S. or E.U. based websites. Customers in foreign countries use the Borderlinx address for shipping and then the company accepts the packages and sends the merchandise overseas. At this point I am not going to pursue this further with Broderlinx, but both Walmart and Amex have the shipping address information if they wish to.

What You Should Probably Do

walmart account hacked

I suspect there are quite a few of you with an Amex card stored on a account. You may also have Amex cards stores on your Sam’s Club account from the recent deal. I urge you to delete these items, since that data doesn’t seem to be secure if your account is hacked. At Walmart you can delete them by going to “My Account” and “Credit Cards”. Sam’s Club stores the info under “My Account” and then “My Payment Settings.”

This is probably a good reminder that it is never generally a good idea to keep payment data stored with a company. While some company’s like Amazon do a good job of it, others like Walmart apparently don’t. I will continue to keep my payment data stored with Amazon because I trust their security a little more, but I plan to check accounts from several other retailers to see if payment data was stored accidentally.


In the end, I lost about an hour of my time dealing with this, but I did get some satisfaction knowing that this scammer won’t be getting his merchandise. While I wouldn’t have been responsible for the charges either way, it still feels good to know that Suratno Nano or whoever he is won’t be receiving his packages addressed to Shawn Coomer!

Shawn Coomer
Since 2007 Shawn Coomer has been circling the globe with his family for pennies on the dollar. He uses that first-hand knowledge and experience to teach others how to achieve their travel dreams for the least amount of money possible.

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  1. Happened to me in 2012. Got an email saying that my order was ready. What order?

    Contacted Walmart and they were great. I spoke in computerspeak, so the customer service person forwarded my call to the techs, since they didn’t understand what I was talking about. They blocked the order/pickup, so no worries there, but I was still pissed. I received files from Walmart re: the hack, their location, their computer, time of day, etc. Found out where the hacker lived.

    Shop in store and/or use PayPal. No more credit card info stored online that a Walmart employee can get their hands on, no more surprises.

  2. I don’t order much online from Walmart so I was shocked the last time I went to do so I saw that my debit card was saved to my account. I NEVER, EVER save my card info to online accounts. It was old anyways so I deleted and bought my new purchase, taking careful note to see if there was a hidden button anywhere that was asking to save my card info. There wasn’t so after buying I went into my card info to see if it was stored. It was. I couldn’t believe they did this without even asking or telling me!! I’m beyond pissed! More so I can’t find any setting anywhere under my account to crank up security. Pretty shady if you ask me.

  3. Hate to say it but Amazon is no better. Someone hacked into my account without having to put any of my CC numbers in and changed the shipping address to a address in Houston Texas. They tried ordering something expensive , most likely was declined because I didn’t have the credit left to cover the charge. They also changed my phone number to voip number.

  4. I just found out my reward dollars was hacked a few weeks ago. I hardly ever pay attention to emails since I get so many of them. usually junk! I tried to order a coffee pot and was going to use my reward dollars I’ve been saving for 2 year’s. I got to the checkout part and entered in the ecard number and it said I had a balance of .15 cents! That’s when I started investigating past emails and purchases and found 3 emails from apparently someone ordered a car stereo with my 72.00 I saved! I will be calling walmart tomorrow to see if I can get the address and name of the person who ordered it, and try to get my money back. I can’t believe this I found it 2 weeks late! I wish I had spent the money sooner lol.

  5. same thing happened to us last night. someone hacked our online account and placed an online order using our gift cards stored online. the email given by Shasta did NOT work. it bounced back. we intend to call the number 1-855-559-5603 to sort out this problem. the hacker changed our email so we couldn’t even log on, let alone cancelling the order. but that corporate number doesn’t open until 11am EST. very frustrating in the meantime since we discovered it early this morning around 6am. otherwise regular customer service is useless.

