Annoying Travel Pet Peeves, Two New Significant Data Breaches, Amazon & Staples Deals & More!

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Posts That Caught My Eye

The Most Annoying Travel Pet Peeves Ever!

This is a Yahoo Travel article and they generally aren’t the best, but it is Friday afternoon and I enjoyed this read. By far my biggest pet peeve is that person who tries to run to the front of the plane before everyone gets up when you reach the gate. They never get more than a few rows before being blocked and clog it up for everyone else!

Hackers steal 15 million T-Mobile customers’ data from Experian credit bureau

The worst part of this data breach is that it was Experian who was hacked. “The data includes names, birth dates, addresses and Social Security numbers or other forms of identification like driver’s license numbers.” That is a lot of sensitive information. As someone whose data may be included, I am not amused. This comes just days after Trump Hotels announced they were hacked.

New US credit cards are about to make tipping a lot more awkward

New handheld chip-enabled card readers will force your waiter or waitress to stand at the table while you input the tip. Perhaps this will make things awkward and perhaps it will lead to bigger tips, but I don’t think so. Would you tip more (or less) simply because the waiter or waitress is looking at you as you input it?

Great Deals

  • Amazon is offering $10 off a $50 or more Warehouse Deal purchase. To get the discount simply use the code WD1STTIME. This only works for items shipped and sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals.
  • As a reminder Staples is holding a Mastercard gift card rebate promotion starting Sunday. Details here.
  • $20 off Sam’s Club Membership two ways – Join online and get a $20 e-Gift card or load an Amex Offer (should show in your account) and get an instant $20 credit in store. I looked and it doesn’t seem that these can be combined. If you can hold out, I think the periodic Groupon or Living Social deals are probably better.
  • With all of the eBay gift card “deals” today that I didn’t cover, just thought I would remind people that you can pretty much get them everyday for 5% on if you have a REDcard.

Have a great evening!

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  1. Oh, the travel pet peeves. It’s funny how so many of them are pet peeves one way for one person and the opposite for another. Re: the one titles “Under the seat space hogs” she starts by saying she’s annoyed with people who put their “tiny bags in the overhead bin”. That’s us! We usually travel as a family of four with two laptop bags, a purse, and two tiny kid sized back packs. But never any wheelie carry on suitcases. And often not even the kids’ backpacks. So, I find it really annoying that they sometimes put the tag on my husband’s laptop bag saying it should go under the seat when it’s his only carry-on. On a small plane, there’s no reason we should be using up our valuable legroom to stow our “personal item” if we don’t have a carryon suitcase. That being said, I am more than happy to help fit our small bags between or on top of the roll
    aboards that other people bring.
    I don’t notice the people rushing off the plane, but do find it annoying when the whole line is being held up by people who are taking forever getting their stuff either into or out of the overhead bin. For me that applies to both the boarding and exiting times of the flight. My sister on the other hand believes that the closer to the front of the plane you are, the sooner you should get off, no matter where your bag (within reason) is or how ready to exit the people standing there waiting for you to get your bag down are. I, on the other hand, find it really difficult to stand there holding a heavy laptop bag while the person in the row in front of me is blocking the aisle while they get a ton of stuff down from the overhead bin. I’m learning that people feel very strongly about their version of travel etiquette (even if it’s something that is pretty arbitrary) so, I try not to get into heated discussions about it. In the end it doesn’t really matter too much.
    Travel just generally can be stressful, and we are not very used to being so close to so many people, it just makes it easier to both get annoyed and be annoying.


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