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Why Chase Is Putting Sapphire Reserve Cardholders In A Difficult Position

If you look ahead to the future you realize that Chase is putting Sapphire Reserve cardholders in a difficult position when their annual fee comes due.

(Last Day) Should You Apply For The CSR Before Chase Goes...

Should you apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve before these rumored changes kick in? You could get the perks and lock in the lower fee...let's take a look.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Changes Confirmed & NONE Are Guaranteed Long Term

The Chase Sapphire Reserve changes have been confirmed. To be honest it is worse than I had envisioned because nothing is gauranteed long term.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Review – Best Premium Card on...

Orbitz Flash Sale
Our Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card review - Details and recommendations.

Why The CSP, Not The CSR, Is Still The Best Option...

using the new chase offers system
One of the more popular questions I get is which Chase Sapphire product should you apply for. My answer is not what most people expect.