  6. Same thing just happened to me too! Customer service fixed my account and canceled the orders (camera and galaxy s7). It should not be allowed to add a new shipping address (e.g. my hacker: Ludovicus Vancluysen, 182-21 150th Avenue, Springfield Gardens, NY 11413) without confirming the payment method (e.g. re-enter credit card number). Walmart is to blame for that! It seems that they are just too incompetent to fix this issue! Don’t save your credit card info with Walmart.

  7. My account was also hacked, but I know for certain that I did not save my CC information when I used it. I only used the account one time. In my estimation, Walmart is liable for the hack. Has anyone tried taking them to small claims court to sue for your time and cost to repair your credit and get a new card, account, gift cards, points, etc? I’m going to look into it, but any advice would be appreciated. I believe I will have to prove that I did not want my card saved, which will be difficult considering the Walmart account is now closed.

    • To Matt and anyone ELSE I can help with the following resolution.
      (YES, I got a resolution!!)
      ALSO, my complaint is the 1 above, under Shasta, with the date October 29th, 2015.

      My situation was 2 gift cards and customer service was NO help WHAT so ever!!
      I then sent a 5 page typed letter of explanation to Wal-Mart headquarters.
      I waited a month. and THEN sent an email to Sam Walton’s son.
      (The crazy thing is, I have a copy of EVERYthing but THAT email (?) so I can’t give you the address but if I could find it, it’s find~able.
      I am not sure which of the 2 contacts helped me, the physical letter to the head quarters or the 1 to Sam’s son, but ONE of the 2 DID resolve my problem!!

      I got the following message~

      Response email (12/17/2015 12:29 AM)

      Hi ******,
      We received your email regarding your gift cards. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I would like to provide you with the best resolution possible, but I am still researching. I will need your physical address in order to move forward. Please send me the information as soon as possible.
      If you have additional questions, please call me at 1-855-559-5603, M-F, 10:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. PST.

      Victoria J.
      Sr. Executive Escalations Specialist

      It was sent to me by Fed-Ex.

      After a lot of frustration and headaches, I got this resolved right before X-Mas!

      Good Luck~
      (I’m still in dis-belief!!)

  8. I was hacked about a year ago. Someone had charged condoms and lots of them, to my CC. I was shocked. I called and cancelled my CC and have never ordered anything from again. I did call Walmart but they seemed like the didn’t care too much.

  9. This just happened to me today too. I got email notification from Walmart of a prepaid Samsung cell phone that I never ordered and a minute later another one for a prepaid Nokia LUMIA came in. Both for pickup in Appleton, WI. I immediately cancelled my credit card and then logged into Walmart and cancelled both orders. I had placed an order in December for a Christmas gift and like you, I never store credit cards with websites online, but somehow my credit card was stored with Walmart. Lesson learned, and after reading all the comments just reinforced that I will never shop online with Walmart again.

  10. I was just a victim of my Walmart account being hacked too! Except they got away with a 55′ Samsung TV. They tried to make the same purchase again today at a different location in the same state but it was declined. Funny thing is that I also had an AMEX stored on the account and it was also picked up in OH! I live in Texas! I called the manager at the store in New Boston, Ohio and she said that the person who picked up the TV changed the pick up person to an alternate pick up person and was able to show the correct identification. So I logged into my account to see if the hacker changed the alternate ID name and I didn’t see a change which I thought was weird… Who knows if that’s what really happened. My guess is that they must have failed to ask for ID. I asked the manager for the name of the person who picked it up and she said she was not able to give me that information! Seriously?! Just a friendly reminder to those with Walmart accounts… Don’t save your cc info!

  11. @Miranda
    First of all, why blaming it all on Walmart?
    The person to be blamed on is you.
    Walmart is not at fault here, it’s you.
    Have you ever use multiple sites with the same passwords? Than that’s your answer.

