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When Flying Business Class Is (And Isn’t) Worth It

Is Flying Business Class Worth It? It Depends. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of sitting at the front of the aircraft in first or...

Can You Trust TripAdvisor (And Other Online) Reviews?

Ever wondered if the reviews you read are real? Can you trust TripAdvisor and other review sites? Here's an enlightening look into online travel reviews.

Slow & Steady Doesn’t Make You A Loser

There is often a push or feeling in this hobby to get the latest deal or you will miss out. I am here to tell you that slow & steady doesn't mean you lose.

The Top 10 Words I Yelled At My Son When He...

Things may be a little quieter than normal here for the next few days as my laptop is broken and we are on the road traveling.

5 Things I Learned About Frequent Traveler University This Past Weekend

Five of the things I learned about Frequent Traveler University by attending this past weekend. Find out if attending a conference like this is for you!