(Updated) Here’s Where Vaccinated Americans Can Travel (Now & Soon)

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Here's Where Vaccinated Americans Can Travel (Now & Soon)

Here’s Where Vaccinated Americans Can Travel (Now & Soon)

Everyone’s newest interest: places where vaccinated Americans can travel. As border restrictions ease, more people get vaccinated, and travel options expand with news out of the EU, you want to know where you can go. In this article, we’ll look at where vaccinated Americans can travel both now and soon. We’ll note opening dates for destinations, plus what special perks you get with being vaccinated (ex: no quarantine). If there’s any special requirements for proof beyond just bringing your vaccine card, those are noted as well.

Updated November 26, 2021

Where Vaccinated Americans Can Travel

Beyond ‘you can come, but there’s a quarantine’, we are looking at places where entry is easier for those who have received a vaccination against COVID-19. That means something is simpler, whether it’s no testing on arrival, no quarantine, etc. What’s different for vaccinated travelers and necessary information are noted with the opening dates below.

To be clear: other places are open with “the same rules for everyone”. We are NOT covering those here. This is a list of where vaccinated Americans can travel and enter the country easier than people who are not vaccinated.

U.S. States & Territories


Skip quarantine requirements if you’re vaccinated. The final dose must have been at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.


Starting July 8, you can skip quarantine and testing requirements if you’re vaccinated. Our original post with more info is here.

Northern Mariana Islands

Skip testing and quarantine requirements on arrival if you’re vaccinated. You will still have to do a test on day 5, though. Info here.

Puerto Rico

As we mentioned previously, skip testing requirements if you’re vaccinated. Many businesses in Puerto Rico are requiring proof of vaccination to enter.

Note: American Samoa and U.S. Virgin Islands have the same rules for everyone.

Foreign Countries


Bypass testing requirements if you have proof of vaccination. There are still health checks on arrival, regardless of vaccination status. Info here.


If you’re staying more than 3 nights, there are requirements. For those staying less than that, you have no official requirements. Vaccinated visitors staying longer than 3 nights don’t need the COVID tests that non-vaccinated visitors will need. Info here.


Starting July 1, 2021, if you are eligible for a vaccine, you must get it. Otherwise, you can’t visit Anguilla. Bring proof of vaccine and guest tested on arrival. Unvaccinated visitors are not permitted. Info here.

Antigua & Barbuda

Quarantine is likely required if arriving by sea. Those arriving by air must have proof of vaccination if over 18 years of age. There may be additional testing and health checks on arrival. Info here.


Open again to foreign tourists, you can’t visit if you’re not vaccinated. You’ll still need tests before departure and after arrival, plus health declaration forms.  Info here.


Bring proof of vaccination at least 14 days old and you can skip testing / quarantine requirements. More information here.


Vaccinated visitors can enter without quarantine or testing requirements. Non-vaccinated visitors are prohibited from numerous public spaces in the country, as well. Info here.


Foreigners can’t enter if you don’t have proof of vaccination + a negative PCR test. Info here.

The Bahamas

Vaccinated visitors can choose to take just a rapid/antigen test prior to travel, rather than the more expensive PCR test required for non-vaccinated visitors. Pre-travel forms and more information are here.


Skip pre-flight testing requirements and quarantine if you have proof of vaccination. Info here.


Vaccinated visitors will take a COVID test before travel and on arrival. Once the result comes back as negative, you will be released to go enjoy your visit. There is no quarantine for vaccinated people in this process. Info here.


Vaccinated visitors can skip quarantine requirements. Info here.


No quarantine for vaccinated visitors, and non-vaccinated Americans cannot visit. You must take a test on arrival and self-isolate until receiving a negative result. Additionally, another test is required on day 7. Pre-travel forms are here.


Quarantine requirements are waived for vaccinated travelers. However, even those with proof of vaccination must still take a test before arrival, apply for travel authorization, and take tests on arrival / during their stay.


Vaccinated visitors to this Caribbean island have still need pre-flight negative test results and will undergo tests on arrival. Non-vaccinated visitors have subsequent tests during their stay. Info here.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Skip pre-flight testing requirements if you’re vaccinated. Info here.

