I FINALLY Got My Missing Brex Points From The PayPal Promotion!

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I FINALLY Got My Missing Brex Points From The PayPal Promotion!

I FINALLY Got My Missing Brex Points From The PayPal Promotion!

I finally got my missing Brex points from the PayPal, and it took much more time / work than it should have. Since other people were also missing points, this may be helpful to you if you’re in that boat. To be clear, my missing Brex points were related to a separate promotion from PayPal, not the welcome offer. Here’s what was involved in the process to finally reach the desired outcome.

Brex PayPal Promotion

We originally covered this promotion here. The long & short of it is that Brex had a promotion to sign up for a PayPal business account and receive 100,000 Brex points. That’s worth $1,000, since you can cash out at 1 cent per point.

Because the promotion required simply signing up (either for a new business account or converting your personal account to a business account) with PayPal, it was too easy. I can only assume someone is losing their shirt over this deal, because it was so simple. There were no mandatory minimums for monthly sales volume, etc. Just…sign up!

PayPal And Brex Were Inundated

After checking with others that the promotion was as simple as it seemed and didn’t have out-of-pocket costs involved (don’t need to buy any credit card readers, etc.), I clicked on the promotion in my Brex account. It gave me a phone number to call.

Sign-Up Process

I spoke with a friendly PayPal business representative who said she was very familiar with the Brex promotion. I’ll call her A. A was friendly and efficient, telling me she knew exactly what steps were needed to make sure I would qualify for the promotion and receive the points. She even sent me an email highlighting some of the features of my new PayPal business account, then thanking me for signing up and chatting on the phone with her. Too easy, right?

Yup, it was.

Points Don’t Show Up

After more than a month, I did a chat with Brex to ask about my missing points from the PayPal promotion. They told me that they had a lot of people claiming the points from this promotion and needed a list from PayPal on who had completed the steps.

A week later, I inquired again and was told that PayPal had sent an incomplete list, so keep waiting.

I began inquiring every 10 days, always via chat with Brex. I tried calling my PayPal business representative. A completely ghosted on me, not returning calls or emails. I did speak with a friendly gentleman I’ll call B. B promised to send me an email saying “you are eligible for the Brex points” before going home that day. Of course, he didn’t.

2 weeks later, after Brex chat reps telling me to talk to PayPal and PayPal telling me to talk to Brex, I called PayPal again. This time (a full 2 months after completing the necessary steps for the promotion), they transferred me to a different department. Agent C sent me a message confirming the date I signed up for the business account and that this was within the Brex points promotion period.

As I had done with my previous emails from A, I took screen shots of everything. Brex had copies of my emails from PayPal woman A and now received the message from employee C. They always told me this would facilitate things, but I never received updates.

I FINALLY Got My Missing Brex Points From The PayPal Promotion!

Surprise – I Got My Missing Brex Points From The PayPal Promotion

Nearly 3 months after the fact, with 0 updates from either party along the way, I was thinking the path forward would be a CFPB complaint or joining a growing interest in a class action lawsuit in California over these missing points. Then, a surprise email came.

Others had been told that they did not complete the required steps or failed to do something necessary, always with vague reasons for denying the points. The email from Brex alluded to me originally being denied for this reason, despite the fact no one had actually told me I’d been “denied”. They always treated it like “missing points”.

Apparently, Brex and PayPal re-evaluted my account (and I assume other accounts) regarding the missing points. They then awarded me the full 100,000 points, per the original promotion.

The points were available in my account, and I cashed them out immediately. I also transferred them to another bank account, outside Brex, before anyone could change their mind or reverse this decision.

I FINALLY Got My Missing Brex Points From The PayPal Promotion!

Final Thoughts On Missing Brex Points From PayPal

It took nearly 3 months. It took probably 8 chat inquiries, each taking about 10 minutes. I sent a handful of emails to PayPal, each taking 2-3 minutes. The 2 times I actually spoke to someone on the phone took 20-30 minutes each. Signing up for the promotion took less than 10 minutes. Was all of that worth $1,000? Yes. Should it have taken this much work? Not even close. I think Brex and PayPal made the promotion too easy, got inundated with participants, and they didn’t want to pay out on the missing points. In the end, I got my $1,000, and I hope the information on this might help others who are still missing their Brex points from the PayPal business account promotion.

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  1. SAME exact situation as me and I was following up about the same as you. I got the same exact email and cashed out ASAP. Brex also emailed me offering me $75 giftcard if I do a 30 minute interview on why I don’t use them. But I haven’t done it. I figure no way the phone call will last that long.


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