Has The Delta Reserve Surpassed The Amex Platinum? It Has For Me

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Has The Delta Reserve Surpassed The Amex Platinum? It Has For Me

The Amex Platinum card has been making a ton of headlines as of late. First for offering outrageous welcome offers, up to 125K, and then they added 10X on groceries for new card holders. After they built up all of this hype rumors started leaking about an annual fee increase and a new perks set up.  Then it came out that Centurion Lounge access would be limited to one person in the coming years. With all of these changes it has me wondering, has the Delta Reserve surpassed the Amex Platinum? For me it has and I think it probably has for most Delta loyalists.  But what about everyone else? Let’s take a look and you can decide and share your thoughts below.

Delta Reserve vs Amex Platinum –  Who Reigns Supreme?

I am going to compare the two cards and will include the current Platinum cost and the rumored changes as well.  This is focusing on long term value so the current welcome offers will not be discussed.  Since neither card is a great earner I won’t really focus on the spending structure either, but Amex Platinum comes out ahead here. I want to really focus on the perks of each card. Because I think that is why people choose to carry either of these card.

Both offers are currently increased and I would say both are worthwhile to get depending on your circumstances. I would put the Amex Platinum well ahead in terms of first year value but if you are chasing Delta status, like me, then the Delta Reserve’s offer is hard to beat too.  That is why I recently grabbed one! Let’s get into it.

Amex Delta Reserve Personal & Business Credit Card Review

Annual Fee

First things first, we have to discuss cost.  Here are the annual fees for the cards:

  • Delta Reserve – $550
  • Amex Platinum – $550
  • Rumored Amex Platinum – $695

Currently they come out tied but if the rumored increase happens the Delta Reserve will come out ahead.


Let’s take a look at offsetting those annual fees.  Here are the credits or other perks that can discount the annual fees some.

Delta Reserve
  • $100 Global Entry / TSA credit every 4 years
  • After the first year you get an annual companion pass certificate for a domestic first class, comfort plus or main cabin booking in the 48 contiguous United States. This does not work on Delta One flights anymore.
  • 2 guest passes for Delta lounge entry (valued at $25 a piece).
Amex Platinum
Rumored Amex Platinum
  • $300 equinox credit (gym)
  • $240 entertainment credit, $20 monthly (magazine/news subscriptions, video streaming services and audio/music streaming services)
  • $200 credit for prepaid hotel bookings
  • Annual CLEAR membership
  • $100 Global Entry credit every 4 years

Photo Courtesy Saks 5th Avenue Toronto.

The current Amex Platinum easily comes out on top here.  It is possible to get $500 in credits each year if you max it out.

The Delta Reserve card is hard to quantify since it all comes down to using the companion pass certificate.  Could you get $500 in value from it? Sure, but you could also get $250 from it. It is limited to certain fare buckets as well.

“Tickets are only available in I and Z classes of service for First Class travel, and only available in L, U, T, X, and V classes of service for Main Cabin travel. For Delta Comfort+ travel, tickets are available in W and S classes of service, but only when L, U, T, X, or V classes of service are available in the Main Cabin.”

With all of this in mind I will peg the value at around $300 but use your own experience here to add in your own valuation.

The rumored Amex Platinum is a big step down from the current credits. The Equinox credit is a drop in the bucket to what their memberships cost (as much as $750 a month). Unless you are already paying it then it is worthless. You should be able to get $440 a year from the entertainment and prepaid hotel booking credits.  And I know a lot of people swear by CLEAR so that adds some value too. They will often have promos or offer 6 months free etc. so I would value it at another $100.

  • Delta Reserve – $550 – $300 companion cert value – $50 in guest passes = $200
  • Amex Platinum – $550 – $500 in credits = $50
  • Rumored Amex Platinum – $695 – $540 = $155

Travel Insurance & Protections

These seem to be a wash across the cards so they are all on equal footing in terms of travel insurance.

Lounge Access

Lounge access is a big key to these cards.  I will combine the Amex Platinum versions here since there shouldn’t be a difference.

Delta Reserve
  • Delta lounge access when flying Delta for the cardholder
  • Centurion lounge access for the cardholder when flying Delta and when the flight is booked with an Amex card. Although I am not sure if the paid part is enforced or as long as you have a Delta ticket and the card you are good to go.
  • 2 Delta lounge guest passes every year
Amex Platinum
  • Delta lounge access when flying Delta for the cardholder
  • Centurion lounge access for the cardholder & 2 guests (guest access ending on 2/1/2023)
  • Priority Pass lounge membership (excluding restaurants) plus one guest
  • Global lounge collection entry (Escape lounges, Plaza Premium etc.)

The Delta lounge access is the same for the two cards but the Reserve does give you a couple of guest passes which is a nice little perk.  Centurion lounge access will kind of be the same in 2023 but comes with hoops for the Delta Reserve since you need to book the flight with the card and being flying Delta.

You also get access to Priority Pass and other Global lounge collection options with the Platinum card. This comes in handy if you don’t have Priority Pass access with another card. If you do already have it then it is likely the other cards will offer better access.

Elite Status

What kind of elite status can you get for carrying the cards?

Delta Reserve
  • No elite status is given but you do get added to the upgrade list behind Medallion Members.
  • The card can act as a tiebreaker for upgrades for Medallion members too.
  • You will get earlier boarding for holding a Delta credit card (all Delta credit cards with an annual fee get the same boarding group).
  • 1 free checked bag for every member on the itinerary
Amex Platinum
  • Hilton Gold status
  • Marriott Gold status

For the Amex Platinum, I put $0 value on Marriott Gold status and Hilton Gold status is easily earned with the Surpass card.  If you don’t have the Surpass card, and frequent Hilton’s, then this will offer you a lot of value. Hilton Gold is the best mid tier hotel status out there.