British Virgin Islands

If you’re vaccinated, you will take a COVID test before travel. Then, take a test on arrival. Once your result comes back negative, you are free to go about the islands. Info here.


The U.S. is a “red” country. You can enter with proof of vaccination if arriving from a “green” or “orange” country after staying there and meeting that country’s entry requirements. Info here.

Cabo Verde

If you’re vaccinated and have proof, you can skip testing requirements. You still need to fill out a health declaration. Information is here.


Vaccinated visitors can avoid 14 days of quarantine if they arrive with proof of vaccination and a negative PCR test. Additionally, PCR tests are given on arrival to non-vaccinated visitors, but those with proof of vaccination only undergo a rapid test. Info here.


Skip quarantine if you are vaccinated. You must still complete paperwork in advance and come with a negative Covid test (rapid test not accepted). Read info about the process here.

Cayman Islands

Vaccinated visitors can visit as of November 20, 2021. However, you must have a Securely Verifiable Vaccination Certificate, such as SMART Health Card, to avoid quarantine. Info here.


This country is only open to vaccinated foreigners. You’ll still need a pre-travel negative Covid test result, health insurance, a health declaration form, and a test on arrival. Info here.

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia


For those who are vaccinated, you can skip COVID testing requirements. For visitors from outside Europe, remember that tourism is only allowed with proof of a hotel booking, which must be paid in full in advance. Bookings on points may meet this requirement, but check to be sure. Info here.


Fully vaccinated visitors can skip testing and quarantine requirements. Info here.


Vaccinated persons do not need to quarantine or do testing after arrival. You still need to complete forms before travel. Info here.


Skip quarantine and testing requirements if you’re vaccinated. You also don’t need to show a valid reason for travel. Info here, including special rules for Faroe Islands & Greenland.


Avoid a 5-day quarantine plus follow-up tests if you’re vaccinated. There are still tests before departure and on arrival, plus online paperwork. Info here.

Dominican Republic

Skip testing requirements if you’re vaccinated. You still must complete pre-arrival forms. Info here.


Vaccinated travelers can skip testing requirements for Ecuador. There are no quarantine requirements for anyone. Non-vaccinated visitors cannot go to the Galapagos Islands. Info here.


Skip testing requirements if you’re vaccinated. Everyone needs health insurance. Info here.

El Salvador

Skip testing requirements if you’re vaccinated. Info here.


Skip testing and quarantine requirements, plus restrictions on movement, if you’re vaccinated. Non-vaccinated visitors are not allowed to visit for tourism. Info here.


Starting December 1, 2021, vaccinated Americans can enter with a pre-departure negative PCR test. Testing on arrival will be conducted, but you do not need to quarantine while awaiting results. Info here.


Skip testing and quarantine requirements if you’re vaccinated. Info here.


Non-vaccinated Americans cannot enter. There are no testing requirements for those with proof of vaccination. Info here. Additionally, read here for how to get the EU Digital Covid Certificate as a foreigner. You can also get this for a fee if about 35 euros at a French pharmacy.

French Polynia (including Tahiti)

Vaccinated visitors do not need to quarantine or undergo testing throughout their stay. There are pre-departure and on-arrival testing requirements. Info here.


This small country between Russia, Turkey, and Iran waives quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers who have a negative PCR test result. Those under 10 are exempt from proof of vaccination requirements but still need the PCR test result. Info here.


Vaccinated visitors to Germany can bypass quarantine requirements. Full information is here, including which vaccines they accept. You must submit proof and must bring your vaccine card–not just a photo on your phone.


Vaccinated visitors can skip testing requirements prior to arrival and skip quarantine on arrival. Info here. Note that many businesses in Greece are requiring proof of vaccination to go inside.


Non-vaccinated people can’t visit. Bring proof of vaccination and a pre-flight negative PCR test result. Take a PCR test on arrival and stay at approved lodging for 2 nights while awaiting the results. Rules for children vary by age. Info here.


Non-vaccinated visitors must present a compelling reason for travel, while vaccinated visitors can go for any reason. Pre-travel tests and documents are required. Info here.

Here's Where Vaccinated Americans Can Travel (Now & Soon)
Tikal in Guatemala


If you got your vaccine more than 2 weeks ago, testing requirements are waived. Health screening at the airport applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination status. Info here.


