The Global Entry Interview – Infant Edition

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Global Entry for an Infant

When our baby daughter Ellie was born, it was time to get her a passport and then Global Entry. Perhaps this isn’t the norm for some families, however my wife, son and I already had Global Entry so learning about Global Entry for an infant was a must!

I have written posts about the complete application and interview process if you are interested, but today I want to talk about the experience of getting Global Entry for an infant. For the most part the Global Entry infant experience is the same as for adults, however there are a few minor differences that are worth noting. 

Global Entry Interview – Infant Edition

For Ellie’s infant Global Entry interview we arrived at 10:07am for a 10:30am appointment and were taken back almost immediately. In fact we were called so fast that my wife was in the bathroom with the baby’s passport! Unfortunately that was a few years ago and interview locations seemed to be more backlogged than ever, so be prepared to wait.

Once we were back in the office the officer asked my profession (the same question they asked for my interview) and then if we have any immediate international travel plans. I then confirmed our address and he went to the waiting room to get the passport from my wife. Surprisingly he never asked for my ID, although I was able to confirm all of the information.

After the questions it was photo time. He let the baby stay in her carrier for the photo which worked well. Then it was on to fingerprinting. Unfortunately small babies don’t have fully formed fingerprints, so despite a quick effort to grab them, Ellie’s fingerprints were not taken. This results in us having to speak to an officer each time we cross back into the country with her. It still allows us to skip all of the lines, but it is a minor inconvenience. This will all change when we renew her Global Entry, although I suspect she will need to attend another interview. 

Global Entry

Infant Global Entry – Is It Worth Getting?

I definitely think getting Global Entry for an infant is worth it, especially if the rest of the family has it. Unlike Precheck where babies and small children are allowed even if they don’t have it, with Global Entry each passport holder needs to be approved. This means if you don’t get your infant Global Entry then you most likely will have to use Mobile Passport or enter the old fashioned way. No thank you!

While backups are certainly an issue right now with Global Entry applications, I still think it is worth applying for your infant or child. If you don’t have any big international trips planned until they are a bit older, then consider holding off a little while until the fingerprints won’t be an issue. With that said, it is taking months to get approvals right now so keep that in mind!


I thought the idea of a baby Global Entry interview was the cutest thing ever. In reality it was about as simple as a Global Entry interview for anyone else. Our baby cooperated as good as she could have and it only took about 5 minutes. I absolutely think Global Entry for an infant is worth getting, even if you have to deal with a lack of fingerprints like we did.

Have you applied and received Global Entry for your infant? Share your story below. 

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  1. We recently received global entry and used it in Detroit. Your article seems to imply that fingerprints are checked at the global entry kiosk, but we didn’t find that to be the case. I think that the fingerprints are only to check that you don’t have a criminal record for the initial approval. And if course your baby would not have a criminal record.

    • I have used Global Entry many times. The kiosks have a fingerprint scanner and do require you to place your hand on there. I’m not sure why your experience would be different.

      • We specifically asked the attendant who was helping us “first timers” if we needed to scan our fingerprints. She said “no” and so we were on our way. This was in June. Maybe the procedure has changed?

    • “Global Entry is open to U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, citizens of Germany, the Netherlands, Panama, and South Korea, and Mexican nationals. Canadian citizens and residents may enjoy Global Entry benefits through membership in the NEXUS program.”

      It gives your TSA Precheck when traveling domestically and the ability to use kiosks and skip the lines when returning to the U.S.

  2. As best as I can recall, our son went with us Turkey at age 6 months, and I think all we did was show his passport at a desk after the kiosks. THEN they added ability to register young children. When we took our 2 y.o. daughter out of the country recently, and came back, we just “acted dumb” and brought her along through the G.E. line and swiped our own passports at the kiosk. The supervisor had no problem waving us over to the desk and processing her passport by hand.

    I find it really dubious that we should NEED to fingerprint and background a small child anyhow. It serves no really useful purpose. IMO.

    • I agree it should just be something that is allowed. I’m glad the supervisor allowed it for you. I figure we travel enough that we are going to do it eventually and since it is covered by the credit card, it makes sense for us.

      • There was a report a while back of someone being penalized and losing their GE as they used the GE line with a partner who didn’t have GE. Any non-compliance with the rules of GE are subject to loss of your GE (forever).


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