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Why Are So Few People Talking About The Awesome New World of Hyatt Offer?

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The Double Elite Nights Credit On World Of Hyatt Card Deserves Attention

The Double Elite Nights Credit On World Of Hyatt Card Deserves Attention

There’s a double elite nights credit perk for new cardmembers on the World of Hyatt card. I think this is big news, especially given other promotions with Hyatt this year. It’s huge. You’d think everyone would be talking about it…but they’re not.

I think this perk deserves your attention if you have any interest in World of Hyatt status. Let’s look at it and why it’s so great.

Some Of These Offers May Have Ended Or Changed

Double Elite Nights Credit On World Of Hyatt Card

There’s a current promotion for new cardmembers who get the World of Hyatt Card from Chase between now and the end of the year. We’ve previously called the World of Hyatt Card the “king of hotel credit cards” in our review of the card found here. Sure, the card is great, people like it…what’s the point of this article?

Current Welcome Offer

The welcome offer, purely in terms of points, isn’t stellar. I definitely prefer the old offer. The current welcome offer is:

  • 30,000 Hyatt points after $3,000 in spend
  • Earn up to 30,000 additional points.  Get 2X per dollar on all purchases that used to earn 1X per dollar on your first $15,000 in spend within the first 6 months.

That offer is not “great” so let’s move on to the actual point here.

There is a sleeper benefit for new cardmembers that deserves attention:

New cardmembers who apply by September 30, 2021 will receive double elite night credits for stays between August 16 and December 31, 2021. This means earning 2 night credits for each night you stay at a Hyatt for the rest of 2021.

That’s right. If you apply for (and are approved) for this card between now and the end of the year, you earn 2 nights for every night you stay with Hyatt. That’s pretty nice. However, it’s not “huge” in and of itself.

Stacking Hyatt Promotions

This double elite nights feature for new accounts on the World of Hyatt Card becomes huge when combined with Hyatt’s reduced requirements for elite status in 2021.

With reduced elite status requirements, anyone looking to earn elite status with Hyatt should seriously consider this card if eligible. With the requirements cut in half + earning double nights at a time = earning status at 4x the normal rate.

Top-tier status (“Globalist“) with Hyatt is a favorite of many in this hobby. Normally, you need to stay 60 nights in a year to earn this status. For 2021, though, they cut it in half. You need just 30 nights. But with the credit card’s offer and the nights you get for carrying the card make this even easier than expected.

Breaking Down The Numbers To Globalist Status

We need to hit 30 nights before the end of the year to earn top tier Globalist status.

  • Just for being a cardholder you get 5 elite night credits.
    • That drops it down to 25 nights needed.
  • Cardholders can earn a $15K free night certificate, which is the required spend for the welcome offer. It used to be based on cardmember year but starting in 2022 it will be based on the calendar year. That means you could earn two in the first year of holding the card.  One before the end of 2021 and then another starting in 2022. You also earn 2 elite night credits for every $5,000 in spend.  That $15,000 would earn you an additional 6 nights of elite night credits.
    • That drops it down to 19 nights needed.
  • With the double night credits that means you could have Globalist status with just 10 stays before the end of the year.  Less if you spend more on the card in $5,000 chunks.

The 10 nights could cost as little as 50,000 points to achieve if you spent the 10 nights at a category 1 hotel.  That is less than the amount of points you would earn from the welcome offer. You would then hold the status until February of 2023.

This also assumes you are starting with 0 nights.  If you have some Hyatt stays already this year then you need to add those in and adjust the numbers.

The Double Elite Nights Credit On World Of Hyatt Card Deserves Attention
Hyatt Centric The Pike, Long Beach CA

Final Thoughts

You obviously need to be eligible for the World of Hyatt Card to apply and open it. That includes eligibility under the Chase 5/24 rule and timing rules (can’t open this card if you received a welcome offer bonus on the card within the past 24 months). See more about Chase application rules here.

If you’re looking for Hyatt status and you’re eligible for this card, this benefit (and the timing of it) is huge! I really don’t know why almost no one is talking about it.

You can read more about Globalist status and its perk here.

Disclosure: Miles to Memories has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Miles to Memories and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
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  1. As another poster noted, the double tier-qualifying night credits are taking a long time to post. I will be able to hit the reduced level for Globalist with stays in December, but I’m going to need those double night credits to get there. Does anyone know what happens if the bonus elite nights don’t post until January?

    • Evan – since they are related to stays from 2021, they should count for 2021. Basing off of what we saw from the end of 2020, I would expect them to “after the fact” count for 2021, increase your number of nights for 2021, and therefore elevate your 2021 status earning. Hyatt’s Twitter team (@HyattConcierge) is really good at confirming things like this when I ask them about specifics of my account in a private message.

    • I asked the twitter team and they told me 8-10 weeks after the stay I stayed 3 days in late September and 3 more mid October and they all posted by the end of October. Hope that helps. I agree with Ryan that your December stays even if posted in Jan should count for your 21 qualifying nights.

  2. Does anyone know how long it would take to get the double elite nights to post to the account? I have stayed since Aug 16th a total of 11 nights. I have yet to see any of the double night credits post since applying for the new card. I have gotten the 5 night credit for the new card to post and I just hit the minimum spend for the 30,000 points and they have posted to the account but nothing yet for the “double elite nights.”

    • Tim – they should be posting, I would think. Hyatt’s Twitter team is super helpful and quick on replies. You could ask them what’s up in a DM.