Everyone needs a pre-departure negative PCR test result. Those without proof of vaccination also undergo a PCR test on arrival. Info here.


To visit this South American country, you need a pre-travel Covid test and proof of vaccination. Without these and pre-travel forms, you cannot enter. Info here.


You can visit without testing requirements if you’re vaccinated. Info here.


If you can get the EU Digital Covid Certificate, that’s sufficient for travel. If not, bring proof of a negative PCR test.


Skip pre-travel testing requirements if you’re vaccinated. Info here.


Skip pre-travel testing and quarantine on arrival if you have proof of vaccination. Info here.


Everyone needs a negative PCR test result. However, Americans visiting the Kurdistan region must also show proof of vaccination with the PCR results. Info here.


Bypass quarantine and testing requirements when visiting Ireland if you have proof of vaccination. Info here.


Solo visitors are permitted again, but you cannot go without proof of vaccination. There are also pre-travel and arrival testing requirements. Info here.


Skip quarantine requirements if you’re vaccinated and have a negative Covid test. Info here.


Those who don’t want to stay in the resorts corridor can avoid quarantine with a negative PCR test result from a test taken after arrival in Jamaica. This option isn’t available to non-vaccinated visitors. Info here.


Vaccinated visitors can avoid possible quarantine and mandatory on-arrival testing requirements. You must still do pre-departure testing and forms online. Info here.


Skip testing requirements with proof of vaccination. Info here.

Kyrgyz Republic

Those with proof of vaccination do not need pre-travel Covid tests. Info here.


No testing or quarantine restrictions if you’re vaccinated. Not vaccinated=can’t enter.


Avoid quarantine and tests with proof of vaccination. Info here.


Testing and quarantine requirements are waived for vaccinated travelers. Info here.


Skip testing requirements if you have proof of vaccination. However, you cannot enter until December 31, 2021, unless coming from specific countries (more info) and showing an EU vaccinate certificate. Read here for how to get one.


Non-vaccinated visitors from the US cannot enter. Vaccinated visitors can. Read here for how to get your vaccine card verified before your flight, which is mandatory.


Skip quarantine if you’re vaccinated. You also need to bring a negative test result before boarding. Info here.


Anyone can visit this idyllic island nation with proof of a pre-travel Covid test. However, vaccinated visitors can skip the 14-day quarantine requirements. Vaccinated visitors must stay in 1 place for 7 days and then can move to other parts of the island after a negative test result on day 7. Info here.


There are still randomized testing and health checks on arrival, but official requirements are waived if you’re vaccinated.


If you finished vaccination more than a week ago, you can visit this small country in southern Europe without quarantine or testing requirements. Children under 5 have no requirements, but unvaccinated children over age 5 must do a test on arrival. Info here.


Vaccinated visitors don’t need to do pre-travel COVID testing. Info and the pre-travel forms are here.

Here's Where Vaccinated Americans Can Travel (Now & Soon)
Kathmandu, Nepal


Vaccinated visitors have no quarantine or specific hotel requirements. You must still have a pre-travel paperwork, a negative test result, and receive a barcode on completion of the online forms. Info here.


Americans cannot enter without proof of vaccination. Testing and quarantine requirements are waived with proof of vaccination.


Skip testing and quarantine requirements by providing proof of vaccination.


Skip pre-travel testing requirements by showing proof of vaccination.


No quarantine requirements or pre-travel testing for vaccinated visitors. Info here.


Skip pre-travel testing requirements with proof of vaccination.


Take a test before travel, then bring this and your proof of vaccination to avoid 10-day quarantine. Info here.


Bypass the country’s quarantine requirements with proof of vaccination. The final dose must have been at least 10 days ago. Children under 3 exempt from requirements, and ages 3-16 must bring a test result showing “negative” if they aren’t vaccinated. Info here.

St. Bart’s

If you’re vaccinated, you can enter with a pre-travel Covid test and skip quarantine. Those under 10 are exempt. Info here.

St. Eustasius

Non-vaccinated visitors from the U.S. cannot enter. Even with proof of vaccination, you need pre-departure, on arrival, and day 5 tests. Info here.

St. Kitts & Nevis

Non-vaccinated visitors cannot enter. Vaccinated visitors (and accompanying minors) have pre-travel paperwork to complete, plus pre-travel Covid testing. Take another test on arrival, and then you are free to move around when a negative result comes back.

