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Which Country Is The Most Difficult To Visit? Here Are My...

Which country is the most difficult to visit? Here are my experiences so far and what I foresee in the future as I try to visit every country in the world.

An International Travel Phenomenon I Have Noticed, Has Anyone Else Noticed...

There is an international travel phenomenon that my buddy and I have noticed on our recent trips. I wonder if anyone else has noticed it as well.

How To Travel Internationally Without a SIM Card/Cell Phone Service

Here are a few tips on how to travel internationally without cell phone service or a local sim card. It can be done with proper planning & these tips!

How The Charles Schwab Check Card Saved The Day Once Again

The one card everyone should get, the Charles Schwab Check Card, saved the day once again while we were in Europe trying to purchase train tickets.

Fined for Eating Gelato and Sightseeing in Florence? An Interesting City...

Street Snacking Banned in Popular Tourist Areas in Florence
Street Snacking Banned in Popular Tourist Areas in Florence

Southwest Airlines PSA for International Flights

There is something you need to remember when checking in for international flights on Southwest Airlines.