  3. I currently have the World of Hyatt card, “upgraded” from the old Hyatt card in 2018. If I cancel the card, how long do I need to wait before applying for a new one? Also, I have reservations booked for later this year already. Once I have the card, would those nights count as double elite nights? Thanks for all the helpful info.

    • There’s nothing specifically in the terms about either of these, but our best understanding is this: you should be eligible for the card immediately, but their computer systems probably won’t know that for a good 15+ days (if you’re hoping for automatic approval, not explaining to someone on recon call). For the nights you already booked, nothing says you aren’t. However, you could play it safe and just cancel/rebook as long as there’s no penalty.

      • Thanks for the reply! With the 15+ days, I’m probably out of luck then since the offer ends 9/30 and it’s 9/20 today? Think it’s worth giving it a try?

        • It totally slipped my mind what day it is today. It’s important to remember that offers from Chase are valid on the day you apply even if you don’t get approved until later. You could close your current card today, apply one or two days before the promotion ends, and then see what happens. If you have to do a reconsideration call later, you would still be eligible for the offer that was active when you applied. Even if you don’t get approved until after it ends.

  4. Maybe HUGE in 2019. Not Huge now. Travel is down, for good reason. Trying to earn free breakfast status with nights seems kind of no bueno. And if it’s ok, it’s still not HUGE.

    • Gus – If it’s not for you, that’s fine. I disagree with your depiction, though, and for several reasons. First, people are traveling more again. Second, status earns much more than breakfast, so I think you’re intentionally pretending this benefit offers less than it does to try to make your point, which is very inaccurate. Third, the benefit lasts for the rest of this year, all of next year, and into early 2023 if you earn status with Hyatt this year. To recap: Hyatt status is basically the favorite of most people in this hobby, you can earn it much easier than normal, and people are starting to travel again (thus some of them likely want hotel status). Like I said, I disagree.

      • We’ll, I was actually trying to gently note that your article sucked, so perhaps better to be more blunt. That offer pencils out poorly relative to most credit card offers because the sign up bonus is so low vs the perks that people will get (some of which are in practice reduced anyway RE COVID). And no, people aren’t traveling more. Look at the article on this very website saying that airline flights are lowest level since May. Note the articles saying that Hawaii may reinstate travel restrictions. Note the articles saying that the EU may tighten restrictions for Americans. Realize Thrace with kids under 12 is complicated. It’s actually a pretty cr@p time to travel and it makes a lot more sense to take sign up points vs doing mattress runs for status right now. Maybe your perspective is not super well aligned with normal hobby travelers. So, to be perfectly clear, I think you wrote a mostly dumb article that’s more about paying bills than actually providing the type of clear headed advice that this site usually provides.

        • Gus-again, disagree completely. There are people traveling, despite a dip. If you’d like evidence, we’ve provided it multiple times. So have our readers’ comments. At no point did I claim this was a stellar points offer, so we don’t need to draw that out. If it’s not for you, fine. It’s good for people who are interested in Hyatt status, as proven by the huge interest Hyatt promotions have drawn from our readers this year. Glad you find value in our articles.

          • Alright, I must just be grumpy. I thought you were saying this was a super promo. Of course there are some people who will benefit, I just think that’s a considerably smaller number at present than it would usually be, and am wary of perks that will expire. I also think we should be really honest about what travel is good right now, and what really isn’t. I think MtM, with the website and podcast, tends to be the best at providing honest, insightful, commentary on the good and the bad. And, of course, what might be bad for family travel might not be so bad for business or singles travels, so fair enough.

            Also hat tip for MtM having Comments so people can respond to posts and have a discussion.

          • Just wanted to add that I appreciate the uncensored, candid dialogue.

            Also, as a huge Hyatt fan myself, you might note for completeness that at the beginning of 2021 Hyatt ran a promo double-counting elite qualifying nights for *all* members, not just new card applicants. Who knows whether a promo that generous will return, but if the Delta variant causes renewed travel slowdowns, it’s certainly possible.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised to see a reduced night requirement or something next year. Delta already did something and I could see other airline and hotel programs doing something similar.

  5. I opened up my hyatt card recently, but before they started the 2x promo. Just as an FYI, chase wouldn’t match it.

  6. Let’s go with your headline as a non-rhetorical question. I think the answer is twofold:

    This is working with woefully inadequate data here but I think many bloggers are not getting great affiliate offers on this card right now so they push other cards. God knows, there are plenty of times when you can’t swing a cat without hitting a “GREAT new ABC card offer!!!” type headline on BA. Unless that’s an amazing recurring coincidence, there are financial incentives to push a certain card and for now, this one ain’t it.

    The second reason is that while the extra nights are nice, the spend to get the full bonus is pretty daunting for many people. $18,000 is an awful lot to put on one card, more so if the CSP is available for 100,000 points.

    Anyway, JMTC. I still love me some Hyatt. With bonuses I’m looking at maybe 80 nights this year.

    • Christian—agreed the bonus is underwhelming. But even if you just do first tier or even no spend, this perk stands alone as great.

    • I guess that’ll the new horrible punchline to every MtM article going forward.

      And even still, if they lost affiliation because they’re trying to educate us to what’s real about Citi, then I have no problem supporting them anyway.

      Citi sucks because Citi sucks, can’t blame MtM for at least being honest about it.

    • I put this article on the agenda before the Citi thing happened. If you don’t want to know about deals, ok. Don’t accuse me/us of anything when you’re totally off base here.

    • Articles are in development usually a week or two ahead of when they get posted but go ahead and make those assumptions. The fact that the Hyatt card has an extremely low payout may not jive with your theories though lol.


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