St. Lucia

Non-vaccinated visitors have hotel booking and movement restrictions. Vaccinated visitors are exempt from these restrictions but must still bring a negative PCR test (this is required of everyone). Info here.

St. Martin / St. Maarten

Skip quarantine and testing requirements with proof of vaccination. Info here, including special rules for cruise passengers.

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

As a vaccinated visitor, you can apply before your trip to reduce the 14-day quarantine to 2 days. You must still do a test before travel and on arrival, plus spend your 2 days at a select list of hotels. Info here.

Saudi Arabia

Only vaccinated visitors are allowed, as of August 1, 2021. You also must take a test before travel and have health insurance that covers Covid-related bills. Additionally, proof of vaccination is required to enter many businesses or use public transportation.


Open only to vaccinated visitors, there is no quarantine required on arrival. Apply through the Vaccinated Travel Lane program. You will need digital proof of vaccination, such as a SMART Health Card or Digital Covid Certificate (here’s how I got the latter in France).


No testing or quarantine requirements for those who are vaccinated.


Skip the quarantine requirements if you’re vaccinated. Plus, non-vaccinated visitors can only enter for essential purposes. Info here.


You need to present proof of vaccination to visit as an American. No testing required with proof of vaccination. Info here.

Sri Lanka

Everyone is required to do pre-travel testing and take a test on arrival. Non-vaccinated visitors will quarantine for a full 2 weeks, while vaccinated visitors will quarantine at this government facility only until receiving a negative result from the test on arrival. Info here.


Americans can once again enter this country with proof of vaccination. The U.S. is on the list of approved vaccination countries, so you will not need any tests or quarantine if you were vaccinated in the U.S. and have proof. Non-vaccinated Americans cannot enter without specific exemptions. Info here.


Skip the testing and quarantine requirements if you’re vaccinated. There is still pre-travel paperwork to complete. You must show proof of vaccination to enter most businesses. If all you have as proof of vaccination is your US CDC card, you’ll need a Covid test no more than 72 hours to go with it. If you get the EU Digital Covid Certificate, the need for continuous testing goes away.

Thailand – Varies By Location

Plans are underway for a phased reopening. Vaccinated travelers can visit many popular tourist spots. This program removes government facility quarantine requirements for vaccinated visitors, allowing them to stay in resort bubbles. You must apply for permission to visit (approval can take 2 weeks), have health insurance, and spend your first 14 days in country in your first place of arrival for 7 days before moving to another part of the country. Info here.

Trinidad & Tobago

Bring a pre-travel negative test result & proof of vaccination to get in. Info here.


Vaccinated travelers can skip the hotel booking / quarantine requirements. Pre-travel testing is still required. Info here.


Vaccinated visitors can skip the pre-travel testing requirements. Everyone must still fill out this form prior to travel.

Turks & Caicos

Bring proof of a negative Covid test result and proof of vaccination. Without both, you can’t enter. Info here.

United Arab Emirates

The U.S. is not on their green list. All travelers must take a Covid test before departure. Non-vaccinated visitors will undergo 10 days of quarantine. Vaccinated visitors can skip this but will still need to take tests on days 4 and 8 of their time in the UAE. Info here. To visit many tourist sites or travel between Emirates, you will need to have green status in the Al Hosn app–here’s how to get it.


Bring proof of vaccination and pre-pay for a COVID test that you will do on day 2, plus fill out a declaration form before your flight. With this, you can skip quarantine and further testing. Info here.

Here's Where Vaccinated Americans Can Travel (Now & Soon)
The Naka Island, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa (by Marriott), Phuket

Final Thoughts

As more people begin to travel, vaccinated Americans can travel to a decent number of places without restrictions. I suspect the trend of eased restrictions for those who can prove they got vaccinated will continue. The list will grow in the coming weeks, as well. Some places waive quarantine restrictions or testing restrictions–even both. As more countries ease their border restrictions or when things change, we will update this list.

Ryan S
Travel hacker in 2-player mode, intent on visiting every country in the world, and can say "hello" or "how much does this cost?" in a bunch of different languages.