  12. Tried to log into my account to make a purchase and it kept saying my password and email did not match. I then tried to reset the password and it stated that I could not change it due to the email not being associated with any account. Considering I have been using the same account for the last 10 years, I called Walmart. Upon further investigation with customer service we realized someone had hacked my account and made two purchases draining gift card balances in the amount of $260. Luckily they didn’t touch my credit cards which have great fraud protection and alerts but obviously had access to the numbers which means they need to be cancelled. The customer service rep stated that I was being sent to Tier 2 and someone would contact me within 24 hours. She also let me know that she wasn’t sure if I would get reimbursed the amount stolen. Please clear your Wal-mart account of any payment information. If their security is this bad, that online accounts can be hacked so easily (through research, I noticed this has been happening for years) and they have made no effort to improve the security of our accounts, I suggest not using at all. If they can hack our accounts then they can also hack previous purchases and possibly get credit card info that way. Ridiculous on the part of WALMART.

  13. This just happened to me today, December 30th 2015. I received an email from saying that I have changed my email address. NO I DID NOT! So, I attempted to login to my account which i use at least 2x a week for the past 5 years. It says invalid login!! I immediately call customer service and they provided me the email adress the hacker changed it to and I immediately changed the password. Under my account I noticed 2 things- I had placed an order for 2 Playstation digital gift cards- NO I DID NOT! Secondly, they used my stored gift cards to pay for them- completely draining the balance! I deleted my credit card I had stored and checked my bank. Thankfully they did not charge anything on my credit card. I spoke to Tier 2 at security and they assured me i will get my gift card monies back.

  14. just had this happen to me on Christmas day! BOTH credit cards that were stored under my account were used to make 9 fraudulent charges for $150+ perfumes and Apple earbuds. The name, billing information and address were left the same, but the shipping address was changed to 937 47TH ST W, BIRMINGHAM , AL 35208. Like many of those who commented, I caught on to it because of the flood of confirmation emails I received that were being sent to my cell phone. Walmart has lost my trust completely…this many people becoming victims of this is really unacceptable.

  15. I was waiting for 2 gift cards to be receive a credit from a canceled order.
    By the time Wal-Mart told me they had been given a credit, someone hacked my account and spent the two $50.00 gift cards.
    Wal-Mart said the ONLY thing I can do is contact the financial Institute I bought the gift cards from. to have them deal with it.

    I didn’t use a CC to buy the Gift Cards so apparently, I’m S~outta’ luck!

  16. I too received an email this morning letting me know my account changes as I requested had been successfully changed. I was getting ready for work and almost disregarded it but something just made me pause. So I tried to log into my account. I was logged out on my walmart app where I submit my savings catcher receipts. Troubling. So I tried to login and of course my login was wrong. Went to request my password and found out that there wasn’t any account associated with that email! So I tried the chat option (seems like I had much better luck then calling like some other people) and was told that because it was still processing, they couldn’t do anything and that I should call or chat again tomorrow. Really? But they did tell me that the only transaction had been someone purchased a 10 dollar gift card with my gift card balance from savings catcher. Really? I mean, you don’t think it’s a little strange that someone request account info to be changed and then they purchase a gift card with a gift card? Whatever, could have been worse. So all day, I kept an eye on my accounts. I had no idea if I had any payment information saved or not. So I get home from work and I chat again. This time, immediately they shut down my account and remove all payment methods (why the person didn’t do that this morning idk). They told me I would have to create a new account and would no longer be able to use the cards I’d associated with the previous account. Which sucks because pretty sure it was my debit card. But they did send me another 10 dollar gift card to replace the 10 dollars that was stolen. I’m sure if it was a larger amount, I’d have had more trouble getting reimbursed. I’m leery of attaching it to my account. I’m also afraid to use savings catcher again because what’s the point of earning rewards if someone can hack my account and lock me out and then request a gift card with my earned money?! I don’t know. It’s all so troubling.

