Has Wyndham Extended Status Or Are They Playing Status Match Games?

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Wyndham Status Extended

Wyndham Status Extended?

Usually the beginning of the year is the time we get our casino status match rolling. I have shown you for years how to earn Caesars Diamond status without actually gambling. This was possible because of a Wyndham and Caesars Rewards partnership. They allowed you to match statuses between the two programs. This was super generous when Wyndham also had a hotel status match of its own. You could quickly turn Bonvoy or Hilton Gold into Wyndham Diamond status and then match that to Caesars Diamond status. Caesars Diamond status comes with some awesome free perks like a $100 celebration dinner and 2 free show tickets every month etc.

The Status Match Train

Wyndham closed down that status match early on in the pandemic and hasn’t brought it back since. That wasn’t a problem for anyone already on the casino status match train though. That is because Caesars and Wyndham status expiration dates didn’t line up so you could just match the statuses back and forth every year. Wyndham status is supposed to drop off on January 1st and Caesars lasts until February 1st every year. That gives you a month to get your ducks in a row and match Caesars status to Wyndham status and secure Wyndham Diamond for the year. On February 1st you then take your newly minted Wyndham status and match it back to Caesars Rewards. Then, boom, you now have both statuses for another year.

Well, it is now January 5th and everyone is still showing they have Wyndham Diamond status.  Is it taking them a while to reset everyone or was Wyndham status extended without an announcement? People are seeing an expiration date of 12/22 in their Wyndham apps so it appears an extension happened. If that is true then no big deal. Your Caesars status should fall off on February 1st and you should be able to match your extended Wyndham diamond status back over again.

But, if Wyndham is just waiting until February to drop the status we could be in trouble. If that were the case we wouldn’t have status in either program to match back and forth. That would be bad for anyone that didn’t earn status via play or have a FoundersCard etc.

Wyndham Status Extended – Final Thoughts

For now, it appears we are in the clear, and Wyndham extended status without telling anyone, since it is showing an expiration date of December of 2022 in the app. We will keep our eye on it and alert you if anything changes later this month or early in February though.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Hi! I have Hilton Diamond but Wyndham says it will not status match it!
    I am trying to get Hyatt Discoverist.
    The only path I can see is to Get a Wyndham Biz card for Diamond, match that with Ceasars,
    then match that with MGM MLife thennnn lastly to Hyatt Discoverist. Am I on the right path here?

    • That is a lot of work for a status that isn’t worth really anything in Hyatt Discoverist. You could just sign up for the World of Hyatt credit card that comes with Discoverist status.

    • You’ll end up with Explorist going that route. It seems that the tiers below Globalist arent as good as other mid tiers (Hilton and Marriott), but i just switch over to Hyatt so cant say from experience if Explorist is worth it.

  2. I received a reply from Wyndham on my Diamond level on 1/8/21 as follows.
    Thank you for contacting the Wyndham Rewards Diamond Concierge Service.

    Upon review of your account your Diamond membership has been extended till 12/31/22

  3. Hey Mark, thanks for this and all the other updates, videos, etc. you guys put together. Another source for Wyndham Diamond: the Wyndham Earner Business card comes with Diamond status. It also gives 8x for gas which is hard to beat and the only thing I use it for. Three cars, each with their own card, can add up. Having said that, you have to be able to use the points at Wyndham properties, which I am new at and still trying to figure out. As part of still trying to figure things out, I believe there might be a points transfer opportunity each year between Wyndham and Caesars that could be another well-fitting piece of this particular puzzle.

    • You can transfer up to 30,000 Wyndham points to Caesar Rewards each year. It must be in increments of 10,000. I just did 20,000 a few days ago and it shows on the Caesar end already. I’ll wait on the other 10,000 until later in the year. This basically gives you one cent per Wyndham point, which I think is pretty good.

      Don’t forget Caesar credits expire in 6 months if there is no activity. I also do a survey on sayandplay once in a while to keep expiration extended.

      • @Carl WV, thanks about the reminder of the 6 month expiration with Caesars! (Damn that’s a quick fuse). I knew there was something about that Wyndham to Caesars transfer that stuck in my mind. Great to know this qualifies as activity to extend Caesars expiration.

        What about going the other way, Caesars to Wyndham? Do you know if that is possible with their partnership? If so, it could provide another fruitful back and forth between these programs (similar to the status match).

        • You can also transfer from Caesar Rewards to Wyndham. The only usefulness I see of going back and forth is to possibly extend expiration dates, or if you have second thought about a transfer. I just do a survey instead for Caesar Rewards or use the credit card for Wyndham. I’m not sure if the 30K max would be total transfers or each way.

          I had some Wyndham points close to expiration. Wyndham points expire after four years even if you have activity.

    • That is a great option and I tried to get that card when it came out but I was denied 🙁

      I plan on doing a write up in the next week or so on all the ways to get Caesar Diamond and that will be included for sure. I normally transfer my Wyndham points to Caesars the rare times I have them since I get around 1 cent at their hotels anyway after they went away from the 15K price for all awards.

      • I was looking at some Wyndham properties last month and was noticing that I get better value if I use some points and some money vs using only points. I think with only points it ranged between 0.09 to 0.012 cpp, but jumped up to 0.03-0.04 cents. These aren’t any of the fancier Wyndham properties, it was the Shawnee Village in PA (was thinking to do a ski weekend with the little ones). So don’t discount the points and cash option as well if you aren’t completely set on only using points.


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