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    • Robert – as of now, there are no flights except repatriation and medevac. All visas are considered invalid unless approved by the Covid task force. 14 days quarantine required. What will it be in a few weeks? I don’t have any way of knowing, sorry.

  1. FYI, Czechia is NOT formerly the Czech Republic. The official name of the country is still the Czech Republic though many entities (including Google) use the 2nd less official name Czechia.

  2. I am in Spain.Entry required my filling out an extensive health and info questionnaire and getting a QR code back on my phone. I showed at the airport in Madrid and have not needed it since. Going home may be a challenge ( or not.)

  3. As of late October, the rules you list for Spain and Italy are correct. However, before departure and upon arrival I was never asked to see my vaccine card for either country. On a domestic flight in Italy, I was asked for the vaccine card before departure. For Italy, I was never asked for my covid test results. Also, odd quirk, but air and land entry requirements are drastically different. To go into Portugal, by land, for instance, there is no requirement of any kind.

  4. Reread Germany rules and if fully vaccinated no test needed as it is phrased as an alternative. We are only transiting on way to Croatia.In fact if not vaccinated newer rule bars entry. Can you confirm no test need if fully caz especially just for transit?

    • Greg – if you’re only transiting, you actually don’t need anything for Germany from my understanding. “Transit via Germany
      Transit travelers with a destination outside Germany who do not leave the international transit area of the airport do not need to present a negative test prior to departure to Germany. Please follow entry regulations for your country of destination in any case and also check with your airline for further demands on their side.” That being said, for people entering Germany the details further into their health site say that people coming from high-risk areas and entering Germany (not just transit) should bear a burden of proof for testing to make everyone safe. That becomes open to interpretation, obviously.

  5. The info about Czechia is out of date. US has been moved to red if not dark red for risk and requires a PCR as well as vaccination (possibly even self-isolation for a few days and another test upon arrival).

  6. India is now listed in the #2 category and the United States is still in #4 category. When will Americans be able to enter India with an e-Visa with no quarantining required if we have full vaccination and even a booster? sj

    • U.S. citizens can visit with an EU Digital COVID Certificate or a PCR test not more than 72 hours old or an antigen test not more than 48 hours old. You also must fill out the Passenger Locator Card before flying. It’s not mandatory to be vaccinated to visit Portugal.
      UAE info is updated in the post now.

  7. I am planning a walk on the Camino de Santiago in late October. Reviewing the Spanish Health Dept website I found no mention of need for student visa, family, etc. I do need to be vaccinated and in thier words OR have a neg covid test. So I am surprised possibly shocked at your reply.

    • My reading of their 11 exemptions for being allowed to enter are those with a work visa in EU, family, etc. and I assume you don’t qualify for any of those things. Thus, the qualification you could meet would be #11 on the list: proof of vaccination. Thus, while people who meet other exemptions could theoretically travel with just a PCR test or proof of recovery, your reason for being allowed in would be the “proof of vaccination”. So you’d have to have that, if you don’t meet any other exemption. (Ex: you could be a skilled worker and come with a Covid recovery paper, since that person qualifies for a different ‘reason to enter’) That’s how I’m reading the list. https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/ESP/7002

  8. I believe Spain allows American entry if vaccinated OR a neg Covid test within 72 hours OR proof of recovery from Covid.

    • William – To enter Spain, you must meet 1 of the 11 conditions for entry. Those include having family, you’re on a student visa, refugee, etc. The only exemption most Americans can claim is the “proof of vaccination” so showing up with just proof of recovery or just negative test wouldn’t be sufficient. Those would be sufficient for those who meet the other conditions (i.e. someone with a student visa for a university in Spain could come without vaccine proof but just traveling on a negative PCR test).

    • Right. I re-phrased it to make it clearer. There’s no testing, but yes there’s still a quarantine. Spelling that out will probably dissuade people.

    • Interesting division now that I read beyond what Timatic shows – anyone can visit with a Covid test and stay at approved resorts. If you want to go outside the resort and want to stay elsewhere, you can do this if you’re vaccinated and take a test on arrival. If you get a ‘negative’ and are vaccinated, you can go outside the resorts bubble.

  9. “instead of talking about the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, we should be talking about the immune and non-immune.” Dr. Marty Makary

  10. What countries unvaccinated travelers can go to? I know Mexico fly there and for the return make the land crossing to avoid corona testing in Tijuana.