I am not sure how often a Reserve cardholder will get an upgrade without status.  It would most likely be Comfort+ at best but there are success stories out there. If it isn’t a popular route or through a main hub I think you would have a shot. I put the free checked bag here because that is kind of like a perk of airline status.  If you have a family, and check bags for your flights, this could be a huge savings (although available with the much cheaper Delta Gold card etc. as well).

Delta Specific Perks

For this breakdown we will just be looking at the Delta Reserve.

  • 20% back for inflight purchases on Delta flights.
  • Get at MQD waiver after spending $25,000 on the card in a calendar year.
  • 15K MQM after spending $30,000 on the card
    • Earn an additional 15K for every $30K in spend up to 60K MQM
    • Extreme example but by spending $120K on the card in a year you would have Delta Gold status.

Has The Delta Reserve Surpassed The Amex Platinum – Final Thoughts

It appears that the Amex Platinum still comes out ahead for the majority of people at the current level. If the proposed changes come into play I think that gap is closed considerably.  The difference in lounge access would be mainly a Priority Pass membership and much less cumbersome access into Centurion lounges.

But the real decision comes down to the Delta Companion Certificate with the Reserve card.  If you can get $500-$600 in value from it (could be a tough task) then you are coming out well ahead of the rumored Platinum. If you are only able to get $250-$300 in value from it then you come out a little ahead with the Amex Platinum even at the higher fee.

Why I Prefer The Delta Reserve

I am still leaning towards holding the Delta Reserve and ditching the Amex Platinum though.  That is because I am a Delta hub captive and I am on the status merry-go-round with them.  I think others will fall into this boat as well but most will not.

The addition of Centurion Lounge access kind of closed the gap between the cards for me, even with the hoops required for Reserve cardholders. Although the shine has worn off Centurion Lounges for me some and I would prefer a less crowded Delta Lounge most of the time anyway.  But limiting it to only Delta flights hampers me when flying other airlines and is something you need to consider, especially if based at an airport with a Centurion Lounge.  I already have Priority Pass with other cards so that isn’t important to me.

The ability to earn the MQD waiver and extra MQMs via spend is a great perk.  While this is offered with the Delta Platinum card as well, that card does not come with lounge access.  Throw in the priority upgrades for cardholders and some getting upgraded even without status and I think this is the winner for Delta frequent flyers.

What do you think? Let me know below.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I’ve always read on reviews of the Delta Reserve card that its for people who fly often on Delta. We’re going on 1 flight next year. I’m old and riddled with arthritis and simply can’t do the compactor economy section anymore. My first class ticket cost $1060 and my wife’s was free with the reserve card. I get lounge access and 2 companion accesses, 1 for each direction for my wife. The following year, we’ll go to Europe and have Global Entry cards, 1 of them covered by Delta Reserve. Pretty easy math for me at least.

    • If you are able to get that kind of value from the companion pass then it is well worth it for sure. Nice work Joe!

  2. You neglect to mention the rumored Amex Platinum will keep its $200/year in airline fee credit. That throws your math all out of whack.

    • I thought that was rumored to be going away with the new stuff. If it does stick around then it would change things for sure. Hopefully we get some actual terms from Amex at some point soon.

  3. I’m no fan of Delta and under the current situation don’t see equal value in the Reserve card but I find it interesting that the Reserve card offers the medevac benefit. As someone who at times is very far from a high quality hospital while traveling in Asia, that provides a major safety net in case of injury or illness.

  4. If you’ll take a point about signup bonuses, even though you said they’re less important: Double check that they really gave you the bonus.

    Last week I was approved for an Amex Platinum Delta Skymiles. Neither the info mailed me nor my account website mentioned the 90K miles bonus. Being paranoid, I called. The rep eventually said that I wasn’t eligible. She could not say why, only offered generalities. I’ve never had a Delta CC. The closest is that I canceled a Marriott Bonvoy last year when their benefits decreased.

    • That is strange unless you got the pop up when applying I don’t see why that would be the case. I would try reaching out again and see what is going on, escalate it to a supervisor.

    • If reps are unsure about something, they will choose the option least likely to get them into trouble — e.g. telling you that you are not eligible (especially when you already expressed doubts about your eligibility). That way if you actually aren’t eligible, they haven’t screwed up by promising something you weren’t entitled to. The bonus is never in the materials that Amex sends nor is it usually reflected online. Just do the spending and you should be fine.

  5. Interesting analysis. I think with the upcoming changes to the Platinum, you could make a strong argument for Delta Hub flyers with kids, the Reserve would make more sense because you at least have a couple guest passes to use when flying with them.

    • I will be using my guest passes on my son for our Alaska trip for sure :).

      I think it will be a niche group where it makes sense to take the Reserve over the Platinum but there will be people where it does make sense imo

  6. Centurion lounge access on the Delta Reserve card is only if you are flying Delta, and book the flight on the card. Completely useless given JFK is the only airport with a Centurion lounge in the Delta terminal. You need to rethink this, unless you just don’t care about Centurion lounge access.

        • I appreciate the help. Do you have any first hand knowledge if they actually check if the ticket was paid or not etc. I feel like if you show the Delta ticket and the card you will get access but haven’t tested it out yet.

          • Yeah, they check. It’s similar to the United Explorer card where you only get the free checked bag if you pay with the card. It’s all in the computer. Same system that allows you scan your Delta boarding pass and enter the SkyClub without showing your Platinum card, if the Platinum card is saved in your Delta account.

          • Okay on final question does an award flight work if you pay the taxes and fees with a card?


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