  17. I was also victimized by a hacker on Mine was 4 Dell 1TB External Backup Hard Drives for a total of $317.43. Fortunately I check my yahoo email account regularly and picked up on the fraudulent order about 40 minutes after it was placed. I live in Edwards, CO. The order, which did have my name on it, was being sent to 130 Stonefield Dr. #2 Waterbury, CT 06705. A google search revealed that a M**** Bachand lived a that address along with a partial phone number: (203) 596-****. It wasn’t worth the $19.95 the data storage company wanted to release the rest of the details. Once I reached a representative at Walmart, not an easy place to contact by phone, and explained the situation, I was assured that the order was cancelled. As of now it is still listed as being ‘in process’ on the website which means I couldn’t change my email address or close the account. I did manage to delete my credit card information from Walmart’s site and change my password before filing a claim with my bank, since it was my debit card number that had been used. This appears to be a cautionary tale about a company that isn’t very rigorous about its online security. Needless to say, I will never use it again.

  18. I got an email from that my information had been changed on my account. When I attempted to sign-in to my, the email associated with the account had been changed. I then received another email that I had ordered a $15 e-gift card. I immediately called the telephone number listed by Walmart, speaking with someone in another country who did not seem to understand the problem. She said the email associated with my account had been changed to and any attempts to send a password reminder would go to the new email. I told her that was not solving the original issue in that someone had hacked my account and ordered a gift card. She said she had to go as she had other customers to help. I said “you need to put me on with your fraud department immediately”. She put me on several holds and told me she had removed the credit cards associated with the account and cancelled the e-gift card order, and provided an incident number. The promised confirmation email never came (probably went to the hacked email address)

  19. I got hacked yesterday. I received an email from saying they cancelled my order because they couldn’t verify some of my information. when I logged in I saw that someone tried to order $54.60 worth of baby food and have it shipped to this address: 4562 W 5th St apt 1182 santa ana, CA 92703. I just deleted my card information and changed the password to my account and my email.

  20. I’m so glad you posted about this. My account was hacked yesterday. I had received an automated e-mail from Wal-Mart telling me I had changed my e-mail address. I called customer service, got put on hold a bunch of times like you did, and learned that someone changed my e-mail, my mailing address and, oh yeah, ordered stuff and charged it to my stored Amex. I canceled Amex through a chat box but I can’t log in to my Wal-Mart account, where I had roughly $50 in reward dollars that I can no longer access. I was told I might have to pay $25 to reinstate my account, and I might or might not be able to recover my $50 in reward dollars. So … $75 out the window and no access to a credit card till my new Amex arrives? Good times, I tell you. Again, thank you for posting and for letting me share my experience.

  21. This just happened to me today. However, Alvin Christianto won’t be getting his $600+ in camera equipment because the order was cancelled for “missing or partial payment information”??? I’m not sure what that was, because my credit card approved the charges initially… weird.

    I wonder…. is there anywhere we can put in the shipping name & address they tried to have the order sent to in order to try to catch these creeps? Seems like there should be a place to report this where the info would go to local police and then they could investigate and perhaps prosecute? Wishful thinking on my part, probably.

  22. I had the same thing happen to me Saturday night 7/11/2015.
    Pretty much the same as you, i was sitting on my PC and had an alert thanking me for my order. Soon after I received another saying it was ready for pickup. I called the store in California and told the manager what was going on. He stopped them from picking up and canceled the order.
    If I had not been at my PC at that moment, they would have succeeded.

  23. Same thing happened to me on the 31st… I woke up to my phone beeping like crazy, alerting me of purchases being made on one of my credit card. I checked my email and saw an email from Walmart saying my info had been changed, and immediately tried logging into walmart, only to be told my email didn’t match any on file. Called walmart, and they quickly canceled the transactions, deleted payment info, and changed the password to the account. They however couldn’t put the account back into my name until the transactions were fully canceled, so I had to call back once they were done. I then had to call my credit card company and alert them to the situation, and get them to issue a new card. I called walmart back today, to get the account put back in my name (out of sheer curiosity to find out what they ordered.) After getting a temp password, i logged into my account to see that they had attempted to buy 3 pairs of shoes, 3 $47 cell phones, and a pair of headphones, all of which were to be sent to a shipment forwarding place in Indiana, and oregon. I’m so thankful that the orders were canceled in time, and that it wasn’t larger purchases. I still can’t understand why walmart doesn’t require the ccv at checkout like most retailers do. One things for sure, I’m never saving credit card info again, and I won’t be shopping at again.