    • For that, you’ll have to sort of work backwards. You can cross off destinations in our list that say you can’t go there without a vaccine. And you could take our list of “skip the test if you’re vaccinated” to understand that you could go there but need to do a test first. There’s also this site, which is hand – https://www.united.com/en/us/timatic?i=TIMATIC type in where you’re thinking about going. This is the software airlines use when you check in, to see if you need a visa, what documents you need, etc. It’s not a list, but you can check exact, specific details when you have a destination in mind.

  11. At the risk of being perceived as a glass half empty person I will say that I will not be dedicating any money towards travel until this insanity has stopped. The US is a beautiful country with many places to see and I don’t understand why people would subject themselves to all of the scrutiny, rules and regulations to go to another country. To be clear I love to travel and have traveled the world but, not again until the insanity stops.

  12. Ok, thanks. The headline says this is a list of where Americans can go or expect to go soon. But thanks for the clarification. Are people supposed to just show thieR vaccination cards at immigration for all these countries, or is more proof required. These cards are pretty skimpy.

    • Bob – Since DR is wide open to everyone and no tests or quarantine are required with or without vaccination, that’s why it wasn’t included. This list purely covers places where requirements are waived if you’re vaccinated. In DR, there’s nothing to be waived.

    • Good question. It’s separate, but if you’re vaccinated you can skip the testing/there’s no quarantine. I added it to the article with a link to forms you must fill out.

      • Thanks for the info Ryan, but your words on St Maarten above are:
        St. Martin / St. Maarten
        Everyone needs a negative Covid test and pre-travel paperwork to visit. Vaccinated visitors can skip the 7-day quarantine.
        Last March wife and I both vaccinated took the 90 hr Ant test (allowed by Netherlands’ side were the airport is) and were let in but arriving at our French side condo the manager said we needed the 72 hr test so we had to get tested again and when we departed tested again for US entry requirements. Lesson learned at that time was no one cared if you were vaccinated just tested negative.

        • I had them add it to my international yellow vaccine book. If I start planning any trips to Europe, I’ll have to look into the digital certificate system. Those CDC papers look very…not legitimate.

  13. OK, that’s great. you are allowed to enter Germany but you have to self-isolate for 10 days (home quarantine). A a test/ proof of vaxx/ proof of recovery CAN exempt you from the obligation to quarantine. LOL.
    Meanwhile in Germany: you can go to grocery stores and pharmacies, but if you want to buy, for instance a T-shirt at a clothing store, you have to have an appointment(!), and carry around a negative test, a proof of vaccinate. No restaurants and such.
    I cannot go to a restaurant / store with a shot record in my town that I hardly left in the last 15 month, but overseas visitors can come here. Allrighty then

  14. Wow. Lots of people not really reading the article fully before jumping in to tell you what you forgot. Must be aggravating to have to keep repeating what’s plainly state in the article. Really people, read and comprehend before commenting.

  15. best to avoid the places with the draconian bribery measures, stay free ,travel to and spend your $$ where they and you are appreciated, the so-called “vaccine” which it is not, neither stops you from getting covid, nor does it prevent the spread of it, based on it’s experimental nature it very well could cause long term health issues which are not yet fully known nor understood

    • Yes we went in March ,no vaccine needed and most resorts will give you a free covid test and certificate to get back to the land of the not so free and the home of the not so brave as we used to be.

    • Tim–thanks for catching that. It applies to vaccinated people bypassing quarantine but still has other limits I didn’t catch.

        • Tim-the text for the Lithuania thing is long and confusing. The US embassy says you can get permission if you request it, and Lithuania says you can get permission if you request it, but neither says how likely that is. So it’s technically possible, and they have a huge section in their latest emergency law update about removing restrictions for those who are vaccinated. My reading is that it’s technically possible, but I have no idea how likely it is.

    • As stated, the article is about places that give easier entry conditions for vaccinated visitors. St. Kitts & Nevis has the same rules for everyone, so they don’t apply here.

    • As the article mentioned, it’s only about places that give easier admission to people with vaccines. Mexico is not that.

    • As the article mentioned, it’s only about places that give easier admission to people with vaccines. Mexico is not that.


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