  24. Wow! This almost mimics exactly what happened to me last night. I woke this morning with texts from Amex stating I had 3 large charges to my card. I immediately called Amex and had the charges reversed and a new card issued. I also received an email from stating my address, email, or password had been changed. I called Walmart and told them about the fraudulent purchases and had them delete my account. The items purchased were a laptop, smartphone, and a play station. These items were to be delivered to an apartment in MA. A lesson learned: never store my cc# on a website. I hope the authorities get notified so these thieves get punished.

  25. I just had this happen to me last night. Someone tried to order a $1600 video card, which I didn’t know exsisted that expensive. They used Tiger Direct which is a 3rd party, I called 2 minutes before closing and they said I had to contact Tiger Direct which was closed. I was able to have Amex remove the charge, but I was baffled too as to why Walmart would not ask for the 4 digit security like most sites despite having it saved which I didn’t want in the first place.

  26. Thank you for the heads up, and sorry to hear this happened to you. My takeaways are:

    1) Delete all CC info from ALL online merchants, asap. The hacks continue day and night 🙁

    2) Have Skype ready as a backup to make calls at the same time. Insurance policy. If I have to talk to two reps at the same time (AMEX & WM) I can put one on hold while I talk to the other.

  27. I was hacked but it was my walmart gift card and walmart told me they were not responable for the lost of 350 on one card and 6.50 on another card but it clearly shows that both were used California on the same time and I live in VA and was not in CA and they refused to help me. I will not shop with them again

    • The same thing happened to me this week and it was 350.00 on my walmart gift card , they npught a 49.99 Playstation subscription and another 300 dollar gift card. I think its pretty crappy all walmart can say is there is nothing we can do. Way to go walmart. They need a better policy when it comes to fraudulent activity on

      • My hack happened just yesterday. I’d gotten an email from Walmart informing me that the changes had been made to my account that I had requested, of course I had not requested any changes. The person I spoke to at said that my email address had been changed and they had ordered $50 playstation gift cards. They got $400 off of the Walmart gift card I had associated with my account; I was recharging the card regularly as a way to help my retired parents make ends meet.
        I will ask Walmart about reimbursement of the lost money, but based on what I have read, I am not hopeful. . . .
        Makes me much less willing to give Walmart my business in the future.

  28. Thanks! That was a good reminder. Just deleted everything, now I’m going to check other websites were my information is stored.

  29. Excellent advise, and reminds me I need to check all my on-line places where I do business — a LOT of places, including residuals tracks left from multiple sears & shopyourway promos where they encourage you to “register” multiple cards for shopping there…. (and recall Greg as one of the frequent pushers to those “quick deals” — “sync your card” !! it’s ez we’re so often told…. NO MORE.) Must remember from now on to never, ever leave credit card info “stored” or “synced” at these horrendously vulnerable web sites. I

  30. I had the very same thing happen to me within the last 2 weeks. I started receiving order emails from I logged into my account in time to cancel orders and remove my payment account before the hacker could take complete control.

    The hacker tried to change my password and my email address. Fortunately, he didn’t do things quickly enough or in the right order to take over the account.

    In addition to tracking my online accounts that store payment information, this also served as a good reminder to use secure passwords and to use different unique passwords for each website.

  31. A few years ago someone hacked my account and ordered cameras with a Discover card. The orders were cancelled before I even realized anything had happened. So I guess I wasted very little time but I don’t store my numbers there anymore either.

  32. Thanks for sharing your precautionary tale. Just removed from saved CC’s from a few websites.

    On a related note, I have had 4 fraud cases in less than a month on a long-standing Ink MC account (2 each on my card and my wife’s AU card). The second pair of fraud cases occurred before we even used the new cards! At least Chase is very good with detecting fraud and handling the situation, at least in my experience. I was almost worried that my Chase account(s) had been hacked, but they assure me that it’s a case of online scammers generating numbers and then testing them – and not having enough info to complete the transactions.


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